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Archive Willow Results/Reports - 2008



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Away Team






Thu 1 May Cardiff Bay Barb South Glam St Fagans L rained off  
  Cardiff Uni Staff Consmen Llanrumney L Cons 90-4 (13pts) beat CUS 88-4 (2pts) by 6 wkts  
    Cavaliers BA Cath School L rained off  
  Rhiwbina Chartered Trust Llanrumney L CT 123-9 (11pts) beat Rhiw 116-7 (4pts) by 7 runs  
  Eclipse Print Casuals Wenvoe L rained off  
top   GE Healthcare Bye        
Tue 6 May BA Eclipse Print Cath School L Eclipse 98-8 (14pts) beat BA 71ao (1pt) by 27 runs scorecard
  Chartered Trust GE Healthcare Llanrumney L CT 86-3 (13pts) beat GE 82-6 (2pts) by 7 wkts  
    Rhiwbina Cavaliers Llanrumney L Rhiw 124-4 (10pts) beat Cav 122-7 (5pts) by 2 runs scorecard
Wed 7 May South Glam Cardiff Uni Staff St Fagans L SGlam 147-6 (15pts) beat CUS 59-8 (0pts) by 88 runs scorecard
Thu 8 May Casuals Cardiff Bay Barb Wenvoe L Cas 84-6 (12pts) beat CBBs 83-9 (3pts) by 4 wkts scorecard
top   Bye Consmen       wk2-report
Mon 12 May Cardiff Bay Barb Casuals Game C - Wenvoe Cup Cas 119-4 beat Cdf BB 116ao by 3 runs scorecard
Tue 13 May Cavaliers Consmen Game A - Cath School Cup Cav 157-8 beat Cons 128-7 by 29 runs scorecard
  Rhiwbina Eclipse Print Game B
Cup Rhiw 152-4 beat Sev 102 ao by 50 runs scorecard
  BA Chartered Trust Game D - Llanrumney Cup CT 128-4 beat BA 127-7 by 6 wkts  
  Wed 14 May Chartered Trust South Glam St Fagans L SGlam 124-7 (3) CTrust 125-6 (12) scorecard
Thu 15 May Casuals Cardiff Uni Staff Wenvoe L rained off  
    Cavaliers Consmen Cath School L Cons 144-6 (1) Cav 147-2 (14) scorecard
  GE Healthcare Eclipse Print Llanrumney L GE 62-9 (3) Eclip 63-5 (12) scorecard
  Rhiwbina BA Llanrumney L Rhiw 98-6 (13) BA 74ao (2) scorecard
top   Cardiff Bay Barb Bye       wk3-report
Mon 19 May Casuals South Glam Wenvoe L SGl 120-3 (13pts) beat Cas 119ao (2pts) by 7 wkts scorecard
Tue 20 May Cardiff Uni Staff GE Healthcare Llanrumney L CUS 153-5 (10pts) beat GE 149-3 (5pts) by 4 runs  
  Consmen Cardiff Bay Barb Llanrumney L Con 159-5 (15pts) beat CBB 89-5 (0pts) by 70 runs  
    Eclipse Print Cavaliers Cath School L Eclip 141-9 (1) Cav 142-2 (14) scorecard
  Thu 22 May BA Chartered Trust Llanrumney L CT 172-5 (15pts) beat BA 99-7 (0pts) by 73 runs scorecard
top   Bye Rhiwbina       wk4-report
5 Tue 27 May Cardiff Bay Barb Eclipse Print Llanrumney L rained off  
    Cavaliers Cardiff Uni Staff Cath School L rained off  
    Rhiwbina Consmen Llanrumney L rained off  
  Wed 28 May South Glam BA St Fagans L rained off  
  Thu 29 May GE Healthcare Casuals Wenvoe L rained off  
  Chartered Trust Bye       no report


6 Mon 2 June Cardiff Hockey Casuals Game H- Wenvoe Cup QF CCH 112-8
18overs lost to
Cas 113-5
17.4 overs
  Tue 3 June Cardiff Uni Staff Cavaliers Game F - Llanrumney Cup QF Cavs 125-6
18overs beat CUS 65ao
  Rhiwbina GE Healthcare Game G - Llanrumney Cup QF Rhiw 136-6
18overs beat GEH 59-5
Wed 4 June Chart Trust South Glam Game E- St Fagans Cup QF CT 86-8
18overs lost to SGlam 87-1
Thu 5 June Cardiff Uni Staff Cardiff Bay Barb Llanrumney L CUS 129-5 (7½pts) tied with CBB 129-8 (7½pts)  
  Casuals BA Wenvoe L rained off  
    Consmen Chartered Trust Penarth L CT 116-9 (14pts) beat Cons 81ao (1pt) by 35 runs scorecard
  GE Healthcare Cavaliers Cath School L Cavs 92-1 (14pts) beat GE 91-7 (1pt) by 9 wkts scorecard
  Eclipse Print Rhiwbina Llanrumney L Rhiw 121-6 (15pts) beat Ecli 58ao (0pts) by 63 runs scorecard
top   Bye South Glam       wk6-report
Tue 10 June BA GE Healthcare Llanrumney L BA 135-5 (12pts) beat GE 134-2 (3pts) by 5 wkts  
Thu 12 June Casuals Rhiwbina Wenvoe L Cas 148-4 (15 pts) beat Rhiw 92-5 (0pts) by 56 runs scorecard
    Cavaliers South Glam Cath School L SGl 141-3 (15pts) beat Cav 105ao (0pts) by 36 runs scorecard
  Chartered Trust Cardiff Bay Barb Llanrumney L CT 130-9 (15pts) beat CBB 94-7 (0pts) by 36 runs scorecard
  Consmen Eclipse Print Llanrumney L Cons 99-4 (13pts) beat Eclip 97-9 (2pts) by 6 wkts  
top   Bye Cardiff Uni Staff       wk7-report
Mon 16 June Casuals Cavaliers Wenvoe L Cas 163-4 (15pts) beat Cavs 97-8 (0pts) by 66 runs scorecard
Tue 17 June Cardiff Bay Barb GE Healthcare Cath School L CBB (15pts) beat GE (0pts) by default.  
  Chartered Trust Eclipse Print Llanrumney L CT 198-6 (15pts) beat Eclip 145ao (0pts) by 53 runs scorecard
  Rhiwbina Cardiff Uni Staff Llanrumney L Rhiw 150-3 (11pts) beat CUS 143-7 (4pts) by 7 runs scorecard
    South Glam Consmen St Fagans L SGlam 57-3 (13pts) beat Cons 53ao (2pts) by 7 wkts scorecard
  BA Bye       wk8-report
9 Mon 23 June Consmen Casuals Wenvoe L Cas 126-3 (13pts) beat Cons 124ao (2pts) by 7 wkts scorecard
  Tue 24 June Cardiff Bay Barb Rhiwbina Llanrumney L Rhiw 183-2 (15pts) beat CBB 131-5 (0pts) by 52 runs scorecard
    Cardiff Uni Staff BA Llanrumney L BA 95-6 (14pts) beat CUS 66-9 (1pt) by 29 runs  
    Cavaliers Chartered Trust Cath School L CT 164-7 (15pts) beat Cavs 122-9 (0pts) by 42 runs scorecard
  Wed 25 June GE Healthcare South Glam St Fagans L SGlam 155-5 (15 pts) beat GEH 27ao (0pts) by 128 runs scorecard
top   Eclipse Print Bye       wk9-report
10 Mon 30 Jun Casuals Chartered Trust Wenvoe L CT 112-9(11pts) beat Cas 106-8 (4pts) by 6 runs scorecard
    BA Cardiff Bay Barb Penarth L CBB 159-5 (15pts) beat BA 96-6 (0pts) by 63 runs  


Tue 1 Jul Consmen GE Healthcare Llanrumney L Cons (15pts) beat GE (0pts) due to forfeit  
    Cardiff Uni Staff Eclipse Print Llanrumney L Eclipse 87-4 (13pts) beat CUS 86-7 (2pts) by 6 wkts  
  Wed 2 July South Glam Rhiwbina St Fagans L Rained off  
  Thu 3 July Cavaliers Rhiwbina Cath School Cup Semi Cav 114-4 beat Rhiw 113-6 by 6 wkts scorecard
    Casuals South Glam Game J- Llanrumney Cup Semi SGlam 72ao beat
Cas 53ao by 19 runs
top   Cavaliers Bye       wk10-report
11 Mon 7 July Consmen BA Wenvoe L Rained off  
  Tue 8 July Cardiff Uni Staff Chartered Trust Llanrumney L CUS 102-2 (14pts) beat CT 101-8 (1pt) by 8 wkts scorecard
    Cavaliers Cardiff Bay Barb Cath School L CBB 140-5 (12pts) beat Cav 126-8 (3pts) by 14 runs  
    GE Healthcare Rhiwbina Llanrumney L Rhiw 155ao (15pts) beat GEH 56-6 (0pts) by 99 runs  
  Wed 9 July Eclipse Print South Glam St Fagans L Rained off  
top   Casuals Bye       wk11-report
12 Mon 14 July Chartered Trust Casuals Wenvoe S CT 135-5 beat Cas 61-9 by 74 runs scorecard
  Tue 15 July South Glam Cardiff Bay Bar St Fagans S SGlam 87-5 beat CBB 83-8 by 5 wkts scorecard
    Rhiwbina Consmen Llanrumney S Con 99-3 beat Rhiw 94-6 by 7 wkts  
    Cavaliers Eclipse Print Cath School P Cav 119-7 beat EP 116-8 by 3 runs scorecard
    Cardiff Hockey GE Healthcare Llanrumney P Cdf H beat GE due to forfeit  
  Thu 17 July
30th Anniversary
Cavaliers Willow League XI Cath School F WXI (109-3. 18.5 overs) beat Cav (107-5.20vers) by 7wkts



Joint Team Photo

top Thu 17 July Cardiff Uni Staff BA Llanrumney P BA 106-5 beat CUS 59-8 by 47 runs  
13 Tue 22 July Consmen South Glam St Fagans S SG 153-5 beat Cons 102-4 by 51 runs scorecard
    Cardiff Bay Bar Casuals Wenvoe S Cas 88-8 beat CBB 78-9 by 10 runs scorecard
    Rhiwbina Chartered Trust Llanrumney S CT 159-4 beat Rh 102-5 by 57 runs scorecard
    Cardiff Hockey Cardiff Uni Staff Llanrumney P Cdf H 95-1 beat CUS 94-7 by 9 wkts  
    GE Healthcare Cavaliers Cath School P Cavs 151-5 beat GEH 63-7 by 88 runs scorecard
top Thu 24 July Eclipse Print BA Llanrumney P BA 84-8 beat Eclip 79ao by 5 runs  
14 Tue 29 July Rhiwbina Cardiff Bay Bar Llanrumney S CBB 108-6 beat Rhi 107-5 by 4 wkts  
    Chartered Trust Consmen Wenvoe S Rained off  
    Cardiff Uni Staff Cavaliers Cath School P CUS 134-5 beat Cav 131-6 by 3runs  
    Eclipse Print GE Healthcare Llanrumney P Eclip 77-4 beat GE 73-6 by 6 wkts scorecard
  Thu 31 July South Glam Casuals Cath School S Rained off  
top   BA Cardiff Hockey Llanrumney P Rained off  


15 Tue 5 Aug Cavaliers South Glam St Fagans Cup Final Rained off  
    Cardiff Hockey Eclipse Print Llanrumney P Rained off  
  Thu 7 Aug Rhiwbina South Glam St Fagans S Rained off  
    Cardiff Bay Bar Chartered Trust Llanrumney S Rained off  
    Casuals Consmen Wenvoe S Rained off  
    BA Cavaliers Cath School P Rained off  
top   GE Healthcare Cardiff Uni Staff Llanrumney P Rained off  
16 Tue 12 Aug South Glam Chartered Trust St Fagans S Rained off  
    Rhiwbina Casuals Wenvoe S Rained off  
    Consmen Cardiff Bay Bar Llanrumney S Rained off  
    Cavaliers Cardiff Hockey Cath School P Rained off  
    Eclipse Print Cardiff Uni Staff Llanrumney P Rained off  
  Thu 14 Aug GE Healthcare BA Llanrumney P Rained off  
    Cavaliers South Glam St Fagans/Cath School (tbc) Cup Final Rained off  
17 Thurs 21 Cavaliers South Glam Cath School Cup Final Rained off  



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