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Match Report vs Medics 19 May 2022 @ Llandadd fields (Skipper Richie, report DT)

It is often said by Captains, vice-captains and others (including this author), that the best time to right a match report is immediately, or no more than a few days, after the game, to ensure all salient points and humorous incidents are fresh in the mind and a true record of the match can be recorded rather than made up bullshit.

This was the first game of the season at Llandaf fields and much debate preceded the game as to where this was and the location of the pitch within the field, in the vain of the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on first base” sketch. (To anyone younger than Foxy, who I think worked with their grandfather’s, Abbot and Costello were a double act from the olden days). We also learned Steve’s made up names for places, which perhaps explains his inability to find anywhere!

Any who! To the game. Once all players had found the pitch, Richie, I assume, lost the toss and the Medics chose to bat first. Note: all fall of wicket totals are estimated as not recorded in the book

Before I write a more in depth analysis of the proceedings, I must first point out the most important (some may say monumental aspects of the game), which was of course the innings of DT! A glorious innings of 5 crowned with a magestic boundary, an innings tragically cut short by the poor calling of his batting partner.

I get to write this report due to “over celebrating”, (was unaware that was a thing), when taking the first wicket of the match, this occurred in the 2nd over (11-1). The outgoing batsman was apparently “handy” so hopes were high. However, as it turned out he wasn’t the only one. The next wicket to fall was taken by Goff (48-2). Before the next wicket fell the other opener had retired on 50. DW and Maxy took over bowling duties. Rob replaced DW after 2 overs taking 2 wickets in 15th (115-4) one LBW (with that batsman on 49) and one caught by Goff. DW replaced Maxy to finish his overs taking a wicket in the 16th over, caught by Alex H (119-5). A second wicket is recorded in this over but either this on or one of Robs was recorded as a run out, I am sure they will know how many they took.

Medics finished on 161-6

Goff 4-0-1-18

DT. 4-0-1-43

DW. 4-0-1/2-35

Maxy 4-0-0-38?

Rob. 4-0-1/2-28

Apart from a sterling effort from Alex H. (27) and the aforementioned performance by DT there is little of note to report of the Casuals response with Rob the only other player to reach double figures (13 no). That being, said the Medics did bowl very well with some unplayable leg spin being the downfall of many of the Casuals. This innings did however see the return of “umpirecam”. A welcome return, unless it made the look like a twat, and great addition for the casuals archive

Steveo 5

Alex H 27

Jack. 1

Richie 0

Pat. 6

Jim. 0

Rob. 13 NO

Maxy. 0

Goff. 1

DW. 1

DT. 5

Extras 41!!!!!!!

The Casuals then retired to the Halfway to watch the results of umpirecam



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