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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 12 Sept 2021 @ Hayes Point (Skipper Rob, report Kim)

When did I volunteered to write this match report! Anyway, we arrived at overcast Hayes Point for another match against our good old foes Barry Wanderers. On arrival I noticed our skipper was in a deep conversation with theirs and it turned out they had even fewer players than we did. We had 10 [Jimbo to arrive later] and they only had 6.

For this reason it was agreed they will bat first and depending on the game situation could bat twice. Lovers and DT opened the bowling and fair to say their opener Neil took a liking to Lovers’ short stuff as they raced to 40-0 after 6 overs. Lovers then bowled a full out swinger which Neil obliged with a lovely looking cover drive. Unfortunately for the batsmen it took the edge and went towards the second slip region towards the Casual’s best fieldsman (ahem) who took the catch low down. It was at this point, as my reward that I was asked to do the match report [very harsh]!
Alex and Pabs were next to bowl. Now the next catch ended up being a wonderful one handed grab by our skipper but it really should have been a regulation catch. Alex bowled and the batsman skied it to mid-off. We all watched the ball and as the ball was coming back down our captain realised there was a game of cricket happening, saw the ball coming down, went around in a big circle, stuck his hand out and miraculously caught the ball.

Alex soon bagged another, the batsman cut the ball to gully and once again, unfortunately for him, found the Casual’s best fieldsman who dived left to take a brilliant one handed catch inches from the ground. Before long, Alex had his third wicket, as the batsman scooped a catch to Lovers at cover point whom moments earlier felt left out and said, ‘I want play’.

Pabs also got a wicket with another catch to Lovers this time at cow corner. At the halfway of their innings Barry Wanderers were 111-5. What was more remarkable were that all 5 chances given were taken. Could this be sustained?

It was Foxy to bowl the first over after drinks and lord and behold another chance this time to mid wicket where SteveO was stationary. After muttering constantly about catching up with Dan on number of catches, a chance presented itself and to everyone surprise, SteveO included he took the catch. I think at this point they have run out of batsmen so the batsman who was caught remained at the crease.

This was followed by two caught and bowl, one to Tim and the other to the skipper. In total there were 8 catches and 1 bowled (also to Tim). Barry Wanderers ended on 201-9 off their 40 overs.
Lovers 6-0-44-1
DT 6-2-25-0
Alex 4-0-22-3
Pabs 6-0-21-1
Tim 4-1-10-2
Foxy 4-0-21-1
And a few part timers

During now the normal BYO tea one of their players bought over two containers of goodies of the sweet variety which was greedily accepted by all the Casuals. It was raised whilst we all stuffing our faces whether this was a ploy!

Anyway, on to the batting. My feeling is that this audience would prefer the ‘less is more’ approach so in conclusion we won by 9 wickets, yes that right 9 wickets. Someone scored a hundred, an other scored 50, million overs to spare. So all in all a very un-Casual like performance. Oh, an opening partnership of 175 [second best I believe].

Kim 100 retired not out (6*6s)
Stevo 52
Will 28 no
Rob 14 no



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