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Match Report vs Usk 18 April 2010@ Usk (Skipper and Report Captain Dan)

Well, would you believe it, two sunny weekends in a row…it must be April!! This time the Cazh were off the superb ground of Usk. By mutual consent the toss was a ‘virtual’ one and the Cazh offered to field first. Mike Keer and Rich Catchpole opened the batting and Winkie and Shag opened the bowling.

Winkie bowling quickly, the first couple of overs went well, then found his line wavering slightly, but the umpires were lenient on the wides and the batsmen didn’t really chase the ball. Shag started with a maiden and took the first wicket (maiden) in the 10th over getting Catchpole caught behind by Big Willy. The pair came off after 12 overs with the score on 54 and 1 wicket down. Winkie was replaced by none other than Steveo at the pavilion end and Shag replaced by BA. Steveo started with a couple of wides, but eventually found the wicket and didn’t bowl another wide throughout his spell. Paul bowled well as usual with only a couple of loose deliveries which were sent to the boundary.

Steveo nearly bought a wicket in the 21st over as the Usk skipper – Sanjay (from Cardiff Hockey) went for another big mid on 6, however Shag was on the boundary and took the catch right on the boundary rope, unfortunately, Shag saw the rope, realised he was going to cross it so tried to release the ball before it crossed…and didn’t. However, the next Steveo over Sanjay went for a similar shot, got a bit too much bottom hand and was caught by Shag in the deep (34). Paul took the wicket of the opener Keer caught and bowled (76).

Mahesh took over from Steveo and Foxy came on for Paul once he’d finished his 8 overs. Mahesh tried to replicate his performances in nets with the ball swinging like a banana, unfortunately they often started wide and went wider with poor Big Willy diving around like a nutter behind the stumps. He did however put down a straight one which was given out lbw. Foxy bowled very well, until Ed in the deep fielded one and winged it back in, which Foxy fielded with his ankle (as Dave did last week) and next over pulled his groin and was unable to complete his over. Steveo came back to finish it off. Winkie was brought back to finish his spell and kept it tight as Usk were looking to finish with a flourish. Richie took over from the injured Fox and to be fair took a bit of punishment including a reverse sweep...., however the reverse sweep induced the umpire to give him out lbw next ball! Shag came back for his last 2 overs and saw all the good work of his earlier bowling cast aside as he was slapped for 15 off the final over.

The fielding was a marked improvement on last week, with everyone trying hard and putting their bodies on the line, JR clocked one off his knee, Ed ploughed himself into the ground, Big Willy was on the floor as much as he was on his feet, Steveo did some excellent stops close in, Richie ran the boundary, as did Britpop on the other boundary. Usk finished on a rather large total of 259-5 after the 40 overs. (of which 45 were extras…)

Hood – 8overs – 0 maidens – 45 runs – 0wickets
Lewis – 8-2-35-1
O’Reilly – 6.5-0-43-1
P Stephens – 8-0-43-1
Mahash – 4-0-21-1
Prior – 3.1-0-26-0
Holliday – 2-0-25-1

Tea was as expected – large and plentiful, and there was even some left over!

Now to the batting….In form Cheese and Britpop opened for the Cazh and both played very well. Ed began with a prod and then a cut for 4. Darren, started solidly with some good defensive shots. In the 5th over The Cheese began to open up, and successively cut the ball to the long boundary, Usk kept the field in, which allowed Ed to continue to score boundaries. Darren got in on the action with a beautiful mid off drive for 4, but was unfortunately undone with the last ball of the 10th over, the ball cutting back sharply and was bowled (9). 53-1-10overs.

Mahesh joined Ed and tried for the record of number of dot balls – which wasn’t berated at all as there was a long way to go. Ed on the other hand was still going for it, and it was only the introduction of a leg spinner (now I say leg spinner as after a conversation on the boundary it turns out the Captain Dan doesn’t know the difference – this conversation wasn’t caught on video…as Shag was on video duty!) anyway, with Ed on 49 he was bowled in the 17th over. Thanks to Porno on the book we know that it took Ed just 61 balls to get his 49 including 10 fours. 73-2-17overs.

Big Willy joined Mahesh. Mahesh finished his dot ball record attempt reaching an impressive 24, before he got a single. Will unfortunately only managed 2 overs against the spinner before he was bowled by a goodun for 0. Richie strode out the middle to avenge last weeks golden duck and after taking four balls to get himself in cracked a 4. Mahesh after all those dot balls then went wild scoring 3 fours in quick succession before being caught (15). 94-4-21overs. Steveo joined Richie. Darren by this stage asked if we wanted him to take any photos, and in agreement proceeded to bring out the biggest camera known to man, but fair play it did take some excellent shots! Steveo, like Richie didn’t take long before he started to swing, hitting a four and a big 6 to the long boundary. The pair put on a good stand of 27 before Rich was caught off the spinner Patel (17), Steveo followed next over being bowled for 14. 127-6-28overs.

JR and Dev (substituting for Foxy) were now batting. JR played some good shots but unfortunately usually to fielders, Dev bagged a 4 before being bowled by Patel (to gain his 5for) JR followed soon after also bowled by Patel (2). 129-8-31overs. Paul was next to enter the fray and hung around for a while before being bowled (5). This left the last pairing of Winkie and Shagger to see out the overs…which they didn’t manage! However, they did put on a good partnership of 37, Andy running 3’s and Dan slogging 4’s and a 6. It was Dan who was finally bowled by a similar delivery as Darren in the 39th over. The Cazh finished on 178ao.

The team then departed to the pavilion for drinks and to finish off the tea! An excellent game, played on a smashing ground, with lovely scenery, against very friendly opposition. We certainly hope to play against Usk again next year. Well done all.

Ed – 49 (bowled)
Darren – 9 (bowled)
Mahesh – 15 (ct)
Will – 0 (b)
Richie – 17 (ct)
Steveo – 14 (b)
JR – 2 (b)
Dev – 4 (b)
Paul – 5 (b)
Andy – 12 no
Dan – 21 (b)



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