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Match Report vs Malpas 13th August 2023 @ Malpas (Skipper Rob, report Liam)

It was a wet rainy day as we arrived onto the Malpas cricket ground. Walking around the pitch to get to the changing rooms without getting covered in mud was challenging enough but nothing could prepare us for the type of opponent we were about to face. It was clear from the relaxed nature of the opposing side as they listened to music laughed and joked around they were not too stressed by this fixture, why? well we are soon to find out.

With R.Owens as captain we went out to bowl first, the run ups for the bowlers looking damp and dangerous for someone with no spikes. Opening bowlers D.Lewis and L.warren looked ready to attack this youthful but what seemed very experienced batting line up. The first 2 overs looked like a promising site as they only went for 9 in total but it was downhill from there. D.Lewis looked ever closer to picking up a wicket but none came until L.Warren bowled a pie and the batsmen was caught at mid off, HOWEVER a very late no ball call after some long discussion between the two umpires ruled out the hope of breaking the opening partnership. With both opening bowlers not taking a wicket and going for a total of 76 off 5 overs each captain Owens decided to bring on the veteran pair of spin bowlers of P.Stephens and D.Thomas.

There was no breakthrough for the veteran pair until Malpas retired their opening pair for hitting a combined total of 104, the 16th over is when D.Thomas finally took the first wicket (score currently sat at 104-1) Caught by S.O'Reilley. The term "with one comes many" does not apply to this situation as batsmen 4 (who was apparently a former Jamaican international and was dropped on the boundary by L.Warren after smashing the ball over the fence and into the road countless times) and batsmen 5 also retired scoring a combined 103.

Batsmen 6 was bowled by N.Bhatt for just 14 and batsmen 7 was also dismissed by N.Bhatt, this time it was caught by L.warren who manged to injure himself in the process of catching the ball, landing awkwardly after jumping for the catch L.Warren was unable to field and was bound to the sidelines (Still took the catch so thats all that matters). Batsmen 8 and 9 were both dismissed by the returning opener D.Lewis 8 via LBW and 9 was bowled. With L.Warren on the sidelines Captain R.Owens turned to N.Bhatt to return and try and take the final wicket. HE DID, batsmen 10 was caught by D.Lewis giving N.Bhatt a 3 wicket haul for the day.

Final score 279

D.Lewis 8-0-2-42
L.Warren 5-0-0-48
P.Stephens 4-0-0-22
D.Thomas 8-0-1-92
N.Bhatt 8-0-3-31
S.O'Reilley 6-0-0-37

After a nice tea break and a wild Rich appearing the CAZH went into bat.

The opening pair of J.Beaumont and D.White strolled out to the middle hoping to put some runs on the board and make this chase a less daunting task. That didnt go quite to plan as D.White was dismissed with second ball he faced scoring just 1. But not to worry as this is where the story gets exciting!!! Out walked our resident Rupert A.K.A R.Sayers.When i say this batting partnership gave us hope i mean it as the first runs R.Sayers scored was a big 6 hit straight over the fence and into the road. This partnership looked unbeatable scoring sixes fours singles. They were running rampant, with the technicality of J.Beaumont and the sluggish style of R.Sayers the score was racing up. R.Sayers looked as good as the opposing sides Jamaican international hitting the ball over the fence more times than i can count. But as always, all good things must come to an end as R,Sayers goes to hit one over the fence once more but is caught on the boundary at mid off. Apologies to all readers as my words do not do justice to how good this partnership really was, they were so close to breaking the Cazh record of 2nd wicket partnership scoring 162 falling just 4 runs short of the top spot.

Batsmen 4 was S.O'Reilley who lived up to his name and was out with a Golden Duck.
Sadly Batsmen 5 P.Dean went in a similar fashion going for a duck after facing 5 balls.
In walked the Captain R.Owens a man that could give us a slither of hope once again as he met J.Beaumont in the middle who has watched the wickets fall all around him. This partnership got off to a good start with a few runs flowing until R.Owens was bowled. With the score at 207 there was still a little bit of hope (until you remember who is left to come in to bat)

Batsmen 7 was none other than the injured L.Warren who hobbled out to the middle like a younger, taller, more handsome Nathan Lyon but with none of the cricketing ability. With the anchor Man J.Beaumont struggling to get off strike as his partner couldnt run quick singles he finally faced the ball that got him out. Scoring 98 he may have fallen short of his century but he didnt fall short of being one of the heroes the Cazh needed on the day. In came Batsmen 8 otherwise known as D.Lewis. Now in the middle are to men that cant run, L.Warren with his injured foot and D.Lewis with his previously injured knee. The gameplan was clear. SLOG. However with the before mentioned lack of cricketing ability L.Warren has he miss timed his shot and was Caught & Bowled. Batsmen 9 strolled out to the crease (P.Stephens) and D.Lewis Kept to his gameplan and scored a flurry of Fours until he was caught behind. P.Stevens wasnt far behind him walking back to the changing rooms after being caught. so to face the final balls that were left was Batsmen 10 and 11. N.Bhatt and D.Thomas. scoring 3 between them the final ball was bowled and the game was over. The Cazh made a good game of it but fell short in the end scoring a total of 231. But the real story of the day was that heroic partnership of J.Beaumont and R.Sayers. the lads dug in and gave the Cazh hope. They may not have broken the record but they will still go down in the history books with a valiant display of batting.

S.O'Reilley-0 (golden duck)



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