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Match Report vs Cardiff Indians 25/05/23 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Luvvers, report Rhys)

A gorgeous almost-summer eve awaited us as The Cazh aimed to continue their decent start to the season with a win over The Cardiff Indians at Wenvoe International Cricket Ground.
Captain Luvvers - fresh off a restful week of 2 rounds of golf and a game of cricket - was called up to replace Dave W at short notice. The leg injury certainly isn’t preventing our skipper’s ‘tossing’ ability, and another win with the coin meant Alex & Rhys were padding up to take advantage of a nice dry Wenvoe wicket (for once…!)

Some well-placed singles, coupled with the usual quick running from the pair got The Cazh off to a decent start; with 40 runs coming from the first 5 overs. Including our only SIX of the day when a quick leg bye turned into 5 more, with the first of many ‘buzzers’ from our opposition.
The partnership of 66 was ended when Rhys came down the track to a wider, shorter delivery; missing, and being bowled off his pads. To quote a Steve-O phrase from the second innings, “Great idea, shit execution”.

This brought Jack to the crease, and he continued in the same vein – picking up singles and progressing the score along nicely. The Cazh passing 100 in the 12th over. The pair were assisted with some more fielding errors which included FIVE penalty runs after the ball struck the keeper’s helmet.
Alex raced on to 47 before a sequence of better bowling meant the run rate slowed temporarily. Cazh 133-1 off 16, still a great position to push on the last 4 overs. Rob came to the crease once Alex finally crossed the line for an excellent 53*.

Jack knew The Cazh had some good batting left in reserve (plus Steve-O) so upped a gear and swung for a few. A great square drive followed by a cover drive (see video on WhatsApp) were consolidated by some good length deliveries which were proving difficult to hit. Jack was finally dismissed by a great catch at Deep Cover, the catcher overcoming the low sun in his eyes to parry the ball up and take the rebound. (See the second video on WhatsApp!)

Steve-O waltzed to the crease, and true to form attempted to take guard despite being at the non-striker’s end. When he finally got on strike, a beautiful cover drive (read: smash) was enough to take his strike-rate above 100 when he was finally bowled (after facing 5 balls for the bettors amongst you).

Rob was joined at the crease by Luvvers who aimed to deal in boundaries only due to his injury. A quickish single off his first ball wasn’t in the plan – but it did mean the score ticked past 160 with some decent ‘death’ bowling restricting The Cazh to 5/6 an over at the end.
A cracking effort and an above par score of 161 to defend. Helped by the second highest scorer of the day, our friend Mr X. Tras (39).

A HEATH 53 ret.

After a slow innings turnaround, The Cazh opened with the usual Lewis/Day pairing - the first couple of overs were low scoring with Goff picking up a wicket maiden - bringing their best batsman to the crease. Batsman 1 was quick to score 10 from Dan’s second over before getting dismissed – holing one out to Alex at cover. Cardiff Indians 12-2 and it looked like we could be in for a quick finish.

Their number 3 was keen to prove us wrong however, as he continued to push a few boundaries here and there, keeping the score ticking along, albeit behind the required run rate of ~8. Dan skittled their number 4 batsman and after four overs each from our openers the score looked good from our perspective: 46-3 (compared to Cazh’s 67-1).

First change brought DT to the crease and after a few boundary ‘looseners’, he managed to find that difficult length to bat against. At the other end Maxi was finding the length more difficult to nail down and a few overs went for 10+ runs after some well-timed hooks and cuts from their #3 aided by some uncharacteristic fielding errors from our opening batters!

Maxi’s persistence was rewarded however with a strange dismissal, after #3 batsman was caught from a no-ball. For some reason their #5 had joined him at the striker’s end – presumably to have a chat about the nice weather we were having – and after realising the umpire had given a no-ball, Maxi ran him out with a bit of ‘coaxing’ from the rest of the team!

With a new batsman walking to the crease, Steve-O was quick to tell DT that he was bowling against a left hander and to go round the wicket. Great advice, apart from one minor issue: the batter was right-handed. And easy mistake to make… Cue DT bowling three wides before realising his biggest mistake of all: trusting Steve-O. A quick glance at the batter’s stance was enough for DT to come back over the wicket and dismiss the newcomer with the first legal ball of the over. Caught in extra cover by Rhys.

With 16 overs down the score was 110-5. A required run rate of 13 an over seemingly out of reach for our opposition.

Steve-O and Rob saw off the last 4 overs with no real danger of us losing the match, especially after batsman #3 retired on the same score as Alex. Steve-O was particularly miserly in his bowling, conceding only singles as the opposition struggled to get the ball off the square. Rob plugged away in the usual fashion but was rather surprised when a wide was called against him despite the ball being no more than a foot away from off stump! He needn’t have worried, as Jim was there to produce a stumping from the very next ball.

The final ball of the innings produced a carbon copy stumping for Rob with neat glovework behind the sticks. 141-7 was a decent effort by our opposition, but they never really looked like getting there.

D LEWIS 4-0-21-2
G DAY 4-1-22-1
D THOMAS 4-0-22-1
M CULLEN 4-0-42-0
S O’REILLY 2-0-9-0
R OWENS 2-0-23-2



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