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Match Report vs Radyr 09 August 2020 @ Radyr (Skipper Will, report DT)

Finally getting around to writing the match report for the Radyr game and realised my memory of the game is a bit hazy regarding many details of this game. Therefore I have decided to insert film titles into the report in the hope that whilst searching them out you will not notice how inaccurate the report is! There will be a small prize for the first person to give me the number of films in the report. There will be an official list and any inadvertent film titles will not count. Here goes!

On a beautiful day in the neighbourhood of Radyr the casuals arrived for what was, amazingly, the first time the casuals had played there. Radyr were lucky to be able to play any matches this season even without Coronavirus problem as it is on the waterfront and occasionally a river runs through it. However, the clean up job they had done was amazing, but it must have been a bit of a fight.

Club captain Will was the final player to arrive, but the batting line up had already been decided in his absence. Keith and Tesh opened the batting and gave the cazh a very good start. The first wicket fell (lbw) in the 13th over (Keith 25) with the casual on a healthy 61. This brought Steve B to the crease, it proved to be a brief encounter with the square for Steve as he was out in the 16th over (lbw 0) with the score on 65. The skipper joined Tesh in the middle. They pushed the total along nicely and when Tesh (55) fell (bowled) in the 27th over the casuals had moved on to 111. One thing I do remember is an incident that happened whist Will was at the crease. The bowler sent down what appeared to be a beamer at Will. At least he thought it was a beamer, he ducked so low that he was almost falling down. He soon realised when he heard the clatter of the ball hitting the stumps that the was in error. However, as the ball passed him, and definitely before it hit the stumps, the umpire at square leg (Steve B) had indicated a no ball, thus Will was Saved! The opposition were none too happy with this turn of events and there was a chorus of disapproval directed at both the batsmen and the umpire but them’s the rules (or is it laws? Never sure!).
Ed, was next into bat and took the score up to 175 when he fell in the 33rd over (bowled for 20). Richie (1) joined Will and was gone in sixty seconds, or by the end of the next over anyway (bowled)! This brought Jim (0) out to the middle. Will was the final wicket to go (77, bowled) and Patrick (1) was the final casual to make the walk out to the middle, with not many balls remaining.
The Casuals finish on 199.

After, individual, homemade teas the casuals made there way out to the middle. Would it be a field of dreams, time would tell.
Dan and DT opened the bowling. Dan took the first wicket with his third ball (bowled). Neither Dan nor DT went for many runs and Dan struck again in the 5th over (Caught) Jim taking the catch behind the stumps. (13). The next wicket fell in the 10th over to DT (lbw) with the total on 37. This may been the key wicket as the batsmen in after this were either very young or very old. Rob replace Dan and struck in his first over (bowled) the score was now 44 for 4 from 11. DT then bowled his final over taking 2 more wickets. Interestingly, one of these wickets was a bowled that was not dissimilar to the ball that didn’t get Will out and the square leg umpire appeared to toy with the idea of calling a no ball. (45 for 6 from 12). Patrick was next up and the next wicket was taken in his 2nd over (caught by Will). 68 for 7 from 16. The next two wickets were run outs (one by rob and one by Tesh) both in the 18th over with the score still on 68. The final wicket 9, and the 3rd highest partnership of the Radyr innings, fell to Patrick (bowled) in the 23rd over (84 all out).

A lovely day, an enjoyable game, played in a good spirit, mostly.

Over to you all now, first person to give me the correct number of films in this report will receive the prize. The answer must be posted on the forum and not on WhatsApp.



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