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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 02 May 2021 @ Hayes Point (Skipper Rob, report Martin)

Playing at Barry Wanderers, everything clicked into place that made it feel like the cricket season had just begun: A WhatsApp from SteveO saying he'd be late, Rich on the whatsapp group telling us it was going to rain because it was in Penarth (it didn't) and people trying their best to drop F1 spoilers for Dan. Rob continued his good tossing form, saw that we had a good batting line-up (on paper anyway) and sent us out to bat first.

Tesh started us off well with a couple of nice boundaries. Martin managed to finish his first game of the season after just 2 overs by tamely chipping the ball back to the bowler with a bad forward defensive shot for a 3 ball duck (cricket's a stupid sport). For the next 20 overs or so Will and Tesh both went steadily, dealing with the slow pitch well. Will got to his 50 but we forgot to tell him until he got to 51. Tesh then got caught out with one of the many balls that stopped in the pitch and was out LBW, for a very respectable 34.

In came a Cazh debutant Kiwi Sam/Sim (depending on how well you can understand the New Zealand accent), our first overseas players for a few years, he's not paid though, I think. Sam/Sim looked solid for a difficult pitch and his first game in the UK, at one point he played a leg glance shot where he actually looked like he placed the ball between the fielders rather than just blindly punting it into the leg side, which left many of us on the sidelines bemused and wondering if he was too good to be a casual. Meanwhile, Will continued to look like he was batting on a completely different pitch to the other 21 players, and did particularly well in coming down the wicket and hitting several boundaries down the ground to take the pitch out of the equation. There were several new players on their team who hadn't played for a while so we were accumulating a lot of extras at the same time. Will made it to his 100 with a six and we did well in actually clapping when he got to a 100 rather than forgetting like we did with his 50. Sam/Sim then got run out by Will for 23 and didn't really look like he was sprinting to get in to his crease in time which reassured us on the boundary that maybe he was the right fit for the casuals after all.

In came SteveO with the customary "How many balls will he survive" sweepstake, sadly none of us were right and he got bowled after 7 balls getting 5 runs in the process. Rob came in and him and Will saw out the end of the innings and we finished with a total of 234 runs, with Will ending not out which will do wonders for his average. Goff moaned that we were 20/30 runs short, we all enjoyed our own teas in the break.

Tesh - LBW - 34
Martin - Caught & Bowled - 0
Will - Not Out - 125 (11 fours, 7 sixes)
Sam Clemens - Run Out - 23
SteveO - Bowled - 5
Rob O - Not Out - 2

Batsmen's Total: 189
Extras: 39 (11b, 1lb, 23w, 4nb)
Total 234-4
(Eagle eyed readers will notice the above doesn't add up, no idea where the scorers (which inc me) went wrong lol)

We went out to field with multiple Casuals requesting they be put somewhere where the ball wouldn't come to them, which must have been hard work for captain Rob. Dan and Goff opened up very tightly with Dan starting with two double wicket maidens, both bowled. A large amount of their top order took a look at the pitch, a very slow pitch, where the ball would often die in the surface, and decided that this meant it was a good idea to play massive slogs across the line of the ball. This continued for their #3 and #4 too with them also both being bowled, one for Dan and one for Goff. After 8 overs they were 14-4, Goff's figures of 4-0-8-1, going at 2 an over, would normally have been figures to write home about had Dan not ridiculously bowled 4 maidens in a row taking 3 wickets for no runs (4-4-0-3).

Their #5 came in as we switched to first change bowlers DT and Steve Biggs, he was a fair bit older and also considerably wiser than the rest of the top order and provided some resistance. Steve and DT both bowled very well and tightly, Martin finally did something useful in the game when the #5 decided to hit the ball to him at cover about 15 times in a row off DT's bowling. During these overs the generally early season rustiness of both sides started to come through which included, Jim chasing after a loose ball while the batsmen went through for a quick one, but then deciding to throw the ball at the larger target at slip (Will) rather than the stumps. Kiwi Sam/Sim somehow completely stacking it chasing after a ball and bruising his thigh in the process. Then one of their batsman hit it straight and hard at the Bowler's end umpire and was only about 5cm away from ending any prospects of him having any children, thankfully he was okay. Steve got one wicket he didn't deserve when he bowled one 2 metres outside off stump just for the batsman to chop it onto his stump. He later on got a wicket he did deserve, getting the batsman to top edge one to a well taken catch by Kiwi Sam/Sim at point. DT also got a wicket, bowling a mystery ball which caused the batsman to miss a straight one. We went for drinks with Barry Wanderers 46-7.

Rob wanted to finish the game off at this point so brought himself and cazh key strike bowler SteveO on. In Steve's first over, he used the slope well (you can decide if this was deliberate or not), and got one to come back in to take our 7th bowled wicket of the match. In his next over, the world entered slow motion as the batsman chipped the ball over Steve, he caught the ball way above his head much to everyone (inc Steve's) amazement. The final wicket came in Rob's next over as the two slightly older tailenders made the mistake of trying to run a quickish single to Dan at mid-on and took no prisoners and decided to finish the game with a direct run-out, Barry Wanderers all out for 58.

Overall, great to be back on the pitch, the match was played in good spirits. It was great to get some new players involved, and as always Will made batting look far easier than it really is.

Dan L: 4-4-0-3 (Yes I actually got the numbers the right way round he really did bowl 4 maidens in a row)
Goff: 4-0-8-1
DT: 6-0-16-1
Steve B: 6-3-12-2
Rob O: 2.2-1-2-0
SteveO: 2-0-6-2

Batsmen's total: 40
Extras: 18 (13b, 1lb, 4w)
Total 58 all out

Cardiff Casuals won by 176 runs.



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