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Match Report vs Mitres 13 July 2022 @ Cathedral School (Skipper Richie, report Jim)

Thanks to Shakey’s extensive collection of porn, readily available on the Casuals website, it is possible to complete a review of Cazh fixtures played on the 13th day of the 7th month of each year. Having reviewed the data available, it’s fair to say that this date, and the Casuals, have a fairly mixed, to underwhelming, relationship.

After their formation in 1993, it was not until 1997 that the Casuals played their first ever 13th July fixture. The Cazh welcomed Bedwas to St Mellons and, thanks to 3 for 11 and a score of 32 from Winky, took the win in a friendly match. No organised fixture in 1998 and an abandonment against South Wales Echo in 1999 meant that the Cazh would have to wait until the turn of the millennium to play on 13th July again.

In fact, 2004 would be the next 13th July fixture for Cardiff Casuals, following cancelled fixtures in 2000 and 2003, against Penarth and Newbridge respectively, and no organised fixture in 2001 and 2002. The 2004 fixture, against South Glam at Cathedral School, saw the Casuals defend a small total of 90, by bowling out the opposition for 37! Perhaps more entertaining, though, is the tail that Steveo required the use of crutches, after stopping a certain 4 with his foot!

Jumping ahead to 2006, the Casuals lost their first 13th July fixture, a league fixture against Rhiwbina that ended in a 6-wicket defeat. Reading the report, it seems that a player called Dan (Lewis, or someone else?) was responsible for running out 4 of his team mates – a fitting performance for a Casual!

Next is a 2008 fixture against South Wales Sri Lankans. Evidently, Wenvoe was in fine form for this fixture, with Sri Lankans only managing 118 in 40 overs, and the Cazh failing to chase that down. Indeed, the Cazh also appeared to be in fine form, collapsing from 59-1 to 77-7 during the chase – Johnny F was a happy skipper that day…

A fixture against British Airways in 2009, and one against Eclipse in 2010 (the 750th scheduled Casuals game!), were cancelled, before a series three years of no fixtures organised on this date, the next occasion was the 2014 fixture against Clytha at Llanarth. With the 2014 World Cup final on this date, perhaps the most significant aspect of this game was tea being held at the end of the game, rather than between innings – some Casuals must have been wasting away by that point! Anyway, the Cazh made a small target of 133 difficult to chase (shock), but managed to take the win!

After a break in 2015, the seasons of 2016 and 2017 saw consecutive fixtures on 13th July. Both held at Wenvoe, both played against the Willow League’s friendliest team, both ending in defeat. Reviewing the history of this date, the Casuals had played 7 games on 13th July, winning 3 and losing 4, with 6 abandoned or cancelled, including a 2021 fixture against Kamikaze. Not the most favourable of days for the club, then.

It is at this point where, if you’ve bothered to keep reading and not fallen asleep, you might be expecting a detailed account of the 2022 season’s 13th July fixture against The Mitres, played at Cathedral School. Well, prepare to be disappointed (or relieved that you don’t have much more to read).

The Mitres won the toss and chose to field. The Casuals didn’t lose many wickets, but missed out on runs, finishing on 114-4 off 20 overs. The Mitres, in the true spirit of a friendly fixture, chased the total in 14.1 overs, largely by charging down the wicket to hit the ball back overs the bowlers’ heads.

Casuals Batting:

Rhys ct19
Bryn ct5
Alex H ct29
Ram ro28
Richie no11

DNB: James, Shakey, Dan, Rob, Steveo, Jack S

Casuals Bowling:

Jack 2-0-25-0
Dan 4-0-21-0
Shakey 4-0-32-1
Steveo 3-0-22-1
Rob 1.2-0-12-1

Catches: Dan, Rhys, Alex

The Cazh visited the Butcher’s Arms in Llandaff following the game, but even this wasn’t up to standards. Mixed atmosphere in the garden, minimal snack offerings and Shakey being served a pint of dregs from a barrel of beer.

Perhaps we need to avoid 13th July for fixtures in the future!




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