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last updated 06/04/2023
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All teams are to please send the results to Dan Lewis (webmaster) via e-mail or text / WhatApp to 07725086385 asap / within 7 days of completing the match.

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Minutes from Willow League AGM 2024 - 31 Janaury 2024

DATE: Wednesday 31st January 2024
VENUE: Fairwater Conservative Club, 61 Ely Rd, Llandaff (Main Room)
TIME: 6.30pm

Attendee's Team
Austin Bellaris BOTS
Simon Wallis Ferrets
Chai Sanapala Cardiff Medics
Meilyr Hughes NOW
Stephen Jones Hawks
Chris Stork Eclipse
Dan Lewis Casuals
Neil Shearer Centurions
Ally Parkhurst Cavaliers
Saju Salimkutty Cardiff Malayalee Association (CMA)
Rob Cooper Trust

Apologies Team
Ian Berry Talygarn
Howard Dobson Glenwood Church
Vipin Chauhan Cardiff Indians

Cardiff Ferrets
Just like to wish a huge warm welcome to our new league member Cardiff Ferrets. Simon Wallis attended who was standing in for their skipper Andrew Witcombe who couldn’t make it. Simon told us a bit about themselves which they are currently in the Cardiff Midweek but wanting something a bit more relaxed. They have a big squad which fluctuates between a very strong set of players that can challenge Cardiff Midweek Div 2 teams which they are or were in before dropping back to Div 3 and then some weeks struggle for their opening bowler to consistently hit the wicket. Sounds like they will really fit in and be a great and suspenseful opposition to see what we get faced with week in week out!
Treasurers’ Finance Report
• League account current balance £831.19 (Engraving costs for last season to be paid out)
• Agreed League fees to remain at £25 per team payable by the end of May 2024.

Match balls
We originally wanted to go with a new provider cricket-hockey which Ali and myself tested their new sample ball down at Swalec nets indoor session recently. The seam certainly performed better and we were ready to switch until I had an email from Lords saying that they had already carried out an annual rolling order. We will continue with the Lords pink balls this season and then try the cricket-hockey new pink balls next season.
Appointment of Officers
• Chris Stork retiring as Treasurer after 25 years! – Chai Sanapala to take over as new Treasurer.
• After an emotional and somewhat eventful year as chairman, I’ll be handing over the reins to Stephen Jones.
• Saju Salimkutty to support Stephen as Vice Chairman.
Proposals voted upon & agreed
All following proposals were agreed by present members with 1 representative per team able to cast a vote which required a majority of votes to be passed. 10 teams were available to vote with our new team the Ferrets as observers.

1. Bonus points system
Dan and Ali gathered some stats over the last few seasons including the latest season of 2023 whereby we significantly changed the bonus point system in favour of the opposition which lost the coin toss where the disadvantage was to field second. The stats showed some improvement of the winning ratio which has brought it back near to a 50/50 split. All 10 teams however voted unanimously in favour of a slight tweak to reduce the opposition batting second of their bonus points awarded for wickets still intact as below:
2024 – Voted In 2023 - Previous
Wicket result Bonus Points Wicket result Bonus Points

Wickets remaining Winners Losers Wickets remaining Winners Losers

1-2 0 5 1 0 5
3-4 1 4 2 1 4
5-6 2 3 3-4 2 3
7-8 3 2 5-6 3 2
9 4 1 7-8 4 1
10 5 0 9-10 5 0

Run win to remain the same. Full bonus points system will be updated on the website in due course.

2. Fielding Restrictions
This proposal was always going to be contested and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The following captures the voting sequence of events:
• A lengthy debate ensued as to what type of fielding restrictions could even be put forward as a viable voting option.
• Numerous fielding restriction options were discussed but nothing clear as to what everyone could decide upon.
• Time was pressing on. It was very clear that there was stiff opposition that field restrictions should not be considered. There was however certainly appetite for it, even though the format of what this restriction couldn’t be decided. It was certainly clear that everyone wanted to rule out the midweek format of having to purchase and lay perimeter discs.
• Before we dismissed this fielding restriction idea as no one could agree on anything, we changed the voting option and instead of voting on some specific restriction idea to just those in favour that had an appetite for some type of restriction to be put in place.
• 6/10 teams voted in favour that they would like to see some type of field restriction put in place.
• The movement was then passed for some type of fielding restriction but we had no idea what so it was then up to the 6 members to agree on what type of fielding restriction they would like to introduce. This got somewhat confusing for the 4 members that voted against any restriction and to remain as is which they regularly voiced that they wanted to be part of the vote but when given the option to vote on what restriction they would like to implement, they kept on voting for no restriction to be passed. The vote for whether restrictions should or should not be introduced had sailed at this point so this continual voting was all about agreeing on a restriction that would be agreeable to the majority of members that were now willing to suggest and vote upon.
• Various fielding restriction proposals were then made including to ask if 9 players were on the boundary then 4 were to take a few steps in but this was ruled out as very hard to police. Some trigonometry trajectories were proposed positioning fielders proportionally in line with the square umpire and out field boundary but was later dismissed.
• I was about to change my vote in favour of having no restrictions to move things on which would have meant 5/5 and no majority when someone had a good suggestion. Refraining fielders from sitting on the boundary and remaining in positions which we are all familiar with regardless of field pitch sizes with short and longer boundary inconsistencies.
• The 6 members in favour of an appetite of having restrictions but not previously able to agree on that specific restriction then all voted in favour of 3 fielders having to remain in an inner field position such as square leg, point, cover, mid on/off.
• Now the specific fielding restriction was agreed, it was then open to all 10 members as to how this was implemented as there was debate as to whether this would be immediately introduced straight into the league or trial it in the Cup/Bowl.
• A further vote was then agreed upon which 4/10 members wanted it to be introduced into the league and 4/10 members wanted it to be introduced into the Cup/Bowl tournament. Orchestra had left by now which meant 1 member still hadn’t casted their vote which they advised they didn’t want any restrictions to be introduced anywhere and in any format but like I kept on reminding everyone that the no restriction ship had sailed and some type of restrictions was about to come into force imminently.
• With a tied vote on 4 voting for League and 4 voting for Cup/Bowl, a further vote system was required which to decide this which was a coin toss.
• Heads this new field restriction was introduced to the Cup and Tails it was introduced to the League. I flipped the coin and asked one of our least keen members on this field restriction proposal to call it which Dan called heads.
• An agreed movement has now been passed for have fielding restrictions introduced with immediate effect to the Cup/Bowl tournament.
3. Rules to align with ICC cricket
• Unanimous decision 9/9 members in favour of new batsman rule taking strike irrelevant of crossing or not.
• Unanimous decision 9/9 members not in favour of latest Mankad ICC ruling. Willows will continue with gentlemanly warning and regular offenders this can then be enforced.

4. Cup/Bowl format rules
Various bowling over limit and retirement change proposals made:
I. 3 overs and 30 retire - 18 overs
II. 2 x 3 overs & 6 x 2 overs with 25 retire – 18 overs
III. Reduce to 16 overs
• We couldn’t immediately agree on the exact type of format proposal change but like the fielding restriction, time was pressing on so we voted on for those members that had an appetite for this format to change.
• 4/9 members voted it to be changed in some form of capacity. This however wasn’t enough for a majority to then be explored as to what change we would then like.
• Current format therefore stands which is 18 overs with 2 overs max and 25 retire.

5. St Fagans used for finals Cup/Bowl day
Previous issues as they are protective with their ground. Discussion had whether we would like to move the finals venue to an alternative location:
• 9/9 members in favour of remaining at St. Fagans as when the weather is good, there isn’t a better venue which both Cup and Bowl finals can be played along side with Dominos and pints enjoyed by all in the Club house.
• Pontacanna was an ok alternative for the 2023 finals at last minute which we could explore again if both primary and secondary date options cant be honoured at St.Fagans.

6. League game reschedule flexibility
Another heavily debated topic was the pragmatic approach to being able to reschedule league games as currently the dates set pre season are rigid and weather or player availability is not a reason to reschedule other than music gigs and sports matches making it inaccessible to local council grounds.
• 9/10 members in favour of having the option of rescheduling their weekly league fixture if the weather looks more promising earlier or later in that week. This need to be fully agreed in advanced and by both skippers otherwise the initial agreed date will be honoured.
Note: A kind request to all and that is please update Dan Lewis with your fixture result at your earliest convenience so he is not left guessing and chasing for this result. If you reschedule your fixture from earlier in the week to the latter of the week due to more favourable weather conditions then please feel free to drop him a courteous message so he is not left wondering where your result is or send him your result ASAP once your game has been played. Dan will then be able to update all our fixtures results at the same time saving lots of admin overhead.

7. Amendment to fixtures due to light towards the end of season
• Unanimous decision of 9/9 members in favour or continuing to agree before the game whether to reduce the overs or have an earlier start.
Fixtures – 2024 Cup

Cup First Round – Live Draw Results
Game Home Away
1 Radyr Indians
2 Talygarn BOTS
3 Ferrets Medics
4 Trust Uni Staff
5 Orchestra Centurions
6 Cavaliers Eclipse
7 Casuals Glenwood
8 Hawks Malayalee

• We have had an interest (post AGM) from Radyr Family to join the league. Our fixture pattern is now full unfortunately but Jon’s team has been added to the waiting list.

Notes from Minutes from Willow League AGM 2023 - 07 March 2023


Chai Sanapala - Cardiff Medics
Howard Dobson - Glenwood CC
Ian Berry - Talygarn
Ally Parkhurst - Cavaliers
Matt Sutton - Glenwood CC
Chris Stork - Eclipse
Tim Jordan - Celtic Hawks
Phil Dooley - Chartered Trust
Austin Bellaris - BOTS
Dan Lewis - Casuals
Saju Salimkutty - Cardiff Malayalee CC
Rohit Joseph - Cardiff Malayalee CC


Glam Centurions

• Fixtures: Provisional fixture list provided. Planning for teams who have own pitches to be home first week due to council pitches unavailability early season. Acknowledged increasing price of Llanwit Fadre to £35 per team.

• League fixtures cannot be rearranged due to weather. Cup/Bowl fixtures can be rearranged due to weather, but any other reason needs both teams to agree or league approval.

• Welcoming Cardiff Malayalee CC to the league as a trial basis. Approved fully as permanent members next season if able to fulfil fixtures and maintain the spirit of the game. Not involved in the cup due to fixture limitations but will be involved if a permanent member. Home ground are Cardiff council pitches.

• Cup teams drawn and fixtures will be provided by Ally.

• Finances show a bank balance of £797.93 (- cost for engraving cup/bowl). Plan to continue £25 league registration fee.

• Lords pink balls to continue. Cost £12 per ball. Minimum order 8 (£96). If teams have remaining balls from last year, other teams may be able to compensate if they order more than 8.

• Plan to continue to have cup/bowl final on a Friday and continue at St Fagan due to the dual ground availability.

• Bonus point allocation criteria to change to make it favourable to both teams. Continue with current system but margins to be adjusted and the new format will be available on the casuals website.

• No change to league rules. Any bouncer over shoulder height is automatic no ball. Continue with leg side wides as standard.

• New chairman for 2023 season: Austin Bellaris. Vice Chairman pending acceptance from Celtic Hawks (Stephen Morris)

• New contact list: Please click link to update contact list.

• Thankful to the following for their hard work throughout the year and willing to continue role:

o Chris Stork Treasurer
o Ally Parkhurst Fixture Secretary
o Dan Lewis Webmaster/Results Secretary

Thanks again to everyone for an enjoyable last season,

Chai Sanapala
Cardiff Medics

Willow Chair 2022




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