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Cazh vs Usk 18 April 2010 @ Usk

The season's second game and first against Usk. A glorious day and a glorious ground. The cazh looking for their first win of the season, though there are a few Usk 1st teamers looking to get their eye in...match report. Darren did his Crocodile Dundee impression - "that's not a camera, this is a camera" as he proceeded to bring his 'big gun' - with the lens the size of a dustbin lid.

Ed starts brightly

out on 49 - bugger

the long walk home

mahesh starts with defense (we miss the previous 17 deliveries)

another one

the glance

Steveo unable to co-ordinate arms and legs

Mahesh begins to open up

here we go

and again

and again

and out

Foxy on the stroll

Will didn't last long

on the way back

dan doing his 3-2-1 impression

and the rest of the team watch on

nice hat Andy

Richie starting with a defensive shot...

once in - decided to go for it

looks leggy

and is

a rare off side shot

and out

Steveo starts as usual

and prolongs his stay in the middle

not quite sure...

that's more like it - a straight one

the team relaxing on the sidelines

a JR nurdle

and the 'away from the body' shot

and the step over

missed most of Dev's innings - debut

Paul holding the ship

Andy chasing a wide one

and blocking the straight one

off 'uppish' drive

good head position

and a swing

another wide one

over the bowlers head

looking alert

what's this? a defensive from Dan - and watching it!!

never thought I see the day

in shock

on the hoof

that's more like it



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