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Below is the Club Constitution which highlights the rules by which the club adhears to, and keeps Foxy in a job.

In brief however, membership is £25 and match frees range between £3-£5 depending on type of match and if you are a paid up member or not. The Casuals 'home' venue is Wenvoe (council pitch), just outside Cardiff.

Club Constitution




as amended at AGM 10th Nov 2004
(With translation into Kaaadiff Langwidge in conformity with equal opportunities policies)


The TITLE of the club shall be "Cardiff Casuals Cricket Club" (The club's name gorrabe "Kaaadiff Kazjyoolz")


2 The AIMS & OBJECTS of the club shall be to play cricket in an enjoyable but competitive spirit.
(Ther reez'n fer the club izter play crikkit an'av fun)
In particular the members of the club shall hold to the following principles:-
(In pertikler the members gorra keepter theez noshuns)
i equality of opportunity (Fair do's for evrywun)
ii The right to fail (Ibbeein OK ter fail sumtymes)
iii Best possible communication between members (The c'mittee gorra keep evrywun informed)
iv No undue criticism (No mouthin on bout cockups)
v Open discussion (Lossa mouthin 'bowrevrythinelse)
vi Pride in participation (Taykin paaran feelin goorrabourri')


THE COMMITTEE of the club shall be composed of (Onner k'mittee there gorrabee:-)

CHAIRMAN (Chairm'n) Who shall preside at all meetings (Except, where the Chairman not present at a quorate
meeting, those present shall elect another to chair the meeting
(Ee gorra keepermeetins in order (Iffeez norraroun, evrywunooizair gorra chooze anuther fer tha' meetin,)

SECRETARY (Sekertree) Who shall record all meetings and arrange fixtures
(Ee gorra keepanourrather meetins an fixer gamezup)
(unless there is a separate Fixture Secretary elected as a member of the committee) ( unlessezzer sepret fixcher sekertree azzer memb urrer the k'mittee)

TREASURER (Tresjrer).Who shall be responsible for all financial matters (Ee gorra look aaaterrer munee)

CLUB CAPTAIN (Kaptin) Who shall be responsible for all playing decisions. (Ee gorra decide worrappens wenweez

VICE CAPTAIN - Who shall deputise for the Captain when appropriate And undertake such other
responsibilities as may be determined by the AGM from time to time.
(Ee gorra stand in iffer Kaptin's nothere - annie gorrado anything else the AYGEE-EM sezzeegorra)


THE COMMITTEE shall be elected by the club members at the Annual General meeting.
(The clubmembers gorra chooze this lorrathee AYGEE-EM)
It shall meet a minimum of three times between AGMs to take stock of the club's affairs: (it gorrameet aleest three tymes between AyGee-Ems)

  • once between the AGM and the start of winter nets (wunce beefoura nets staaats)
  • once in April before the playing season starts (wunce in April before we staaats playin)
  • once during the playing season (Wunce befour we stops playin)
    Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. (Members gorra retyre evry yer buthay cn be chozergen)

Any committee post that becomes Vacant during the year shall be subject to election.
(If ennee ovum leeves dewrinner seezun there gorrabee anelecksun ter chooze sumwun else)
A quorum of the Committee must be three persons, but only unanimous decisions may be enacted if less than
four are present. (There gorrabealeest three people arra k'mittee meetin anif only threeovumz there, orl threeovm
gorrooagree befawray cn deeside things.)

The Committee may form any sub-committee required for a particular purpose.
(The kmittee cn form ennee sub-k'mittee illikes)


ALL MONEYS received on behalf of the club shall be paid into the club account.
(Orler klubz munee gorragoinaklubaccount)
The Chairman, Secretary, Fixture Sec, and Treasurer shall be the authorised signatories to this account.
(The Chairm'n, Sekertree, Fixcher Sekertree an Treshjrer cn sine cheks)
No cheque shall be drawn without the consent of the committee; and no debts or liabilities incurred on behalf of the club by any person without the approval of either the committee of a general meeting.
(Ther K'mitee gorrooagree befaw cheks cn be drorn - an enee dets taken on gorrabe approved by ther K'mitee awratta genral meetin.)


ACCOUNTS: (clause as amended at 12th AGM) The Treasurer shall present annual accounts to each Annual General Meeting and copies of the accounts shall be made available to members. In advance of this the Treasurer shall bring DRAFT accounts to a committee meeting convened for that purpose at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
(The Treshrer gorrooaccount fer the munnies to each AYGEE-EM. Anner members gorrabeable ter see a copyer the accounts . Befortharreegorra show a Kermittee meetin worree plans ter say aleest twoweeks beforeand)


THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION shall be determined at each AGM
(The AyGee-Em setser subs eech yer)


THE AGM of the club shall normally be held in October. At least 14 days' notice shall be given to all members.
(The AYGEE-EM is youshjlee in October, an members gorrabetold whereanwenissgonnerbe aleast 14 days beforand).
Any resolution to be discussed, unlikely to arise from the business of the meeting, shall be given in writing to
the Secretary seven clear days in advance. (Anywunoo wonser decision madeabourrennythin norrinner usual
biznizerther meetin gorra teller Sekertree in riting 7 daze beforand.)


MEMBERSHIP shall be available to players who:- ( Annywun can beer member if they:):-

  1. agree to support the objects of the club (agreez with these roolz)
  2. pay the club subscription current at the time (an payzair subs)

Priority in selection must be given to paid-up members. (Paidup members gess furss goabeinpicked)
Where members are not available to make up a full side, non-members may be invited to play - at a
differential match-fee to be decided at each AGM.
(Non members only gesspicked iffaires norrenuff members around ter play, annay pays more fer playin than
members, and the AyGee-Em decides ow much.)


Any member wishing to call a General Meeting for any reason may do so, provided that he has support of at least two-thirds or ten members in writing, whichever is the less. The meeting must be called within 14 days of the petition
(Ennee member cncorla genral meetin if two-thurdserthe members (or ten ovum, wichevver is less) backsimupinriting. The meetin gorrabe corld within 14 dazer the petishun.)


Any paid-up member may nominate him / her self, or any other paid-up member to any committee position.
(Ennee memberoo wonster beonner cmittee cnpurrisselfup - orreecn purruppernuther member )
No member can be elected in his / her absence without having indicated in writing their willingness to stand.
(No memberooze nothere cnbe elected iffeeazzen sedinritin thatteeze willinterbe.)
If there are sufficient candidates to warrant an election, this will normally be held by a ballot of those present at
the AGM.
(If therezenuff wanninterbeonni ter maycnelekshun werfi; this gorrabedun in secret on bisserpaper athe AYGEE-EM.)

Elections required mid-year may be by postal ballot of club members.
( If there's an elekshun midyer, members cndooiby post)


Any member shall have the right to request the resignation of any other member.
(Ennee member cn ask ferenneeuther member terleeve)
The request shall be discussed by the committee in the first instance and if upheld must be endorsed by a majority of clubmembers.
(Iffer cmittee agrees wivvim, they gorrasee if mowstertheeother members agreez. Iff they do, eegorrago)


It shall be the intention to hold meetings periodically during the playing season for the purpose of debriefing, constructive criticism and in order to discuss the general well-being of the club
(The eyedear izterav meetins dewriner seezun, ter tork abourrow things is goin inner club.)


The constitution may be amended as necessary at a general meeting.
(Theeze roolz cnbechanged arran AyGee-Em wenvver needed).

Youth Policy

Due to an increase in interest from players under 18 years old, and as the Casuals previously have not had a Youth Policy we have asked for guidance from Welsh Cricket Association (WCA).

Because of duty of care issues and the increased responsibility that is required, the Casuals have decided that regrettably we can not include members under the age of 18 (unless in exceptional circumstances).

There are number of clubs in South Wales that have Youth teams (check the Welsh Cricket Association - WCA website). Youth players will benefit more from playing in a youth team, with players of similar ages and with clubs that are able to invest the time and attention into developing young talent.

Links (WCA)

For other youth teams, contact the Cardiff City Council sports development officer.


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