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Match Report vs Whitchurch Heath 12 June 2022 @ Whitchurch Hospital (Skipper Richie, report Cheese)

Second time at the Hospital for the season though Whitchurch didn't remember. Steve B was keen to listen TMS without the chatter of the family in the background so had told them it was a 12:30 start. What this really meant is that he had longer salivating over the footballers BBQ than the rest of us.

On to the cricket Richie won the toss and decided to bat, then spent the next 10 minutes conceiving someone to partner Steve B to open. After a couple than less than positive responses, Shakey gave the Captain salve to his first headache of the day and set out to open the innings.

The wicket looked like rolled straw and the out field like a billiard table; after the first over maiden, Shakey received to long hops outside the off, the first was watched and the second was dabbed though with timing and the pace of the outfield the ball flew to the rope and thus set the story of the day that anything remotely hitting the centre of the bat was a boundary.

Unfortunately Shakey tried to emulate his first shot with the fourth ball of the over and was well caught at point. In came WMW and with Steve started to build a partnership with singles and two's were taken though runs were scored predominately in boundaries.

The next 15 overs were a welcome distraction from the smells of the bbq with the partnership reaching 50 and closing in on 100. Though with drinks arriving at 20 overs, suggestions started to gather pace that either the heat was getting to WMW or the recent addition to the cazh glossary of the term "Wilked" was. Either way in four of the next five overs something strange happen, WMW took two off the last ball or called Steve through for a single from the non striker ends. This in turn started the discussion on the side-lines as to the name for this action the final two suggestions were reserve srining or to Wilk ones self, either way drinks were taken with the cazh on a very health 96 with Steve plundering a consecutive 4 then 6 just before.

After drinks are always a difficult time for a cazh batsmen and the run rate dropped though the 100 partnership was reached but with Steve eyeing up his 50 he tried to break free of the shackles and was caught at mid off by the 1st captain who had smashed his Lunch to make up the numbers.

Cheese joined WMW who had achieved yet another half century for the cazh and conversation was about getting as many as they could with a target of 220 in mind. With the outfield seemingly getting faster and faster 5 an over was a bare minimum. Cheese struggled getting the ball away early doors so the scoring was down WMW who finally holed out keeping the scoring going. This left the cazh on 146 after 31 overs with the target of 220 looking out of reach.
Steve-O came and went for a golden leaving Richie to pick up the pieces of the innings. The last 8 overs was very much a scramble for runs with Richie, Cheese and Jim losing their wickets trying to hit the ball out of the park. To be fair Richie was unlucky to be given out lbw, though from the non strikers end I though it was out but on a less friendly day he may have survived. Jim played some lovely on drives but didn't really have time to get his innings going.

The cazh innings closed on 209 for 7 slightly below par but still a competitive total.

S. Biggs - caught; 45 (1x6)
M. Stephens - caught; 4
W. Mason-Wilkes - caught; 69
E. Stewart - caught: 41
S. O'reilly - bowled; 0
R. Holliday- lbw; 5
J. Hodkinson - bowled; 13
P. Dean - not out; 1
R. Owens - not out; 1

Tea was a bring your own, enjoyed by the team and Britpop & Foxy who came along to support.

With many cazh heaving themselves to the feet to begin the second innings, it was no real surprise to see the 1st captain to open up the innings.
Wickets were the aim of the game for the cazh as defending 5.2 an over with the glass outfield was unrealistic. Though keeping it tight a climbing run rate would give us more opportunities
To that end Richie opened up with Goff & Obee, after two overs of tight bowling with no boundary the openers already looked itchy. Goffy took the first wicket with one cutting back through the gate and taking the leg stump. With the score 9-1 off 5 overs, Obee took some tap in the 6 over and was unlucky for the aerial shots to go to hand. This over took the handbrake off some what with Whitchurch trying to regain some of the ground they lost at the start of the innings. Although the partnership was only 3 overs old, it felt like it was a partnership the needed to be broken. Up step Goffy to remove the 1st captain for 3, at this point he taken away the 'thanks for coming award' from Steve-o but there was still time.

The 1st change came on as a partnership of Rob & Patrick, with new pair getting to grips with the unforgiving nature of the track the runs started to flow easily. After 14 overs the score was 62-2 with the feeling again that we needed a wicket to get on top. Rob had now found line and length and strung 4 dot balls together and the oppo no.3 looking for a release shot creamed an off wide drive but straight at Steve B would took a great catch at a difficult height. Another wicket just when we needed it leaving the oppo just before tea 104-3 ahead of us on runs but two wickets more down.
Patrick had taken some tap in his overs but had kept plunging away with a length that was drawing the oppo out of their crease. Then with penultimate ball of his spell he floated one past the flaying no.4 and Jim taking the bails off in one smooth motion. Now with all friendly games lbw and stumpings are as rare as rocking horse shit but the oppo umpire gave it and fair play to him. (Britpop who was watching from deep point gave it out but it was close.)

So 104-3 went to 104-4 and I think the cazh was just in the lead but 106 off 20 with 6 wickets in the hutch and a glass outfield it was by no means a given. Cheese & Steve-o were the next pair up both praising Patrick for the wicket just both tea. Steve-o bowled well and kept his end tight with a nagging line and varying the length as to not allow the batsmen to settle culminating in not conceeding a boundary in his spell which was no mean feat. Cheese did a similar job but with a different technique which was to chuck down a chest high full toss every now and again to keep the batsmen hoping. Although the required run rate had climbed during these overs not wickets were taken and the calculation had move on 76 off 12 with 6 wickets in hand.

Richie looking for wickets brought on his premier pair in tandem to break the partnership Goffy and Shakey were given the task of taking wickets. The plan only need 13 balls to work with Goffy castling another Whitchurch batsmen. At this stage with the required run rate had risen 10 an over although not over the cazh felt in control. 4 overs later this feeling had dissipated some what with the oppo keeping up with the run rate. With two overs to go we needed something to change the course of the game, up stepped the Captain, charging in from mid-on an one-handed pick up and throw with Steve B gathering and removing the bails, a badly needed wicket. 11 balls remaining 23 to get.

With WMW bowling the last over and looking for 15 runs, Steve had a charge to only concede 8 runs from the remaining 5 balls. The target was achieved with aplomb, bowling the new batsmen and only conceding 3 runs.

WMW started the last over with 20 runs to play with but the old gnarled batsmen on strike who had kept Whitchurch in the game. WMW took a wicket on his third ball with the in batsmen skiing one straight up. Now in normal circumstances the catch would have been regulation for the keeper and had Steve-o had the gloves he might not have ceded but Jim graciously gave up the chance when he saw the stampeding WMW come down the track to claim the catch to win the game.

Cazh win by 20 runs with contributions from all. Well Done Richie.

Off to the pub for limited buffet and Goff to palm off some crown paints polo shirts on us.

G Day 8-1-22-3
P Obee 5-0-20-0
R Owens 5-0-19-1
P Dean 5-0-38-1
E Stewart 4-0-14-0
S O'reilly 4-0-16-0
M Stephens 4-0-30-0
S Biggs 3-0-21-1
W Mason-Wilkes 2-0-14-1


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