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last updated 26/03/2021
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All teams are to please send the results to Dan Lewis (webmaster) via e-mail or text / WhatApp to 07725086385 asap / within 7 days of completing the match.

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Notes from Minutes from Willow League AGM 2021 - 03 March 2021

1. Attendees

• Matt Sutton (Glenwood) • Meirlyr Hughes (Orchestra) • Neil Shearer (Glam Cents) • Ally Parkhurst (Cavs) – Fixture Sec • Dan Lewis (Casuals) - webmaster
• Austin Bellaris (BOTS) • Stephen Jones (Hawks) • Phil Dooley (CT) • Chris Stork (Eclipse) – Treasurer and Chair • Adrian (CT) • Luke Bonelle (Eclipse) • Luke Morgan (Medics)

2. Apologies

Chai Sanapala (Medics) – Vice Chair
Glyn Poulsom (Cavaliers) – President/Custodian of the rules
Ian Berry (Talygarn)

3. 2021 Season Proposal

The Chair (Chris Stork) proposed that we planned for a slightly reduced League schedule starting in June this coming season due to the uncertainty of restrictions being lifted and availability of pitches early in May. However, after much discussion and debate it was decided that most Clubs supported a full League fixture list based on the 2020 fixtures that were planned for last year. Orchestra confirmed that they would like to take part in the whole season this year so Ally Parkhurst will adjust fixture list to accommodate this. The 2021 season will commence w/c 10th May subject to Government restrictions being lifted. If restrictions have not been lifted or a date confirmed for being lifted by the 6th April then another League virtual meeting will be arranged to discuss options for a reduced season.

Ally Parkhurst will finalise fixture list for coming season and send out to Clubs so pitches can be booked.

2021 season will follow rules agreed ahead of 2020 season.

Chris gave details of an approach from Highwayman/Taverners Cricket Club who have expressed an interest in joining the League. After discussion it was agreed that Clubs with a bye week would try and arrange friendlies with them for this season and we can discuss them joining the Willow League in 2022. Chris will contact them and update them.

4. Finances
League balance currently stands at £196.36 but the League owes Glenwood £400 to repay the loan they gave last summer to cover the invoice for the pink cricket balls.

It was agreed to continue with £25 fees per team and split the pink balls across all teams. Chris to send out details of money owed by each side in the coming weeks.

Once money is received Chris will arrange re-payment of loan to Glenwood.

5. Officers/Committee

As 2020 season was a non-event all committee are happy to stay in position for the 2021 season.

6. A.O.B

a. Hand sanitiser was discussed, and all Clubs agreed that every side should provide their own hand sanitiser.
b. Celtic Hawks mentioned if they are unable to secure Llandaff Fields would there be objections to them using Southerdown for home games. Consensus was most teams would be fine with it, but it was agreed the Hawks would contact any effected opposition to agree well ahead of fixture.
c. Orchestra passed on their thanks for accommodating them back into the League and also passed on Tim’s thanks for the messages of support during his illness.
d. Centurions queried the engraving cost on the League accounts – this was paid to the Casuals for getting the Cup engraved UpToDate.




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