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last updated 06/04/2023
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All teams are to please send the results to Dan Lewis (webmaster) via e-mail or text / WhatApp to 07725086385 asap / within 7 days of completing the match.

See full Willow rules

Notes from Minutes from Willow League AGM 2023 - 07 March 2023


Chai Sanapala - Cardiff Medics
Howard Dobson - Glenwood CC
Ian Berry - Talygarn
Ally Parkhurst - Cavaliers
Matt Sutton - Glenwood CC
Chris Stork - Eclipse
Tim Jordan - Celtic Hawks
Phil Dooley - Chartered Trust
Austin Bellaris - BOTS
Dan Lewis - Casuals
Saju Salimkutty - Cardiff Malayalee CC
Rohit Joseph - Cardiff Malayalee CC


Glam Centurions

• Fixtures: Provisional fixture list provided. Planning for teams who have own pitches to be home first week due to council pitches unavailability early season. Acknowledged increasing price of Llanwit Fadre to £35 per team.

• League fixtures cannot be rearranged due to weather. Cup/Bowl fixtures can be rearranged due to weather, but any other reason needs both teams to agree or league approval.

• Welcoming Cardiff Malayalee CC to the league as a trial basis. Approved fully as permanent members next season if able to fulfil fixtures and maintain the spirit of the game. Not involved in the cup due to fixture limitations but will be involved if a permanent member. Home ground are Cardiff council pitches.

• Cup teams drawn and fixtures will be provided by Ally.

• Finances show a bank balance of £797.93 (- cost for engraving cup/bowl). Plan to continue £25 league registration fee.

• Lords pink balls to continue. Cost £12 per ball. Minimum order 8 (£96). If teams have remaining balls from last year, other teams may be able to compensate if they order more than 8.

• Plan to continue to have cup/bowl final on a Friday and continue at St Fagan due to the dual ground availability.

• Bonus point allocation criteria to change to make it favourable to both teams. Continue with current system but margins to be adjusted and the new format will be available on the casuals website.

• No change to league rules. Any bouncer over shoulder height is automatic no ball. Continue with leg side wides as standard.

• New chairman for 2023 season: Austin Bellaris. Vice Chairman pending acceptance from Celtic Hawks (Stephen Morris)

• New contact list: Please click link to update contact list.

• Thankful to the following for their hard work throughout the year and willing to continue role:

o Chris Stork Treasurer
o Ally Parkhurst Fixture Secretary
o Dan Lewis Webmaster/Results Secretary

Thanks again to everyone for an enjoyable last season,

Chai Sanapala
Cardiff Medics

Willow Chair 2022




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