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Match Report vs Chepstow 20 September 2020 @ Chepstow (Skipper Will, report Tim)

Disclaimer: So, I am now at the end of the match report and I’ve just realised that it’s content is perhaps on a par with SteveO’s report from a couple of seasons ago. For those that don’t remember/weren’t around it basically said little more than we played a game of cricket one day and won / lost (I can’t honestly remember). Neither can I remember much about this game, and I’m no good at comedy writing. I thought about a quiz like Dave’s from a few matches ago, but that would mean rewriting the report and, through my own lethargy, I am now under a tight deadline from Dan; so I have added a single multiple choice question at the end. One answer per person please. Those that get it right will be added in to a draw for a drink of their choosing at the next Casuals’ gathering.

Chepstow - 20th September 2020

‘At school he used to dream about being Bruce Lee
But the need for chops in the Manor Top
Ain't all that great you see
And so he gave up on his black belt and first Dan
As near as he got to China was a week in Camber Sands’

And in much the same my entire knowledge of Chepstow was gleaned from Saturday afternoons watching horseracing on World of Sport (for the youngster amongst us, before Sky, sports existed on terrestrial television predominantly on Saturday afternoons when, coincidentally most people who were interested in sport were themselves out playing or watching sport) and latterly peering at the TV screen in a smoke filled betting shop, and so I jumped (well jump might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the general idea) at the chance to take a Sunday drive out and play a bit of cricket for only the second time this season. Pre-match research the night before (again, a research is a bit strong - consists of trying to work out where the ground is and how long it will take to get there making sure I am there sometime after Richie and before SteveO) filled me with trepidation – the opponents website looked very professional and even contained something called a Form Guide (again something I only associate with trips to the bookies or the races) listing the last five results for both sides. No idea whether said guide was accurate or not, but the fact that they appeared to take things seriously was enough to make me think we could be in for an interesting encounter.

To set the scene, fast forward to the start of their innings, DT sagely remarked as we took the field that, with the addition of Shakey, this was perhaps the most unathletic of XIs that the Casuals could field. Rewind to arriving at the ground to find that the average age of their team was perhaps twenty, even allowing for the fact that their skipper was about fifty. A mismatch? Of course not. And of course SteveO was late. I’m not even sure that occurrence warrants mention in a report any more (at least he got there this time), although this weeks’ ‘excuse’ - a story about a gin bottle that I have unfortunately now forgotten – did seem (at the time) to present as an entirely plausible reason for arriving after the game had started. (In other SteveO news, he’s got a new car. I kind of lost track with this story, but it did seem to me that he’d perhaps been on the wrong end of the deal…..)

And so to the match itself. Captain Will won the toss, elected to bat and named the absent SteveO at 4. The innings started solidly rather than eventfully with Pabs and Rob at the crease. They navigated the first 6 overs, waiting for SteveO to appear, before Pabs fell for a 24 ball duck with the score on 8. Rob and Will pushed on, but Will fell for 14 with the score on 25 and the arrival of SteveO at the crease effectively heralded the start of the Casual’s tail. James and Rob stuck around for a bit before the latter was bowled for 30 and the former bowled for 28. Dan chipped in with 16 and Goff 9 (briefly raising hopes of a Lisvane style comeback) and there were 3 more ducks in the innings Keith, Tim and (surprisingly) DT.
Casuals all out for 108 in the 33rd over.

Pabs Stumped 0
Rob Bowled 30
Will Bowled 14
SteveO Bowled 4
Keith Bowled 0
George Caught 2
James Bowled 28
Tim Bowled 0
Dan Bowled 16
Goff Not Out 9
Dave Bowled 0

Extras 7

A meagre total, but defendable on a good day, and with Dan and Goff sharing early wickets maybe this was to be a good day. Dan in particular would have had more on another day. And on another day there perhaps wouldn’t have been 8 byes (mainly, if not entirely, off Goff….). But he didn’t and there was, and in the end Chepstow sauntered to their target in the 29th over for the loss of 5 wickets. Honourable mentions to Keith and DT for taking a wicket apiece, to Goff and Keith for fine catches, and Rob who was involved in a run out that I am struggling to remember, but am thinking it had an element of comedy about it. A mention also the Chepstow batsman who came out and took guard at the non-strikers end, and for captain Will for keeping those Casuals prone to mishaps in the field well away from the archery that was going on over the far side of the pitch.

Dan 8-2-20-1
Goff 8-0-22-1
Dave 6.2-0-26-1
George 2-0-19-0
Keith 3-0-9-1
Tim 1-0-7-0

And so, a socially distanced post match pint in the early evening sun brought down the curtain on the most bizarre of seasons. Fingers crossed the next one proves a little more normal and that, when we play them next season, Barry Wanderers field the team that they put out the week after we played them….

Finally, as promised, to the multiple choice quiz – one of these statements isn’t true, but which one?

1. I ride horses and during the winter months compete in point to point races
2. I have played competitive cricket in a team with both Mike Gatting and Andrew Strauss
3. I was a DJ around the time that Britpop was popular and had a hand in a number one record of that era

Anyone know where Manor Top is?



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