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Match Report vs Medics 29 June 2023 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Luvvers, report Steveo)

20 over league game – Toss won by THE CASUALS! Casuals bat first.

A bright and brisk June evening, windy but sunny, down at Wenvoe International Cricket (Knowledge, Expertise, Training) Arena, aka, the Cardiff Oval Wenvoe Corner.
Cap’n Loveridge made an excellent start by not only winning the toss – what an excellent tosser he is – but also by picking an excellent batting order (more of that later).

Jimmy no hands medium Hodkinson opened with the willow and did well – given the talents at his disposal. Although the first of the valiant to fall, for 16, in the 6th, he had made a decent partnership with R Davies, with a total of 38 on the board ( 16 each with 6 extras). The hallowed records show that our enthusiastic whacker scored a 4, but also ran a brace of 2’s and even two 3’s, encouraged by young Rhys no doubt, so perhaps ‘tis no surprise that he was run out, possibly exhausted mid-wicket after such a magnificent physical effort. Medical attendance is not recorded.

JNHMH was replaced by Mr Robert Owens, tart of the South Wales cricket scene ( he’ll swing for anyone) who put in a strong effort to gain his 23, including 4 boundaries, one of which was a maximum. Eventually Owens struck a lusty blow skywards if memory/guesswork serves ( or top-edged a dolly? – ed’) and was caught in the 11th over on 23.
Young Quasimodo meanwhile had been playing the sensible long game, carefully accumulating 1’s and 2’s and keeping his head. However, Rhys is a simple soul and easily led, and having just watched RO’s demise, Rhys decided he too would have a thrash and also get caught out, also on 23. Also to the same catcher, in the same over.

All part of the plan of course, as with only 9 overs left it was time to put Skipper’s brilliant decision making into action. No. 4 batter, promoted up the order at last, was yours truly. Mr S O’Reilly, quickly joined by the youthful Mr Mhatre. This pair looked like the ‘real deal’, and sure enough there were fireworks from the off, O’Reilly striking a four of his first and third ball faced, and inspiring the young ingenue at the other end to also keep up the pace. The next few overs are a bit of a blur, but the supportive cheers ( jeering and gales of laughter? -ed’) of the ever supportive casuals kept up the spirits as O’Reilly and Mhatre set about creating a demanding target for the increasingly disheartened oppo’. The youngster (Nirnay, not Steve’O – ed’) was inspired by his magnificent batting partner and – keen not to get run out perhaps - decided boundaries were a great idea, scoring seven 4’s and two maximums in a terrific display that saw him retire on 51, having hit 4,6,4,6 as his departing 4 whacks.

This brought in Skipper Luvvers, who now had little time left to work with, so set about scoring 13 quickly off four deliveries (4,2,6,1) before being caught. O’Reilly never looked like getting out ( ! ) and as Pat Dean joined in for the last over, scoring a single, not out, O’Reilly left the field modestly taking the applause for his 33 N.O. ( including six 4’s) in his usual quiet manner. Day, Prior, Warren and Thomas were left to warm up for their bowling, without troubling the pads.
Cardiff Casuals 159 runs off the bat off 20 overs for 4 ( +1 retired), 2 leg byes, 12 wides, 2 no balls. TOTAL 175

Hodkinson Run out 16
Davies Caught 23
Owens Caught 23
O’Reilly Not Out 33
Mhatre Retired 51
Loveridge Caught 13
Dean Not Out 1
Prior DNB
Warren DNB
Thomas DNB

The book is very, very badly kept for the 2nd innings, so much of this is guess work. Their total is up for debate and there are several choices …. Anyway… it also looks like they only had 7 batters, but others may have better recall.

Our bowlers, having had a rest for the first half, set about the fray with enormous gusto ( sp. -enormous guts? -ed’).
As far as I can read … this is what happened

1 .J- Sinclair 2/4/? out ct Loveridge, Bowler Thomas
2 T. Talukdor ? 41 OUT STUMPED Hodkinson, Bowler Dean (shurely shome mishtake… etc -Ed’)
3 Jasim 15 OUT BOWLED, Bowler Warren
4 Mallick 0 RUN OUT Loveridge, (bowler unknown)
5 R. Powling 7 OUT LBW , Bowler Thomas
6 Amlan 4 OUT LBW, Bowler Prior

G Day 3 overs 14 runs 0 wickets
D. Thomas 3.2 over 12 runs 2 wickets
P Dean 3 overs 23 runs 1 wickets
L WARREN 3 overs 28 runs 0 wickets
PRIOR 2 overs 16 runs 1 wickets
DAVIES 1 over 8 runs 0 wickets
1 bye and 10 wides ( yes, that’s 112, don’t ask me why)

So, in the end they didn’t score enough, but they claimed 104 in the runs total, whilst the batting total added up to 85, plus whatever the opener scored which looks like 2 or 4, ( but they seem to have got Bat *1 and *2 confused) so maybe 89, plus the 11 extras…. Your guess is as good as mine.

and they were all done by the 15th over I think, although maybe they just stopped writing in the book ….

still, we won!




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