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last updated 05/08/2017

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Willow Fixtures/Results - 2017

The 2017 season sees a number of teams from the Full Toss League join the Willow league, which has boosted the numbers to 8 - which is a benefit to all teams.

The Willow league will consist of a home or away fixture between teams in the first half of the seaon, followed by a Shield/Plate competition in the second half. The cup competition will take place mainly in the first half when conditions hopefully fairer.

Cup draw

  Prelim   Round 1   Semi   Final
    Game B Casuals v Cavaliers Game F Cavaliers v Chartered Trust Game H Chartered Trust v Medics
    Game C Centurions v Trust Game G Medics v Eclipse    
    Game D Medics v Glenwood        
Game A Eclipse v Radyr Dads Game E Eclipse v Hawks        

You will also find Reports and Results for the League, Shield and Plate on the Willow Forum



Home Team

Away Team





Tues 02/05 Glenwood Medics Pentyrch (tbc)

League 1

rained off agreed rained off
  Tues 02/05 Hawks Trust St Fagans League 1 CTrust 152-7 (14pts) beat Hawks 117ao (1pt) by 35 runs  
  Wed 03/05 Eclipse Radyr Dads St Fagans Cup Prelmin Eclipse 146 beat Radyr Dads 119  
Thurs 04/05 Eclipse Casuals St Fagans League 1 Casuals 105-5 (10pts) beat Eclipse 103ao (5pts) by 2 runs  
  Thurs 04/05 Centurions Cavaliers Llantwit Fardre League 1 Centurions 159-5 (13pts) beat Cavs 136-7 (2pts) by 23 runs  
2 Wed 10/05 Medics Eclipse Pentyrch League 2 Eclipse 166-4 (12pts) beat Medics 162-5 (3pts) by 4 wkts  
  Thurs 11/05 Cavaliers Glenwood Cath School League 2 rained off  
Thurs 11/05 Casuals Trust Wenvoe League 2 Trust 175-1
(15pts) beat Casuals 124-6 by 51 runs
Thurs 11/05 Centurions Hawks Llantwit Fardre League 2 Centurions 137-5 (12pts) beat Hawks 124-9 (3pts) by 13 runs  
Tues 16/05 Medics Glenwood Pentyrch

Cup 1

rained off to be rearranged
  Wed 17/05 Casuals Cavaliers Wenvoe

Cup 1

rained off to be played 25 May
  Thurs 18/05 Centurions Trust Llantwit Fardre Cup 1 Trust 153-5 beat Centurions 106ao  
  TBC Eclipse Hawks TBC Cup 1 rained off to be played 31 May
4 Tues 23/05 Hawks Medics Llandaff Fields League 3   to be rearranged? No pitch booked
  Wed 24/05 Eclipse Glenwood St Fagans League 3 Glenwood 170-3 (14pts) beat Eclipse 167-6 (1pt) by 7 wkts  
  Thurs 25/05 Casuals Cavaliers Wenvoe Cup 1 Casuals 133 lost to Cavaliers 134-4 was League 3 replaced by cup1. L3 to be rearranged (04/07)
  Thurs 25/05 Trust Centurions St Fagans

League 3

Trust 174-6 (11pts) beat Centurions 164-4 (4pts) by 10 runs  
5 Tues 30/05 Cavaliers Medics Cathedral School League 4 Medics 124ao (14pts) beat Cavaliers 93-8 (1pt) by 31 runs  
  Wed 31/05 Glenwood Trust St Fagans League 4 Trust 135-6 (14pts) beat Glenwood 102ao (1pt) by 33 runs  
top Wed 31/05 Eclipse Hawks St Fagans Cup 1 Eclipse 151-9 beat Hawks 108-9 now cup 1 match
5 Thurs 01/06 Centurions Casuals Llantwit Fardre League 4 Centurions 131-8 (15pts) beat Casuals 76-9 (0pts) by 55 runs  
6 Wed 07/06 Eclipse Hawks St Fagans League 4 rained off moved from 31 May which was rearranged cup 1 match
Wed 07/06 Medics Glenwood Blackweir

Cup 1

rained off rearranged cup game 1 - to be re-arranged again
Thurs 08/06 Cavaliers (Winner Game B) Trust
(Winner Game C)
Cath School

Cup Semi

rained off to be re-arranged
  Thurs 08/06 Medics (Winner Game D) Eclipse (Winner game E) St Fagans Cup Semi rained off to be re-arranged pending result from Game D
7 Tues 13/06 Trust Medics St Fagans League 5 Trust 112-0 (15pts) beat Medics 109-7 (0pts) by 10wkts  
Wed 14/06 Medics Glenwood Llandaff Fields?

Cup 1

Medics 145 beat Glenwood 144 rearranged cup game 1 (if not played - coin toss)
Thurs 15/06 Eclipse Cavaliers St Fagans League 5 Eclipse 190-3 (15pts) beat Cavaliers 130-8 (0pts) by 60 runs  
  Thurs 15/06 Glenwood Centurions Llantwit Fardre League 5 Centurions 151-8 (15pts) beat Glenwood 100ao (0pts) by 51 runs  
  Thurs 15/06 Casauls Hawks Wenvoe League 5 Casuals 175-5 (15pts) beat Hawkd 117ao (opts) by 58runs  
8 Tues 20/06 Cavaliers Trust Cath School Cup semi & League 6 Trust 102-2 (14pts) beat Cavaliers 99-6 (1pt) Played as Cup Semi and League
  Tues 20/06 Medics Casuals Blackweir League 6 Casuals 188-4 (15pts) beat Medics 146ao (0pts) by 42 runs (venue changed to Blackweir 28/05)
  Wed 21/06 Medics (Winner Game D) Eclipse (Winner game E) St Fagans Cup Semi Medics 152-2 beat Eclipse 151-9 re-arranged from 08/06
  Thurs 22/06 Hawks Glenwood Llandaff Fields League 6 Glenwood 140-7 (13pts) beat Hawks 117-8 (2pts) by 23runs  
  Thurs 22/06 Centurions Eclipse Llantwit Fardre League 6 Centurions 121-9 (15pts) beat Eclipse 80ao (0pt) by 41 runs  
9 Tues 27/06 Cavaliers Hawks Cathedral School League 7 Hawks 195-6 (15pts) beat Cavaliers 131-8 (0pts) by 64 runs  
  Wed 28/06 Casuals Glenwood Wenvoe League 7 rained off  
  Wed 28/06 Trust Eclipse St Fagans League 7 rained off  
top Wed 28/06 Medics Centurions Pentyrch League 7 rained off  
  Tues 04/07 Casuals Cavaliers Cathedral School League 3 Cavaliers 149-5 (13pts) beat Casuals (2pts) by 17 runs Rearranged League 3 fixture
10 Wed 05/07 Chartered Trust (Winner Game F) Medics (Winner Game G) St Fagans Cup Final Cardiff Medics 139-8 beat Chartered Trust 135-4 in the 17th over  
11 Thurs 13/07 Trust Glenwood St Fagans Shield 1 Glenwood 110-5 beat Trust 107-9 by 5 wickets  
    Casuals Centurions Wenvoe Shield 1 Centurions 125-2 beat Casuals 124-4 by 8 wickets  
    Hawks Cavaliers Cathedral School Plate 1 Hawks 136-6 tied with Cavaliers 136-6  
    Eclipse Medics St Fagans Plate 1 Eclipse 70-?? beat Medics 69ao by ??wickets  
12 Tues 18/07 Cavaliers Eclipse Cathedral School Plate 2 Cavaliers 105-2 beat Eclipse 104-7 by 8 wkts  
    Centurions Glenwood Llantwit Fardre Shield 2 Centurions 139-5 beat Glenwood 88ao by 51 runs  
  Tues/Wed Medics Hawks TBC Plate 2 Hawks win by default  
  Thurs 20/07 Trust Casuals St Fagans Shield 2 Trust 121-5 beat Casuals 120-7 by 5 wkts  
13 Tues 25/07 Glenwood Casuals Wenvoe Shield 3 Glenwood 90-7 beat Casuals 89-9 by 3 wkts  
    Medics Cavaliers TBC Plate 3 Medics 143-8 beat Cavaliers 120-3 by 23 runs  
    Hawks Eclipse St Fagans Plate 3 Hawks 130ish beat Eclipse 100ish  
top Thurs 27/07 Centurions Trust Llantwit Fardre Shield 3 Rained off  


The fixtures allow member teams to take part in three different competitions
1) a round robin league of 7 fixtures (20 overs; max 4 overs per bowler)
2) a cup knock-out (18 overs; max 2 overs per bowler and batsman retire at 25 runs (new 2017)- so this tests the whole team)
3) a shield of 4 fixtures comprising teams finishing in the top five of the league OR a plate of 3 fixtures comprising teams finishing 6th-8th in the league plus Card Games. Both competitions are of 18 overs; max 3 overs per bowler and batsman retire at 30 runs (new 2017) - fewer overs at the end of the season.

Member clubs must abide with the fixtures communicated by the fixture secretary and published on the website. The exceptions are the Cup semi finals which must be arranged between the respective clubs. When mutually agreed fixtures cannot be agreed these will instead be determined by the fixture secretary or another committee member if there is a conflict of interest.

Team Venue Postcode Notes
Cardiff Casuals Wenvoe CF5 6AH  
Cardiff Cavaliers CC Cathedral School, Llandaff CF5 2YH  
Cardiff Medics Pentyrch CC, Penual Rd CF15 9QJ  
Celtic Hawks Llandaff Fields CF11 9JL (use pitches opposite Cardiff Rd/halfway, NOT Pontcanna off Fields Park/Fairleigh Rds)
Chartered Trust St Fagans CC CF5 6DU  
Eclipse St Fagans CC CF5 6DU  
Glamorgan Centurions Central Park, Llantwit Fardre CF38 1RJ  
Glenwood TBC   (Blackweir?)
Radyr Dads (playing in Cup & Plate) TBC    



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