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Match Report vs Lisvane 12May 2024 @ St Mellons (Skipper Steveo, Report Dan)

The Casuals we're mostly in attendance at the ground by 12:45, however it appeared that the ground staff had only been told that the game was on 30 mins before the match so were busily prepping the wicket, allowing the Cazh to get ready at their leisure.

During this time skipper Steveo asked those in attendance what he should do – we all thought the question related to if winning the toss should we bat or bowl (bat was the unanimous verdict) but Steveo seemed to be asking how to play the game in general…either way – when it came to the toss – he lost and we were fielding in the baking heat.

Dan opened from the Golf Club end, and Goffy from the pub end. Dan started with a maiden, and Goffy started with a few boundaries then a peach of a delivery – the batter at first glance looked like he’d left it, but the writer was informed he had tried to defend but was bowled through the gate. Dan took a bit of stick in his 3rd going for 3 boundaries – once the ball hit the ground and past the fielder it was difficult to reign it back in. Goffy picked up his second wicket in his 4th over – a slower delivery inducing the forward prod which looped to Jesus at slip. After having 2 close chances for wickets both narrowly missing the stumps and evading stand-in keep RobO for boundary byes, Dan did get a wicket final ball of his spell – lbw with and ‘effort ball’.

The Liams’ were first change – Nylon taking over from Dan and Forster from Goff. Nylon got a break through first over a bit of a half tracker being smashed to Rupert in covers. At this point Lisvane was 70 - 4 off 13, with their number 3 going along nicely – dealing predominantly with square cut shots/ boundaries. Forster bowled well, but anything short or wide was pounced upon. Everyone started to flag a little in the heat and the drinks break seemed to take an eternity to arrive. The Liams’ has a couple more after drinks, with Nylon picking up his second – the in-form no3 (on 94) top edging one to slip where Steveo took the loopy catch, he could have had him a few balls before but was put down by an outstretched Robo behind the stumps to one that wouldn’t stick. The pair were replaced by George and Steveo. Both did very well, George not allowing either batsmen to accelerate, and Steveo bowling on more a left line which the big lefty didn’t seem to want to go after.

In the field the rumblings of distance thunder could be heard…it might miss us… but as the final rays of light were replaced by cloud, Pat bowled a couple of overs then replaced by Dan again before the heavy droplets began to descend. The decision to go in early to beat the rain was a good choice – as it then proceeded to belt it down for 40 mins – with a mixture of Thunder, Lightning, torrential rain and hail. Even though afterwards the sun and heat returned as though nothing had happened, the damage was done and the outfield sodden – so match abandoned. Lisvane finishing on 199-5 off 37overs

The Cazh still looking for their first win of the season (result or toss).
A bonus for Dan reaching his DNB milestone (in a slow run race against DB) in the first to 200.
Off to the pub or home to enjoy the rest of the sunshine and heat..

Lewis 7-2-25-1
Day 6-1-32-2
Warren 6 -1-26-2
Forster 5-0-44-0
George White 7-0-24-0
Steve O 4-0-22-0
Pat Dean 2-0-12-0.
Byes 12



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