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Cazh Around the World

The 'Cazh Around the World', an idea bourne out of the seemingly vast number of holiday's taken by some of the Casuals and /or the lack of clothes those players have to take away with them....

If you have a Cazh Around the world picture send it to . The main requirement is that the player must be wearing either a Casuals Top or Cap, and ideally be somewhere recognisable...

  Maxy living it up in Turkey Dave White drinking his body weight in beer, Berlin Shakey - finds his home town in Scotland
Shakey - Continues his tour of Scottish distilleries - Laphroaig Shakey - at John O'Groats, Scotland Dan - Like all true Casuals always takes his Cazh cap on holiday..even his honeymoon. Rome Dan - outside the Pantheon, Rome
Dan at the Trevi Fountain, Rome Dan looking as though he is part of the 'special' tour - he is standing on the Spanish Steps, Rome Dan at the Vatican, Vatican City Still at the Vatican - next to a big ball.
Technically cheating (no cap), buit Dan does have a Nun Shakey at our 2nds pitch Jonny F on holiday once again - this time Malaga Puerto & Cenachero Statue Even the new thinned down Jonny F is still filling the lense - Sevilla Macarena Arco
Jonny F - Seville City Hall Jonny F - Sevilla Avda Constitución Jonny F - Sevilla Jonny F - Sevilla Cathedral & Giralda
Jonny F back on the road, this time seeing the sights of Lyon - La Saone Jonny F - next to a horse that might just hold his weight, Place Bellecour, Lyon Jonny F - contemplating relieving himself, St Jean Cathedral, Lyon Jonny F - just after, Vieux, Lyon
Dan at Glatonbury festival, somewhere in the mud, Somerset Richie at Disneyland, Florida USA Richie with the world on his shoulders, Florida USA Rich and his mates Springfield, Florida USA
Richie recent fishing trip, Florida USA Is this the end of Richie...?,Florida USA Nope he's moved on to big game hunting.., Florida USA or taming, Florida USA
Jonny F re-enacting his favourite scene in Gladiator at the, where's that Pizzeria ?, Italy Richie at NASA Cape Canaveral, Florida USA Richie at NASA - he's there somewhere, Florida USA Rich going for a spot of swimming, Florida USA
Jonny F in Pompeii & Vesuvius, Italy Jonny F now in Rome - St Peter's & Pope..just can just spot him on the balcony, Italy Jonny F visiting the spot fellow Cazh traveller Smitts once stood, Trevi Fountain, Italy Jonny F going back to his roots - the Spanish Steps, Italy
Jonny F on his travels again, this time living the high life in Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo Marina Jonny F dreaming of life on the track...just not the cricket wicket, Monte Carlo Loew's Hairpin Jonny F continues his European Tour, now in Marseilles, France Jonny F now in Pompeii and visiting 'his' victim..,Pompeii Italy
Dan on top of the world...ok, not - on top of Helvellyn (England's 3rd highest mountain), Lake District Muff and Dan at the Ashes, Cardiff 2009 Muff enjoying the delights of the Ashes, Cardiff 2009 Dan getting in on the action, the Ashes, Cardiff 2009
Jonnny F on holiday again, beginning with Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, Mexico Jonny F, Chacchoben Mexico JF, next to some piece of pottery...,Costa Maya, Mexico JF, Cozumel, Mexico (looks more like a ride at Alton Towers...)
A female Casual spotted at Soufriere Volcano, St Lucia JF, Pitons (twin volcanic peaks in background...not the drink), St Lucia JF, another Island, St Maarten, Caribbean JF, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
JF, in one of the 'ABC' Islands - Aruba, southern Caribbean Sea
...and the C - Curacao, southern Caribbean Sea JF about to make 'mince meat' out of this little conch Curacao, southern Caribbean Sea JF, just before he's deported, Jamaica
JF, at last a cricket venue (down there somewhere...), Barbados Kensington Oval JF, cast adrift in the Caribbean (do they have whales down there?) JF, drawing out some of his stash, Cayman Islands
JF, Cayman Islands
Steveo, back in the USofA, this time next to the Liberty, New York
Steveo, inside the Empire State Building, NY A young Casual in the making, NY Yeap, true to form
..and who could blame him...
Say no more (always thought it) Young Cazh, Empire State Building, NY Guess the Casual - I can see someone is goingto have a new nickname
Steveo, Statue of Liberty, NY
Steveo, riding a turtle, NY Steveo and some bloke standing right infront of the camera, NY Hairy Beast in a Cazh shirt (plus mini me), NY
New Cazh fast bowler and boundary fielder, NY
Richie, San Francisco
Richie and the Golden Gate Bridge
Richie, in front of a building, San Francisco
Richie, on his way to the clink..., Alcatraz, SF.
Richie, banged up (at last), Alcatraz, SF.
Richie, no where to run..., Alcatraz, SF.
Richie, Golden Gate Bridge
Richie, whistle stop tour of SF Emergency Services, SF
Richie, just before the 'accident', SF
One for Muff, Richie on a Harley, (the condition - the copper had to be in the photo - btw, can you spot the difference...?), SF.
One for Paul, AT&T Park (Giants), San Francisco
One for Jonny F, Candlestick Park (San Fancisco 49ers), San Francisco
Richie, the water boy (..or butt), SF.
Goughy, on honeymoon and could resist to see the nearest cricket ground, Sri Lanka
Goughy, in his Fix Sec role, sorting out the Cazh Tour of 2009, Sri Lanka
Kim, learning to put one foot in front of the other, Rocky Mountains ,Colorado.
Kim, standing up all on his own, Rocky Mountains ,Colorado.
Kim, lazing around at Niagara Falls, Canada
Kim, if you look very carefully you can just make out a hand (bottom right) just about to push him over, superman styley, Niagara Falls, Canada
Kim, striking a pose, Niagara Falls, Canada
Jam FH, back on his travels once again, this time to sunny Warsaw, Poland
Jam FH, with the back drop of the Warsaw Castle, Poland
Jam FH, next to some big bird. Warsaw, Poland
Jam FH, in his hooligan hat, next some fishy bird, Warsaw, Poland
Jam FH, I'll be honest, when I first saw this pic in full size I was a bit scared - an uncanny likeness to Homer Simpson. Warsaw..., Poland
Richie, back visiting Eygpt and the Red Sea. If you very closely there is even a hint of a smile...Eygpt, Africa.
Steveo, trying to blend in with the locals - ample belly covered by dodgy 'theatre' jacket - saved only by the fetching Cazh cap. New York, USA
Steveo, on Tour with his most recent production - 'Blink'. Rumour has it, that he only agreed to Direct it because there was a guarenteed tour to America, plus inexhaustible food budget, NY, USA Steveo, seeing the sights of the night, as he edges closer to the lap dancing club next door....
Steveo, making his second appearance in 'around the world', this time (and only shot actually taken abroad) in New York, USA
Dewbs, finally makes out the country, Essaouira - Morocco
Dewbs picks up a lovely in duty free for just five camels, Mrs Dewbs, Essaouira - Morocco
Dewbs, with those shorts won't be allowed home, Marrakech - Morocco
Councillor Shakey, on a jolly to India - just about to be served his next pie, Kerala - India
Shakey, pretenting to buy some fruit (the local on the left doesn't look convinced), Kerala - India
Shakey, impressing the locals with his outstanding knowledge of Cazh cricket stats and pie variety - not sure of the effect, Shakey covers his glass in case they try and sneak in a sleeping pill, Kerala - India
Shakey, crossing the road for his fourth curry of the afternoon, Kerala - India
Goughy, is he having a laugh - that was never a wide, Monte Torre - Menorca
JF, world's oldest submarine, Cartagena - Spain
JF, Playa Honda, Spain
JF, Cartagena Marina- Spain
JF, Port of Cartagena - Spain
JF, just about to pop in for a top up at his favourite restuarant, Spain
Smitts, Ancient Rome - an all expenses trip for this student Smitts, Ancient Rome again Smitts, St Peters, Rome Smitts, The Pantheon, Rome
Smitts, (by the slightly pissed) Trevi Fountain, Rome
Smitts (Dad), 'Statue that bites your hand if you lie', Rome - interestingly while Mr Smitts had his hand in the 'hole', a passer by asked Smitts junior what his average was - the answer lead to Mr Smitts losing his entire left arm...
TH on a years holiday in Chicago in an attempt to 'beef up'. TH outside his place of work (Chicago Uni, Philosophy
Department) - as you can see after just a few months the 'Casuals paunch' is developing nicely
Smitts & Dewbs - As the student's can't afford a real holiday, here they are on 'holiday' in Cathays, Cardiff (they're probably meant to 'studying'... Smitts & Dewbs - Cathays, Cardiff Dewbs being de-bagged, by stars from Brokeback Mountain Kim - Trinity College, Dublin - doing his "look at me, I'm over here" impression Jonny F - Perpignan, France - can you guess which one is John?
Pikey - MCG Australia (Ashes 06/07) - with favourite pie
Pikey - MCG Australia (Ashes 06/07) - sledging Brett Lee
Pikey - Ayres Rock, Australia Pikey - Sydney Opera House
Pikey - SCG Australia (Ashes 06/07) - having another go at Brett Pikey - SCG Australia (Ashes 06/07) - trying his luck with Stuart Clarke... Pikey - Bondi Beach - 10 runs if you can spot the topless 'beauty'... Pikey - Sydney Harbour Bridge - after 6 weeks of eating his favourite pie...
Tesh - Mombasa, Kenya.
Richie - pyramids, Eygpt Richie - Eygpt - pyramids again Richie - Sphinx, Eygpt (Richie has promised to return to Egypt and smile in a photo...)
Jonny F - a monument in Prague Jonny F - Prague Castle
Jonny F - on a bridge (Charles Bridge in background), Prague
Muff - Las Vagas
Muff - , Las Vagas - getting to know the 'locals' Muff - Las Vagas - can you spot him?
Muff - Las Vagas - Muff's favourite haunt
Dan - Vale Do Lobo (where England football team 'warmed up' before World Cup 06), Portugal
Dan - Vale Do Lobo again, Portugal (also where Craig Bellamy twated his Liverpool team mate with a golf club) Jonny F - Eiffel Tower, Paris Jonny F - Notre Dame, Paris
Smitts - La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona



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