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Tour 6th - 8th September 2013 - Hampshire

Day 1 - Ryder Cup Golf

After 2 draws, it was 3rd time lucky for the Casual Hackers vs the Winchester Posse.

A victory at last at the Ryder Cup Golf
Ed happy with the result, though it should be noted the Cazh will never be invited back to this club after lifting the cup from their cabinet...

Day 2 - Game 1

Match report

Sparsholt CC, Hampshire
The happy band of men, for the first time in Tour history the Cazh turn up with no hang over.. poor show!!
Looking far too alive

The most important part of any cricket game - the tea
Not surprisingly the fruit in the foreground was left untouched
Hopefully this is just a picture of the oppo laying out the tea...rather than getting there first - however, it is probably not a bad tactic before it gets demolished

Lounging in the glory of the bar - Dave looks scared
The happy band drinking to another loss
Sleep is evident, though given the early night the night before - they should be raring to go...

Day 2 - Pub

Watching the Glamorgan vs Hampshire Twenty20 semi final
Goff supporting the locals is far outnumbered and the visitors win!

Day 2 - Curry

No need to show the food, as it has been eaten, however Ash is feeling something strange...
...the penny drops - the waiter has emptied a pint of beer down their backs!

Day 3 - Game 2

Match report

Tesh showing off the results of his cover fielding
and in more detail...maybe should have used his hands...
Foxy makes the first XI




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