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last updated 02/09/2013
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Willow Results - 2013

You will also find Reports and Results for the League, Shield and Plate on the Willow Forum



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Tues 07/05 Cavaliers Casuals Cathedral School League Cav 160-5 (13pts) bt
Cas 144-7 (2pts) by 16 runs
  Thurs 09/05 Rhiwbina Chart Trust Llanrumney League rained off  
Thurs 09/05 Uni Staff Consmen Llanrumney League rained off  
Tues 14/05 Casuals Uni Staff Wenvoe League rained off  
  Tues 14/05 Cavaliers Consmen Cathedral School League rained off  
Tues 14/05 CBB Eclipse St Fagans League rained off  
Tues 21/05 Char Trust Cavaliers St Fagans League CT 125-4 (13 pts) beat Cav got 124/3 (2pts) by 6 wickets  
Weds 22/05 Eclipse Casuals St Fagans League Cas 126-2 (14pts) beat Eclipse 122-6 (1pts) by 8 wickets  
Thurs 23/05 CBB Rhiwbina St Fagans League Rhiw 221-1 (15pts) bt CBB 148-3 (0pts) by 73 runs scorecard
Tues 28/05 Uni Staff Cavaliers Llanrumney CUP Quarter Final rained off  
  Weds 29/05 Eclipse Char Trust St Fagans League rained off  
  Thurs 30/05 CBB Uni Staff St Fagans League rained off  
  Thurs 30/05 Rhiwbina Cavaliers Llanrumney League Cav 171-2 (12pts) bt Rhiw 157-5 (3pts) by 14 runs scorecard
top Thurs 30/05 Casuals Consmen Wenvoe CUP Quarter Final Cas 68-2 bt Cons 67ao scorecard
5 Weds 05/06 Casuals Rhiwbina Wenvoe League Cas 107-4 (13 pts) bt Rhiw 106-5 (2 pts) by 6 wkts scorecard
  Weds 05/06 Char Trust Consmen St Fagans League CT 189-4 (15 pts) bt Cons 86ao (0pts) by 103 runs  
top Weds 05/06 Uni Staff Cavaliers Llanrumney League Cav 132-7 (13pts) bt Staff 114-6 (2pts) by 18 runs  
6 Mon 10/06 Uni Staff Cavaliers Llanrumney CUP Quarter Final Cav 139-0 bt Staff 136-6. Cav go through to Cup Semi Final  
  Tues 11/06 Casuals Char Trust Wenvoe League CT 89-0 (15pts) bt Cas 87ao (0pts) by 10 wkts scorecard
Tues 11/06 Eclipse Uni Staff St Fagans League Staff 149-2 (14pts) bt Eclipse 145-4(1pt) by 8 wkts  
Weds 12/06 Char Trust CBB St Fagans League CT win (15pts) due to forfeit CBB (0pts)  
  Weds 12/06 Consmen Rhiwbina Blackweir League rained off  
  Weds 12/06 Eclipse Cavaliers St Fagans League rained off  
Thurs 13/06 CBB Consmen St Fagans League rained off  
7 Weds 19/06 Casuals CBB Wenvoe League Cas win (15pts) due to forfeit CBB (0pts)  
  Weds 19/06 Uni Staff Rhiwbina Llanrumney League Staff 170-3 (15pts) bt Rhiw 111ao (0pts) by 59 runs  
top Weds 19/06 Consmen Eclipse St Fagans League Eclipse 130-7 (15pts) bt Consmen (0pts) by 61 runs scorecard
8 Tues 25/06 Cavaliers CBB Cathedral School League Cav 176-5(15pts) bt CBB 82ao by 94 runs  
  Tues 25/06 Char Trust Rhiwbina Llanrumney League CT 107-0 (15pts) bt Rhiw 106-9 by 10wkts  
  Tues 25/06 Consmen Casuals Wenvoe League Cas 81-2 (14pts) bt Cons 78ao (1pt) by 8 wkts scorecard
  Weds 26/06 Uni Staff Char Trust Llanrumney League Staff 97-2 (14pts) bt CT 95-8 (1pt) by 8 wkts scorecard
  Thurs 27/06 Casuals Cavaliers Wenvoe League rained off  
  Thurs 27/06 Consmen Uni Staff Llanrumney League Staff (15pts) bt Cons (0pts) due to forfeit  
top Thurs 27/06 Rhiwbina Eclipse Llanrumney League rained off  
9 Tues 02/07 Consmen Cavaliers Cathedral School League rained off  
  Tues 02/07 Eclipse CBB St Fagans League rained off  
  Thurs 04/07 Eclipse Char Trust St Fagans CUP SEMI rained off  
top Thurs 04/07 Uni Staff Casuals Llanrumney League rained off!!  
10 Tues 09/07 Casuals Eclipse Wenvoe League Eclipse 213-5 (15pts) bt Cas 166-5 (0pts) by 47 runs scorecard
  Tues 09/07 Cavaliers Rhiwbina Cathedral School League Cavs 209-2 (15pts) bt Rhiw 47ao by 162 runs  
  Weds 10/07 Char Trust Eclipse St Fagans CUP SEMI CT 136-8 bt Eclipse 126-7 by 10 runs this should have been a league game but due to 04/07 rained off the league fixture will be re-arranged
  Weds 10/07 Uni Staff CBB Llanrumney League CBBs 125-8 (11pts) bt Staff 119-7 (4pts) by 6 runs scorecard
  Thurs 11/07 Cavaliers Char Trust Cathedral School League CT 214-2 (15pts) bt Cavs 131-8 (0pts) by 83 runs  
top Thurs 11/07 Rhiwbina CBB Llanrumney League CBBs 172-2 (15pts) bt Rhiw 106-2 (0pts)by 66runs scorecard
11 Tues 16/07 Cavaliers Uni Staff Cathedral School League Cavs 195-4 (15pts) bt Staff 108-ao (0pts) by 87 runs  
  Weds 17/07 Consmen Char Trust St Fagans League CT 136-6 (11pts) bt Cons 127-5 (4pts) by 9 runs  
top Thurs 18/07 Rhiwbina Casuals Llanrumney League Cas 112-4(13pts) by Rhiw 111-8 (2pts) by 6 wickets scorecard
12 Tues 23/07 Casuals Cavaliers Cathedral School CUP SEMI Cavs 149-3 bt Cas 148-7 scorecard
  Weds 24/07 Char Trust Casuals St Fagans League CT 202-3 (15pts) bt Cas 101-7 (0pts) scorecard
  Weds 24/07 Uni Staff Eclipse St Fagans League Staff 132-0 (15pts) bt Eclipse 126ao (0pts)  
top Weds 24/07 Consmen CBB Blackweir League CBB (13pts) beat Cons (2pts) by 17 runs scorecard
13 Tues 30/07 Cavaliers Eclipse Cathedral School League Eclipse 149-6 (11pts)beat Cavs 143-7(4pts) by 6 runs  
  Thurs 01/08 CBB Char Trust St Fagans League CT 176-3 (15pts) beat CBBs 60ao by 116 runs  
top Thurs 01/08 Rhiwbina Consmen Llanrumney League Rhiw 150-(15pts) bt Cons 91ao (0) by 59 runs  
14 Weds 07/08 Eclipse Consmen St Fagans League Eclipse 165 for 5 (15pts) bt Cons 99ao (0pt)  
  Thurs 08/08 CBB Casuals St Fagans League CBB 83-4 (13pts) bt Cas 79-6 (2 pts) by 6wkts scorecard
  Thurs 08/08 Rhiwbina Uni Staff Llanrumney League Uni Staff 131/8 (14pts) bt Rhwb 99ao (1pt)  
top Thurs 08/08 Chartered Trust Cavaliers St Fagans CUP FINAL Trust 155-7 bt Cavs 121-8 by 34 runs  
15 Tues 13/08 Casuals Consmen Wenvoe League Cas 156-8 (15pts) bt Cons 105-9 (0pts) by 51 runs scorecard
  Weds 14/08 Char Trust Uni Staff St Fagans League rained off  
  Weds 14/08 Eclipse Rhiwbina St Fagans League rained off  
top Thurs 15/08 CBB Cavaliers St Fagans League rained off  
16 Wed 28/08 Chartered Trust Eclipse St Fagans League CT 120-8 (11pts) bt Ecl 119-8 (4pts)
(re-arranged from 10/07)


(1) Rhiwbina and Cardiff Bay Barbarians exercised their option NOT to play in the Cup in 2013 so 1st round not required

(2) Ties to be arranged by mutual convenience with Quarter finals to be completed no later 30 June & Semi-finals completed no later than 31 July

(3) GE withdrew from all competitions 8 May. A copy of the fixtures pre GE withdrawal


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