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Match Report vs Boys of the Summer 06 May 2021 @ Wenvoe(Skipper Richie, report Dan)

With the latest news from the Council that all cricket at Wenvoe would be suspended subject to a risk review – due to balls being hit into Penelope’s garden in previous years, the Cazh were hoping to make this game count… It was agreed with the BOTS that we would only be bowling from the one end (not Penelope’s end as was suggested by the Vice skipper….) to minimise the chance of any batsman clipping one off the low bounce Wenvoe wicket over the newly erected bigger fence into the house beyond.

Anyway, Vice Skipper Richie on our 302nd home game at Wenvoe, lost the toss and the Cazh were asked to bat. The weather was nice and in the sun it was probably warm, in the shadow of the pavilion it wasn’t. There was a bit of a conflab over who would open as the regular/previous openers weren’t playing – so it was agreed that the VC and Steveo would take the new ball on and try and stick around for a while to allow the middle order to thrive. As it turned out both Richie and Steveo batted very well against some often good bowling, though were helped with a fair amount of wides when accuracy drifted. Steveo was first to fall – bowled for 18 from the first delivery of the change bowler – it was a good ball – swinging away, but Steveo expertly got a toe end on it and played on. A good partnership of 34 off 7.1 overs.

The inform Jesus next in. Rich was then bowled in the 10th with the score on 51. Our overseas player Sam joined Will once again and the pair increased the run rate with some lovely shots. Both had a few chances put down by the BOTS, the strangest from the bowler who looked like he’d taken it but it popped out after a delayed reaction. Jesus fell in the 14th over edging one to point, Jared next in was given not out to a run out chance without facing a ball, much to the vocal frustration from the BOTS – it was close, but he wasn’t out (in the eyes of the umpire - me). The run rate slowed a tad, the bowling continued to be there or there abouts, the pair looked to take the runs were possible – this brought the downfall of Sam. In a similar episode as earlier Jared hit one straight to the bowler, who looked like he’d taken the catch only for it to again pop out. Sam who was already running, continued to call Jared through when he noticed the ball went down, but there was no way he was going to beat the ball thrown to the keeper and was out by a distance.

Elder Statesman Foxy next in stuck around for an over or 2 until bowled, Jared also bowled in the same over. With Goffy and Dan taking the last remaining over against the returning opening bowler. Finishing on 106-6.

Richie – 8 bowled
Steveo – 18 bowled
Will MW – 16 ct
Sam NZ – 25 run out
Jared – 3 bowled
Foxy – 0 bowled
Goffy – 6 no
Dan 2 no
Shakey, George, Tim - DNB
Extras 28

Something to defend.

Dan opened up - from the football end – first time for many years – and immediately knew why he disliked it – the sun from the right was low and quite off putting! Still, after bowling the first ball wide, he struck with the 2nd – bowled. Shakey took the ‘other end’ as it were and bowled fine, restricting the runs – helped admirably by Sam at cover who stopped everything that came his way. Dan was ‘saved’ for later and was replaced by Calamity Tim in his first game of the season. Having had no nets, the first ball was a wide, followed by a few no balls, but finished the over only going for 7. Shakey bowled through and had a ‘multi’ bounce no ball called against him – which was debateable, but probably made up for a few that could have been given in the previous over. Tim’s second over had another mixed bag, however, this one included a wicket – encouraging the batsman to leave his crease, ala Goffy, danced down the track – missed it and Tim had bowled it straight!

George replaced Tim and bowled well, though the new bat did take a maximum off a leg side full toss. He was nearly fortunate to get a wicket himself – Goffy shelling one in the deep. Goffy then had his turn with the ball, struggled a bit with line and length, but last ball got a wicket bowled. With the score on 68 from 12, Richie threw the dice and brought Dan back, he was rewarded with back to back wickets – both bowled (the second sending the off stump cartwheeling). The hat-trick ball was a close lbw – would have hit but did strike outside the line – so correct decision. Goffy had a less conclusive lbw turned down next over. Dan’s last over saw the bat hit one down the throat of Steveo at mid off – I say down the throat, it was more chest high, but Steveo unable to cling on, deflected the ball onto his glasses (saving his face…) but breaking his specs.

Steveo returned from the sidelines – without his visual aid and was asked to bowl… which may be the way forward – as he picked up 2 wickets – first caught very well by Jared at point, and second caught by Dan on the boundary at cow – making up for his drop in the same position off Goffy in the previous over. The BOTS required just 6 off the remaining 3 overs, with 3 wickets remaining, 2 new batsmen at the crease and light fading fast. VC Richie stepped up to the plate…. It was a step too far, the winning run was scored off the penultimate delivery – with the BOTS winning by 3 wickets.
A decent display from the Cazh and some excellent fielding – especially from Sam, Jared and George. Foxy also managed to stop one without knowing it at midwicket.

We all stopped for a socially distanced beer and hopefully not our last game at Wenvoe for a while….hopefully our display that cricket can be played from one end (until the Council mitigate / assess the risk) will allow us to continue to play here…

Dan - 4 overs – 1 maiden – 9 runs – 3 wickets
Shakey – 4-0-12-0
Tim - 2-0-17-1
George – 2-0-25-0
Goffy – 4-0-31-1
Steveo – 1-0-7-2
Richie – 0.5-0-6-0
Extras 16



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