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Match Report vs BOTS 16th August 2023 @ Pontcanna (Skipper Jim, report Rob)

The Cazh (eventually) ambled over to Pontcanna Fields for our last league game of the season. Dan had crunched the numbers but nobody understood them, but we all agreed a win would be nice as that would leave us around 4th. Possibly 2nd. 6th was possible if we lost. Maybe.

Bryn and Handsome Steve opened up. Bryn did the sensible thing, getting bowled for 1 playing down the wrong line, clearing the way for Will to bat with plenty of time.

Will wasn’t hanging about, scoring off his first ball and never letting up. The spinners had to contend with him walking down the track, hitting 3 straight sixes as he got to his 50, retiring in the 12th over off 35 balls.

At the other end, Young Steve was pootling along playing the steady role. Rhys joined him briefly, scoring 7 before being bowled. I was padding up, so I only heard it. I’m sure it was a ripper. Probably sweeping?

This brought Superhands Steve to the crease. He’s been in top form recently… at bowling. After his first baller on Sunday, any sensible person would have a look, maybe tap an easy run to clear the mind? Luckily, there is no thinking. First ball whacked over cow for 6. Shot! A few more singles scored before he hit one back at the bowler. C&B for 10. #getonwithit

Charming Steve had picked up the pace a bit, accumulating his way in to the 40s with two nice 6s along the way, before falling short on 49 - LBW. Umpire Will tried his best not to give it, and was riddled with guilt and in need of some counselling from the bowler to tell him he did the right thing. It looked very out.

This left Rob and Jim to scrape a few runs at the death. Batting with the fluidity of DTs running, they scraped to 8 between them.

144/4 which felt like a good total on a tricky wicket.

B. Wilkes Bowled 1
S. Biggs LBW 49
W. Mason-Wilkes Retired 50
R. Davies Bowled 7
S’ O’Reilly C&B 10
R. Owens Not Out 6
J. Hodkinson Not Out 2
G. Finch DNB
P. Dean DNB
N. Bhatt DNB
T. Bluff-Higgins DNB

The bowling was opened by Finchy (bloody good rep) and Nishchay. The batsmen seemed happy enough tapping it about, with wides helping them along. Nishchay was unlucky not to get a wicket. Ball beating bat, stumps (but not the keeper). Finchy got his wicket off his last ball, bowling their number 2. All very even after 8 overs. 46/1.

Next up, a combination of Rob, Tim and Pat for 8 overs. With two lefties facing, Rob kept the run rate down as BOTS continued to accumulate. Josh, who often takes a shine to our bowling, was hitting some big 6s and quickly retired. Pat then got the other batter caught by Tim and the Cazh were on a roll.

Last bowlers were Old Man Steve and Very Tired Athletic Steve, to bowl in the darkness. 29 needed off 4 with 6 wickets and a retiree in hand. BOTS favourites, but we had the power of Steve on our side.

Steve bowled the remaining opener with one that did absolutely nothing, then tried it again to great success, also bowled. Talented Steve kept skidding the ball through but the ball kept missing the stumps.

Shouty Steve got an LBW off his last ball, leaving him with figures of 3 for 9, which goes to show how unfair cricket can be.

16 needed off the last over. Bestest Steve bowled tidily going for only 7. Bryn dropped a catch at mid-off or long off? Nobody could see the ball so he did well to get within 50 metres of it, it was that dark. Cazh win by 9 runs! (136/5)

Looking at the book, there were more 6s (x10) than 4s (x8) scored which is a bit weird. Also helped by us keeping attacking fields throughout that stopped a lot escaping. A really good all-round performance by the Cazh, even if the sun had set half hour before we finished so we couldn’t see it.

G. Finch 4-0-28-1
N. Bhatt 4-0-18-0
R.Owens 4-0-16-0
T. Bluff-Higgins 2-0-29-0
P. Dean 2-0-25-1
S. Reilly 2-0-9-3
S. Biggs 2-0-11-0

Halfway. Pints. Buffet. Man City were playing but we totally ignored it.



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