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Match Report vs Medics 11 June 2024 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Jim, Report Nylon Pylon)

Wet Windy Wenvoe? Not this time.
Although it wasn't perfect weather for cricket, it wasn't raining for once which led to high hopes for the Caszh.

Skipper Hodkinson strolled to the middle with the Medics captain for the toss. We lost. Medics elect to field first.
Rhys.D and handsome Steve (Biggs) get padded up and go to the crease to start the game off. Rhys.D faced 4 dot balls before spooning one in the air for the bowler to catch giving him a duck and the bowler a wicket maiden for the first over of the game. Fred. G in at 3. First runs of the game was a boundary scored by Handsome Steve. Only a few more runs scored before the fall of the second wicket Fred. G who was bowled. Steve O in it 4. With Steve O walking to the middle the rest of the Caszh did their usual of guessing how many balls before his wicket would fall. The answer: 3. A swift return to the changing rooms for one of our Vice captains. Rob.O in at 5. This pairing could possibly be the most fascinating to watch in the middle. Little dabs and great strokes from the pair saw the score begin to rise before the fall of Rob.O wicket being bowled. Dan.L in at 6. Strong hits from Dan.L and smart shots from handsome Steve saw the score quickly spike until the fall of the anchor man Steve.B who was caught on the joint top score of 36. In at 7 the skipper: Jim.H. With only a couple overs left the score slowly creeped up to a defendable total of 131. Extras were a major help to the final score being the third highest scorer. Handsome Steve and Dan.L joint top scorer with 36.

131 the score to defend and defend we shall (try).
There may be 11 men on a team, this day we had 12 (we will get to that soon)

Opening pair of Dan.L and Liam.F started the bowling. Runs were leaked quickly as their opening batter looked to reach the total fast (obviously wanted to go to the pub). It's the fourth over, no wickets have been taken yet. Liam.F puts one on the batters pads and.... TRIGGERED. The finger goes up and the batsmen goes off. The second wicket came shortly after with Dan.L bowling batsmen number 3. Liam.F in his 3rd over, the ball leaves his hand hits the pads and..... TRIGGERED, the finger goes up again (i think you can see where this is going) and the batsman goes off. A great spell from Dan.L and Liam.F saw the scoreboard show 48-3.
Dave.T and Ed.S come on to replace the opening pair. A very loose over from Ed.S saw the extras shoot up and also saw him being taken off after just the one over.
Dave.T took 2 wickets in his spell one being caught and one being bowled. a very good spell from Dave saw the Caszh in a good posiion.
Rob.O on to bowl. more runs were scored until Rob.O puts one on the batters pads and..... TRIGGERED, again. Liam.W onat the other end who hit the stumps in his first over, looked like a tactical masterclass from the skipper until Liams shoe broke and his rhythm was broken it was wide after wide after no ball after wide. Not a good spell from the young Nylon Pylon but we move back to Rob.O who puts another one on the batsmans pads and....... TRIGGERED. Anyone would think we were watching only fools and horses. We had our Dave we had our TRIGGER all we needed was a Del Boy.

12th man being the umpire who had a very itchy trigger finger which ultimately helped the Caszh get their hopes up.
As it turned out an expensive spell from the young Nylon Pylon at the end of the game may have been the cause of this Caszh loss but who knows, maybe it was all an act of God, maybe the Caszh can only have nice weather or a win, not both. Devestating for the Caszh but it is what it is.

D.Lewis- 3.3-0-27-1
L.Forster- 3-0-25-2
E.Stag- 1-0-14-0
R.Owens- 4-0-15-2
L.Warren- 3-0-32-1
F.Grassem- 1-0-4-0

If there are any inaccuracies found in this post, i can only apologise, scorebooks was a messy (mostly not filled in) and memory was fuzzy.



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