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Cazh Tour - 11 September 2015

Tour Day 1 - Golf at Sherfield Oaks vs Winchester Boys.

The tour kicked off with the annual golf match (ryder cup style) vs the Boys from the Little Smoke of Winchester. The Cazh leading 3-1 in the series, took victory again, but after a reasonable complicated way of working out handicap scoring (devised by Dan) - the Cazh victory was much closer that 2014 - 7points to 5. Richie on the buggy was joined by Jeff, Kim and 'Chander' Paul - more people meant more beers...too with Goff who was drinking before kick off.

Winkie was the winner of both the longest drive and closest to the hole, however he failed to win any points!!

Tour Day 2 - Cricket vs Purley-on-Thames 12/09/2015

There was 2 Tour virgins in attendance this year - Rob Owens and 'Chander' Paul Andrews, as is now tradition - pink was the theme. Both embraced the outfits and actually fitted well! The weather held and it was a warm and sunny day - which was fortunate as this season's tour saw more than ever participants - 16 players, therefore 5 were surplus the requirements and were to remain on the side lines. These were selected by a mammoth spoof competition organised by Goff. This consisted of 10 rounds of spoof and equaling shots - just the start of an alcohol fueled night.

Match report to follow

Purley-on-Thames - so an unusual spot of catching practice took place

..especially as last year we only managed to take wickets

..which were taken in the 30th over!

Tour virgins - Paul (left) and Rob (right)

..and Britpop photo bombing

Virgin Rob and virgin skipper Luvvers

The Cazh batting

Little Cheese returning from the middle

Tour virgins in batting together

The Cazh innings over

The spoof winners

..and losers

Tour Day 3- Cricket vs Bucklebury 13/09/2015

Still the home of the Middletons, though again the match was played in near by Yattington. The pre match BBQ ensued, and the potential in the batting line up looked strong.....but like most games when on paper it looked strong - alcohol, injuries and luck played its part and we again failed to chase down the total. Still, a lovely setting, oppo and after match drinking establishment.

Match report - was written by Dave as the game was played. Last years from Britpop is still in draft...

The pitch - a bit smaller than Purley's - thank god

The local pub - The Pottie




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