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Match Report vs Wick 04 June 2023 @ Wick (Skipper Luvvers, report Dan)

The Cazh turned up in their various drips and drabs to the village of Wick on once again a fabulous sunny and warm summers day. The wicket was looking good, the outfield was more field like with a good variety of daisies, dandelions and butter cups.

The teams got changed and skipper Luvvers lost the toss but we were asked to bat – which turned out well. Luvvers and Alex opened up on a track with undulations similar to mowed golf fairway and some variable bounce. The tall chap from the scorers end got in the most part quite a bit of bounce with the except of 1 that skittled along the ground. The batters were watchful and hit the bad ball (a few no balls) and defended the good ones. The opener from the far end got the ball to swing in with the wind and down the slope – some excellent deliveries mixed in with some wayward ones. Luvvers helped one around the corner – with one bounce on the road into the open garage of one of the neighbouring residents – fortunately somehow missing the car parked outside (and that was thankfully the only ball to potentially cause any angst from the locals during the day…there were a few hit down the adjacent roads). The first wicket to be lost was Luvvers to the swingy bowler, luvvers did well to get a nick caught by the keeper. 48-1 off 8. Will next in and he and Alex continued in the same vein.

After the 12 over both opening bowlers were replaced by slower bowlers – who were just as difficult to get away. Alex was next out with the score on 82 in the 14th caught bringing Jack in. Nothing really of note happened over the next few overs – Will pushed boundaries through both Jim and Pat who at different times had been fielding for the oppos as down to 10. Will was out prematurely not giving enough welly to one that deserved some welly and was caught at mid-on. Steveo came and went in 5 deliveries for 5 (not sure who won that one – think Rob usually bets on 5 – but might have been umpiring). Nirnay joined Jack in the 19th and both continued to drinks at 30 overs. During that time, Shagger on the sidelines kept the Cazh spectators filled with savoury snacks that appeared from his bag – with varying degreed of “in-date-ness” – I say in date – none were in date. The bridge too far was the honey coated cashews – best before june 2019 – not so nice, but the rest were eaten. Foxy who came to watch was not allowed to eat any of them just in case.

After drinks both tried to up the run rate – Nirnay scoring a few boundaries before not quite getting hold of all of one and being well caught at long-on – putting the end to some quality (silent) calling – or hope that their partner got to the other end. Jack was out stumped with the score ticking to 200 in the 37th over.

Jim, then Rob, then Paul and Dan got to the middle with the Cazh trying to get to 220. Jim’s cameo put on 16 before being bowled, Rob and Paul tried to push the singles until Paul was run out and Dan stood at the other end for the last 2 balls with Rob hitting a 6 off the last ball. 224-8 off 40.
The bring your own tea was taken on the sidelines, with added bonus of homemade Victoria sponge and brownies made by Will’s mum – they were bloody gorgeous.

Dan and Alex opened the bowling. Both started ok and got better. Disaster struck in the 3rd over – The opening bat connecting well with one of Dan’s deliveries and hit through cover where Jack was fielding – getting his hand on it – instantly wishing he hadn’t – and although saving the boundary/ not taking the catch – he had (as it turned out later after a trip to Bridgend A&E) dislocated and broke his thumb. So Jack spent the rest of the game on the sidelines with the oppo spectators hunting down a potential doctor in the village to ‘pop it back in’ …the prime location for this search focused on the pub.
Wick provided super sub Kenny to field for us and 2 overs later the opener hit it straight at him but Kenny couldn’t hold on to the skier. Dan bowled him in the 9th. The other chance the opener gave was a potential sharp chance at backward point but Dan couldn’t cling on with his left hand.

The next spell put the match to bed. The formidable partnership of Pablo and the Terrier (Pat). Paul and his bag of tricks kept the batsmen (and everyone else) guessing – but his 3rd over enticed the batter to chip one to Alex at mid-wicket. 53-2- 14 overs. The collapse had started. Pat got the oppo skipper lbw as it drifted slowly across the stumps. The prize wicket of the solid looking chap that had been drafted in last minute into the Wick side – done by the distinct lack of pace - out first ball as he chipped it back to Pat. Hattrick ball was defended by the swing bowler. Next over he bowled the switch hitter Kenny in a) the earliest premeditated shot I’ve ever seen and b) the slowest delivery to actually reach the other end. 2 overs later Paul bowled another and Pat had another caught by Rob. Steveo was given the chance to bowl and got 1 wicket for 0 – the only downside for Steveo – it was caught by Will at cover – to the groan of Steveo – which somewhat baffled the oppo. Wick all out for 75 0ff 21.4 overs.

It was quite fortunate the game didn't go the distance - as it was, we finished at 7. Jack's girlfriend showed up to take him off to hospital (leaving Steveo drive his car back…). The rest of the Cazh went to the pub for a swift half before making our way home. Officially now a streak…



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