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Match Report vs Eclipse 22 July 2021 @ Pontcanna (Skipper Rob, report Dave W)

An evening of challenges ahead for the Cazh. The first of which was solving the pitch numbering conundrum and locating Pontcanna 4.
Did the numbering run from town outwards and, if so, did it then loop back for pitches 3 and 4? Not helped when the groundsmen had marked numbers on 1 and 2 only. On the basis of possession being 9/10 of the law, Goff had pitched up shortly after lunchtime (one of the perks of being a salesman perhaps) and had claimed the better looking of the 3 or 4 pitches.

The second challenge was the sweltering heat. Taking absolutely no chances with the weather (30 degrees wall to wall sun) Goff had brought his brolly, under which he was resting his languid frame. DT was liberally applying sun cream.

By 5.50 the combined total of both teams had swelled to 4 players. A prompt start looked a remote prospect. The third challenge for the evening was the all conquering opponents, who had not dropped a point. Bat first and get it over with seemed to be the consensus. Rob duly did what Cazh captains do and lost the toss. So field first in an oven it was. The Cazh ambled onto the field and the prospect of a runs onslaught.

After a sharp single off the first ball, three dot balls from the metronomic Dan drew their opener into an ill judged swat across the line. Stumps everywhere and 1/1 after the first over - should at least slow down the carnage to come.
Maxie took the pink cherry from the Cathedral Road end and soon settled into a nice line bringing 5 dots before dropping short and a release shot. Still, 5/1 off two was a big start against illustrious oppo.
First ball Dan's second over had the other opener pinged back leg and very adjacent and ov 6/2
Ov 4 Maxi bowled batsmen 3 and 4 16/4 after 4 all with only 10 fielders, Naren stuck in traffic until about the 9th.

More nagging accuracy from Dan and Maxi meant a miserly 39/4 off the first set of 8 bowling units.

A stand of 28 followed, brought to an end in Goff's first over, bowled. After about 20 play and miss wafts outside his off stump, Goff finally delivered the coup de grace to their number 8. Will may well have missed 2 behind the stumps (cries of Super Hands, Cymbals rang out across the parklands) but soon made amends by stumping their handy number 6 for 26, making it 77/7. A sub hundred score suddenly looked on the cards

Dave T had his second shortly after. Caught Dan bringing a one man pitch invasion by Steve whose catch record was at risk.

Eclipse cobbled together a few more off accurate bowling by Shakes (who on another day might have seen the batman's gentle looping prod to point fall to a willing fielder. DT doing a good 'they haven't come to watch me field routine')
Eclipse meekly blocked the last two balls of the innings (guy looked surprised to be informed that was the last over) to finish on a very gettable 96

Rhys and Jesus to open against Luke and Sohaol steaming in. Soon helmets were brought on to protect the fine grey matter.
They saw off the quicks with relative ease and managed to keep ahead of the scoring rate. A promising start ended in typically chaotic fashion. With the hard work of seeing the openers off, a run out saw Rhys depart for a well made 29. 51/1 in the 9th.

More runs, Naren playing nicely and Will lofting an extra cover drive for 6 until he allowed one to hit his pad and had to walk 80/2 in the 13th, leaving only 17 to win from 7.
Soon 90/3 after 14 when Naren was caught for a well made 20. This left capn Rob and Dave W to knock off the remaining runs.
Nice to see Winks at the sidelines, with 'C' MON THE CASHZ' Steveo providing support.
A relatively easy win in the end, against decent opposition.

Dan 4 overs 20-2
Maxi 4 overs 19-2
Goff 4 overs 20-2
DT 4 overs 10-2
Shakes 4 ov 25-0

Will lbw 27
Rhys r. o. 20
Narem ct 20
Rob not out 3
Dave W not out 3


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