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Match Report vs Barry West End 22 May 2022 @ The Island (Skipper Richie, report Rob)

The Cazh headed to the Island for the first time since 2019. Except that’s not quite true. Last year an eager bregande of Casuals arrived at the ground just as the skies opened. The day wasn’t wasted, some would say it was significantly improved, as we ended up at the Westies where we ate all their sandwiches and loads of crips. A perfect day.

Back to 2022. After the usual late arrivals, we noticed that some kind soul had cut a strip in the middle of the vast expanse rather than the usual strip towards the far side. They’d also pushed the boundary back even further than normal. Sadists! Result = instead of the usual one sided gigantic boundary, we had two enormous boundaries but only one Luvvers to cover the vast expanse.

Skipper Richie won the first Cazh toss of the season and put us in. Luvvers and SteveO opening: a good mix of ability and experience (insert your favourite jokes here).

Luvvers was playing within himself, playing the Shaky dab and rotating things as the bright pink Dukes was doing a bit. The pitch looked uneven and this proved to be true as we progressed, so a solid and steady start was wise. Steve was swiping away at the other end. The feet were moving (for a change) but they were in the air rather than the orthodox forwards and backwards, leading to a bizarre Brian Lara comparison from the idiot writing this report.

The pair stayed together until the 9th over (or Steves 26th delivery, Bingo fans), when a loopy flighty thing deceived him, playing round one that bowled him, bringing ‘6th Ball Will’ to the crease. He looked a bit out of sorts, but very determined to hang about. The bowling throughout had been very tight, and this continued through the regular bowling changes. He offered several difficult chances to the bowler and slip, but the ball kept vanishing in to the large outfield.

Off the field, Steve had decided to cheer himself up and headed off to the tactically placed burger van at cow corner. Their scorer (drinking his 5th IPA) kindly pointed out:
It’s the first time Steve had moved his feet all day.
Everyone in the queue seemed to know each other, but we weren’t sure if they were neighbours or had waited so long that they’d become friends. At the third request, and after a lot of swearing and muttering, the burger was put on the grill, and (eventually) looked amazing.

Luvvers passed 50, working well with Will. They put on 99 before Luvvers cut one to ‘fly-slip’. Will fell in the next over, caught at mid-off just shy of his 50. 123/3 with 10 overs left. Would we pile on the runs? No. The bowling at the one end improved, leaving Rich (bowled off a slower one for 6), Bryn (18 not out on debut) and Rob (4 not out) to scratch about, finishing on 152/4. Solid but probably 30 runs light?

Walking off the field, the oppo were congratulating themselves on their best bowling and fielding display they could remember, so that puts things in perspective.

G. Loveridge – 55 Ct
S. O’Reilly – 7 Bowled
W. Mason-Wilkes – 48 Ct
B. Wilkes – 18 not out
R. Holliday – 6 Bowled
R. Owens – 4 not out
G. Day DNB
Teja DNB
M. Stephens DNB
P. Stephens DNB
J. Prior DNB

Rather stuffed, the Cazh took to the field. Skipper Rich followed a similar approach to the West End with each bowler getting 5 overs to start. We started as they started - Goffy and Shakes bowled 10 very tight overs (27/0) with Luvvers and Teja (on debut) taking over. In his second over, Shakes took a good catch at mid-off from Teja. 46/1.

West End pootled about until the 16th when the new batsmen realised he was late for a pool tournament, as this is when the game changed. The wicket was still hard to play, but anything and everything was swiped at, with the run rate increasing. Chances were there but they went over people or didn’t stick. 70/1 at drinks.

Rob and Foxy took over, both getting some tap by Hurricane Higgins. In the 27th their opener smashed one back at Rob who caught it off the ankles in an act of self-defence / no time to evade. In his next over a simpler C&B chance was taken (after being hit for 6 in to a tree) with the batter happy to be running off to play pool. 119/3.

The game was up, but we plugged away, dreaming of sandwiches and crisps. Pabs coming on for Foxy. He picked up the new batsmen in his 4th over with Will taking a good stumping. 142/4.

They rattled off the last of the runs quickly, taking a shining to Goffs bowling in particular which seemed harsh after his opening spell excellence.

A respectable defeat. We never got going on a difficult surface but they bowled and fielded very well.
G. Day 6.4 – 1 – 32 – 0
M. Stephens 5 – 1 – 12 – 0
G. Loveridge 5 – 1 -28 – 0
Teja 5 – 1 – 15 – 1
R. Owens 5 – 0 – 27 - 2
J. Prior 2 – 0 – 12 - 0
P. Stephens 4 – 0 – 23 – 1
Catches: Rob x 2, Shakes.
Stumping: Will


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