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Match Report vs Bucklebury 13 September 2015 @ Yattingdon (Skipper Luvvers, report DB1)

Written live at the game

13.30 Welcome to Bucklebury Cricket Club. Cloudy and cool. Pre match bbq done. Toss lost and Bucklebury are batting.
13.38 Bucklebury’ batsmen taken the field. Lewis takes the ball
13.40 …an edge - dropped by Goffy, wakey wakey sunshine!!!
13.42 Cheese to bowl the 2nd
4-0 off 2
13.47 Jeff Clapham “man or possibly a women walking their dog
10-0 off 4
13.54 Lewis still trundling in from the Manor House end.
13.56 Cheese still running in from the Big tree (possibly an Oak but maybe not) end. Just noticed how much his run up looks like Fred Flintstone 10 pin bowing action.
13.59 Perky misfield - pants to tight
14.00 !!!Four!!!
19-0 off 5
14.02 !!!Four!!! first off Cheese swiftly followed by the 2nd and the 3rd. Swansea man in the crowd says "he’s bowling too short on this ground”
32-0 off 8
14.06 !!!Four!!! off Lewis - lost ball
14.12 …and we’re back in the room
Clappers Trivia quiz (no googling). In the 1970 FA cup final, where was the replay?
14.17 Maiden for Ed
14.18 Shepherds crook for Lewis Tesh from the Manor House end
14.20 Obi admires Jeffs length!!!!
14.20 !!!Six!!!
45-0 off 11
14.20 Some fat bloke from the Oak tree end !!!four!!! Shake adjusts the field - first wide of the game
14.25 !!!Wicket!!!
Kerwin b.Stephens 40
Kerwin misjudges the flight 52-1 off 12
14.31 !!!Wicket!!
Kane c. Day b. Stephens 59-2 off 14
14.34 Wicket Maiden
Clappers trivia quiz - suspended he’s on for Paul who’s hurt his Whittle hand - never show the pain!!
14.35 !!!Six!!!
78-2 off 16
14.44 Tesh gets the elbow for the Skipper (Luverrs)
14.45 !!!Four!!! Misfield Kim
14.47 Cheese saves a four with a full length dive - watch and learn Kimbo
14.48 !!! Four!!!
14.49 !!!Six!!!
Note for later. Kim can’t wait to bat on this wicket.
14.51 !!!Six!!! their taking a fancy to the occasional bowler 100 up in the 18th
Turning decidedly chilly in Bucklebury. Lovely sound of church bells in the distance
105-2 off 18 Paul returns to the fray after a little sit down, he showed me his swelling but I wasn’t impressed.
Clappers trivia quiz. Why was the Wembley pitch in such a state before the 1970 FA cup final?
15.00 !!!Six!!! 50 for Bingley off 23 balls
15.01 !!!Four!!!
Clappers on for Kim another damaged hand apparently, seems fine for holding a beer, lazy c@£$
15.06 …and that’s Drinks!!!
122-2 off 20
15.10 Luverrs and Shakey stay on after the drinks break
15.13 !!!Four!!!
15.17 Run out chance. Lewis throws it in…………..Goffy drops it.
15.19 !!!Six!!!
Clappers trivia quiz. Which famous playwright was born and died on their birthday?
144-2 off 23
15.23 Shakeys last over
15.24 Half teapot from Shakey as Goffy puts down another chance
15.24 !!!Six!!! 150 up
15.26 Shakey finishes with 7 1 62 2
15.27 Luvvers brings himself off for Richie!!!!
15.28 !!!Six!!
15.29 !!!Six!!! Bingley retires on 100 off 41 balls Excellent knock!
169-2 off 25
15.31 Tesh returns at the Oak tree end
15.31 !!!Wicket!!!
Wiggley s.Day b.Hirani 1
169-3 off 25.2
15.34 !!!Six!!!
15.37 !!!Four!!!
15.38 !!!Six!!!
15.40 !!!Four!!! misfield
15.41 !!!Wicket!!!
Stephens c. Loveridge b. Hirani 12
201-4 off 29
15.47 !!!Four!!!
Clappers trivia quiz Which famous lager originated in the Czech republic and what name is it known by in that country?
15.52 !!!Wicket!!!
Petifer c. Swain b.Hirani 7
15.53 !!!Wicket!!!
Perry c. Andrews b.Hirani 36
15.56 Hat trick ball - batsman hits it square, non striker starts to run batsmen stays put, run out chance from Dan - Tesh misses from 6 inches
15.57 !!!Wicket!!!
Tibble c.Lewis b.Hirani
15.58 Hirani 7 0 54 5 (would have had a triple wicket maiden but for a misfield by Shagger) (Would have also been another wicket had dan been pushed back from square leg as the last ball would have gone straight to him!)
16.00 Lewis returns from the manor house end.
16.05 Cheese back at the Oak end
16.05 !!!Four!!!
228-7 off 34
16.08 !!!Tea!!!
End of the Innings 234-7
Lewis 7 0 19 0
Stewart 6 0 28 0
Loveridge 4 0 26 0
Holliday 4 0 37 0
Cake for tea and back out
16.20 Kimbo and Tesh take to the field
16.22 Kims off the mark.
3-0 off 1
Clappers trivia quiz. Is Cheese small or far away?
16.30 !!!Four!!! Kimbo
16.31 Suicidal run called by Kimbo to a misfield just makes it.
16.32 !!!Wicket!!! I refer you to Kim’s earlier statement
Swain c ? b. Tibble 10
16.34 Winky in next and off the mark
Temperature dropping brrrrrrrr!
13-1 off 4
Despite being in the middle of the countryside it seems devoid of life there was a baby squirrel earlier held captive by the locals for their enjoyment
16.44 Andy edges - straight into the face of the man at gully - he’s alright.
16.46 !!!Wicket!!!
Hirani b. Kerwin 7
16.47 Neutral gears up to bat
Clappers trivia quiz What was the name of the band that has included as it’s members Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page
16.50 !!!Four!!! to Winky
35-2 off 9
Clappers trivia quiz - Just to let you know the winner of the quiz will receive a copy of Titty bars of the South of England (Thanks for the Mammaries) by G.Night, including the wipe clean cover.
16.58 !!!Four!!! Neutral
Clappers trivia quiz Tie break question. If scores are tied Jeff has a sealed envelope containing the answer to the following question.
Who is the biggest bell end to play for the casuals? All answers are confidential for a fairly substantial fee!
17.00 !!!Four!!! Winky
17.01 !!!Wicket!!! Neutral gets a skidder
Owens b. Old Guy 10
17.03 Luvvers joins Winky at the crease
57-3 off 12
17.06 !!!Four!!! Luvvers top edge 3rd man
Rain in Bucklebury
Clappers Trivia Quiz Name the West Indies Pace attack in the 1984 test series in England.
71-3 off 15
17.15 !!!Four!!! Louvers - hook over backward square leg
17.16 !!!Four!! Luvvers - swept to fine leg
17.20 !!!Four!!! Winky - Top edge
Jeff raring to get into the field to replace Obi for the Oppo
17.22 Catch it!!! Luvvers dropped at 2nd slip
Thats the end of Clappers Trivia quiz message DT your answers or if you can’t be arsed don’t bother.
17.23 !!!Wicket!!
Loveridge run out 17
17.24 Richie on his way out to bat. Those of you wishing to boil an egg , I suggest you pop it in now.
17.25 !!!Wicket!!!
Richie c.? b.Hodgkiss 0
Probably best you give that egg a minute or two more!!!!
85-5 off 18
17.28 Cheese joins Winky
17.29 !!!Four!!! Cheese edges through the slips
17.30 !!!Six!!! Cheese dead straight
Still Raining
17.36 Andy dropped in the slips - cold fingers!!
17.38 100 up in the 23rd
17.39 !!!Four!!! Cheese to cow (on the floor to be fair to him)
17.40 !!!Wicket!!!
Stewart c. Keeper b.? 18
14.41 Paul walks to the middle with his baddie hand, bless!
108-6 off 23
17.45 !!!Four!!! Paul straight back at the bowler
Rain increasing
17.46 !!!Four!!! Paul mid off
17.47 !!!Six!!! Paul Square
17.48 !!!Four!!! Winky past point
17.49 !!!Wicket!!! Disaster Winky out on 49
Hood c.? b.? 49
17.51 Goffy’ in
17.53 !!!Four!!! Paul straight again
17.54 !!!Four!!! Goffy through the covers
147-7 off 26
17.56 150 up
17.57 !!!Wicket!!!
Andews b. ? 28
17.59 Shagger in, and straight off the mark
18.01 !!!Four!!! byes
Rain update - still raining
18.02 !!!Four!!! Shagger to cow
162-8 off 28
Beautiful blue sky heading our way
18.04 !!!Six!!! Shagger straight
18.06 STAT PORN UPDATE Goff gets the double 10 wickets and 100 runs - we’ll never hear the fucking end of it!!!
Rain update - there is no rain
18.09 !!!Wicket!!!
Day b.Kerwin 14
18.10 Shaky waddles to the middle
18.11 !!!Wicket!!!
Stephens b.Kerwin 0
Shag unbeaten on 15
Casuals finish on 175 all out
STAT PORN UPDATE Tesh also finished the game with his double
Thats the end of tour for this year.



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