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Match Report vs Rogerstone - 13 June 2021 @ Rogerstone (Skipper Rob, report DT)

I think we can all agree upon the value of a well written, timely produced, match report. In years to come we will read them and remember past glory's, forlorn hopes, fallen comrades, defeats snatched from the jaws of victory and vice versa (probably more of the former). What follows, however, to paraphrase the late, great Ernie Wise is “some shit what I wrote”

We were not originally due to play Rogerstone on this day (I forget who we should have been playing, along with almost every other fact about this game that is not written in the scorebook), and they were due to face a side slightly better than us. Nevertheless, hopes of a win were high in Casuals camp (or possibly low). Obviously, Steve arrived late due to / some sort of baking crisis / a minor accident around the home / thinking the game was at a different Rogerstone / the kids blah blah blah / his car something something something / being pathologically incapable of arriving anywhere at the appointed time (please circle all that apply). Steve did eventually arrive either before or after we took to the field to bowl, having won, or possibly lost, the toss.

The scorebook contains no fall of wickets so I can tell you how and not when, with any certainty, they fell

Will opened the bowling for the Casuals with DT. Will took no wickets in his spell and then retired to the boundary to watch football on his phone. DT bowled his overs, possibly in 2 four over spells, he did not take any wickets in his first spell. Mark and Dan replaced them, and Mark took the 1st Wicket with Rogerstone on about 50ish probably, caught by Sim and then bowled the other opener when the score was more than 50ish. Dan bowled well but was unrewarded. Now, something is coming back to me, I think it must have been a hot day as it seems that all the bowlers had 4 over spells except maybe Dan (who wsas late arriving). Skipper Rob replaced Mark (maybe) and bowled Rogerstone’ number 3. Now this I do remember, Rogerstone’ number 3 was their keeper and a humour bypass, he was very annoyed about something, but I can’t remember what, but I am fairly sure that it was something to do with the game. Any who I digress. DT returned to the fray at this juncture at took 2 wickets in his second spell. He had the number 4 stumped by Jim off a wide (deliberately so!) and the number 7 caught by Shiney.

I seem to remember that the catch was a particularly good one, however it could have been a dolly. Rob took a 2nd wicket in his spell, the No5 caught by Tesh. Shiney replaced Rob and bowled the No6. Mark and Rob returned for the final overs Mark bowling the No 8 and Rob getting the No 9 caught and bowled and the No 10 LBW. Rogerstone finished on 186 all out off 38.5 overs. A good bowling effort, to keep Rogerstone below 200 as they have scored a lot more than that against us in the past.

W. Mason-Wilkes 4 0 28 0

D Thomas 8 0 39 2

D Lewis 8 1 33 0

M Stephens 7 0 36 3

Owens 7.5 1 35 3

Shine 4 1 12 1

Homemade tea was taken with I believe mugs of tea being available in the clubhouse.

Tesh and Mark opened the batting. Tesh’ (10) wicket was the first to fall with the score on 15 and was replaced by Will. Mark and Will batted well until Mark (37), for the first but not last time this season, retired injured with the score on 93. The reason for the retirement escapes me but I am sure it was something serious not just because the fat bastard was too tired to run anymore. Mark was replaced by Sim, and Will (34) soon followed Mark back to the changing rooms, and too be fair probably beat him to the changing rooms, having been stumped by the even more unhappy man behind the stumps with the score on 101 (now not happy that legside wides weren't given as per 'league standards' and therefore were byes ...)

Will was replaced by Richie and the very next over Sim (3) was bowled bringing Steveo to the crease with the score remaining 101. Steveo (4) was the next fall (9 balls, who had that?), bowled, the score having moved to 113, the infamous Cazsh collapse was on! Shiney was up next and shared a 6 run partnership with Richie (8) who was caught, the score 119. Jim (1) stepped out to the middle but was soon to return over the boundary rope, having been bowled with the score creeping up to 126, where it would stay as Martin (11) was caught soon after. The two new batsmen in the middle were Rob and Dan who somewhat steadied the ship, there was even talk, I remember, of Mark rising from his deathbed to return to the middle if they continued their progress towards the Rogerstone total. However, Rob (3) was bowled with the score on 143.

This brought DT(5 NO) to the crease, which is never a good sign that we will get a tick in the W column, but against the odds he made some runs. Sadly, we did not get to see the pilot episode of “can’t run, won’t run” as Dan (11) was bowled and Mark did not return with 33 runs required of the remaining 4 overs. The Caszh finished on a respectable 154.

Drinks were imbibed post-match on the clubhouse patio.



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