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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 25 June 2023 @ The Common (Skipper Luvvers, report Pablo)

The Casuals ascended to the blissful Dinas Powys greenery on a bight sunny day with a slight breeze, or so we thought, as Rob and I turned the corner to the car park we spied a sand coloured dust bowl where the ground used to be and upon arrival I walked out to look at the pitch and nearly got blown over by the force 8 gale which was to howl all day.

There was some conjecture about starting time, but I will others squabble about that (Steve), most of us got there on time, Foxy arrived twice, firstly to park his car on the roadside which he deemed was far too precarious due to the short boundary, so he arrived again at the car park behind the clubhouse, safe? Surely.

I don’t know who won the toss, but my feeling was both teams were quite happy that we batted first with Handsome Steve Biggs and Jim to open the innings. I umpired with Dave White for the first 20 overs. The clouds rolled in and it even spotted with rain for a moment or two and it got rather chilly for about 40 minutes.

Dinas did not have the strongest side I have ever seen and their opening bowler from the bottom end bowled half trackers that Jim took a liking too, swatting them away for quite a few 4’s. Steve was steadier but playing very well both contending well with some very variable bounce on the odd occasion that the bowlers put it where they wanted it to go.
The first thing of real note was the LBW shout at Dave’s end off the first change bowler, I was at square leg and heard a particularly woody sound which led me to say to square leg “apart from the fact he hit it, it may have been close” only to look up to see Dave’s finger pointing skywards.

It was very windy and I can see how Dave didn’t hear it but it was bloody obvious to me and quite a few other fielders that Jim had hit it, Jim actually restrained himself quite well I thought and mentioned to Dave that he hit it as he was walking off muttering to himself as he stalked off only to be recalled by the opposition captain as he was about 20 yards from the clubhouse. Common sense prevailed; I think.

Just after this Steve had his first life, dropped in a circus like fashion at mid-wicket, he was to be given two more lives during his innings. The opening partnership ended in the 13th over when Jim went for a shot that he had successfully completed before but got a top edge too, it held up in the wind and he was caught for 39 at mid on, a good catch in the swirling gale.

The skipper joined handsome Steve for a great partnership of 133, of which Gaz made 87 including five 6’s and nine 4’s, a very entertaining knock, rightly dispatching some not very good bowling into various roads, carparks and fields scattered around Dinas. Narrowly missing Dave White’s magnet, oh sorry car and the aforementioned Foxy mobile which had been moved to a safer location only to be missed by a matter of feet by the first six bowled by a the tall leg spinner.
Gaz eventually holed out at very deep mid-wicket which was a bit of a surprise because we all thought he had hit it well, but it may well have caught a gust of wind and held up.

191 for 2 in the 30th over, Whilst the skip went mad at one end Steve had played very well and was on 55 when Gaz departed, playing very sensibly with a wide array of shots, his innings contained eleven 4’s by the time he was out in the 36th over having accelerated after getting to 50 making a fine 80, he had been dropped twice more but they were difficult chances which would have been well held if they were taken. Good innings handsome Steve. The other Steve had arrived on the skippers departure, it didn’t go that well for him to be fair, the pitch at Dinas has exactly the wrong dimensions for him, the straight boundaries are long and the square ones short, not suiting the “shot” as we all know it, so the ones he did connect with (and there were not that many” went for singles, eleven of them along with one 4 and two 2’s ending 19 not out off the 10 overs he was in. There were a few bat throwing situations, and many get on with it’s from the boundary as he himself had opined when waiting to go in.

So, in the 36th over when Handsome Steve was out caught (I can’t remember where or how I am sorry) we had reached 238 bringing Robbie (AKA Rupert, an army thing I am assured) to the middle to join Steve. In his less than four overs he managed 18 runs before falling to the last ball of the innings bowled having a go at one, with three 4’s.
Steve 19 not out, 10 overs. Rupert 18, 4 overs !!!! I will leave conclusions up to the reader as far as that is concerned.
Cardiff Casuals 265 for 3 off the 40 overs.

Tea was self-provided as is the norm, a shame as the Dinas Tea’s used to be excellent with a fine selection of sandwiches, cakes and beverages from memory, alas I think such days are over now.

The Dinas Powys innings was over within 22 overs and just over 90 minutes and we were all done by 5.45 thank God, the wind was horrendous to bowl into and Cheese, me and Robbie found that out pretty quickly. The bowling with the wind was opened by Rob, hurrying through his overs as best as he could hauling in three wickets as he went, the first was LBW, after another shout had gone by which may have been even more out, then Luvvers caught a slip catch, you have to be in it to win it Will, and a clean bowled with the batter swiping across a straight one.

Meanwhile, Cheese was struggling up hill against the wind and being quite unlucky he bowled well for his 5 overs conceding 18 in trying bowling conditions, Rob’s 5 went for 6, a great effort by him. Dave White bowled next with the gale and was unlucky in getting no return in his 5 over spell for 14 runs after beating the highest scorer on numerous occasions.

I bowled my assorted stuff into the gale at the other end, bowling two and another slip catch for the skip (sorry Will) ending on 5 overs 3 for 28 having been spanked for a huge 6 and a few 4’s. The last bowling partnership was Ross, or “sticky” as he will now be known and Robbie. I have no Idea where sticky came from, I missed that, it may be because he keeps taking wickets whenever he bowls, I don’t know, anyway, he got the batter who looked like he could play caught at cover by the skip, 3 catches and 87, a good day out for him. His other wicket was bowled, a decent ball to be fair leaving Ross’ figures as 2 overs 2 for 16. Robbie bowled 8 balls into the wind, getting 2 wickets as well, one caught at cover by handsome Steve, which was a bit of a dolly which he made look a tad difficult and the last wicket bowled.
Dinas Powys, all out for 90 in the 22nd over.

Pub, drink, shower, home in that over, I was home to see Cat Stevens at Glastonbury, easily the low point of my day.
Last edited by Paul on 26 Jun 2023 05:27 pm, edited 1 time in total.



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