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Match Report vs Exbury, Hampshire Tour Game 2 - 8 September 2013 @ Exbury (Skipper and Report Cheese)

Arriving at the ground it was clear that from the state of the wicket and the clouds in the sky that 40 overs a side was never going to happen, this came even less likely when the oppo brought out the heavy roller to the wicket dropping it a couple inches below the water table. They would have been better off playing sardines in woolly jumper but with the start being pushed back to 3pm, we would have some sort of game.

Casuals lost the toss and were in asked to field first with the effect of the water out field being apparent straight away firstly making the ball almost ungraspable and the ball skimming to the boundary all too quickly. Everybody had two overs and everyone got spanked to certain extent. Tesh took an excellent catch off our guest bowler and with the other wicket was a run out after a slip by the non-striker.

The cazh left the field to lick their wounds and tuck into tea, to be meet by Cheese, captain for the day between them and the tea table suggesting a quick turnaround. Now I doubt there are few places that are more dangerous than standing between a cazh team and the tea table but trying to make the most of the game barely won past the growling stomachs.

Goff and Bari were the unfortunates chosen to open out the innings, with the speed to return the crease at a premium Goff decided that he had to find the perfect equipment. His mum watching this faffing around decide a quick trip to the toilet would be alright. Upon her return saw her son still dithering in the kit bag and with an exasperated sigh enquired to her sons’ tardiness which was met by a withering glance from Goff and the rest of the cazh smirking and muffling giggles.

During her trip to the toilet, Goff had finally got to the middle; smashed a long hop to point who caught it and had returned to the hutch. Thanks for coming Goff and this episode was duly awarded the Tudor Thomas Trophy.

We had a couple of non-descript overs until the rain returned and tea was taken with 3 types of cake with the hot topic of conversation being name that flavour accompanied by the bowl of lucky dip crisps.

The return to the pitch was short lived as the “fast” bowler believed that saw dust had magically properties of giving enormous amounts of grip and promptly went down like a sack of shite both captains agreed that the game should be called off and cazh returned over the bridge with another tour completed



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