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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 26 July 2020 @ Dinas Powys (Skipper Will, report Dan)

Second match post lockdown – the weather not as good as last week – had a distinct look of drizzle or heavy rain all around us – but as luck would have it the rain didn’t appear until after the match was complete. All the Cazh were on time apart from Steveo with the kit, but he was close enough. Skipper Will lost the toss (100% record) and we were asked to field.

The 2 openers looked a younger, fitter and more like ‘proper’ cricketers than our usual oppo on a Sunday and early on the hit the ball with the confidence and assurance of real cricketers, fortunately Keith was positioned at mid-off during Dan’s spell and stopped everything that come his way…the down side he stopped each firm drive with the heal of his hand – and after the 3rd time it was swelling nicely – framed by a lovely seam mark! The other opening bowler – DT was given the down the hill end, however after the first over the wind changed direction and was now against Dave – so when one of his more flightier deliveries entered the arch of the batsman – the ball was dispatched to the long long long off boundary. Dan managed to bag the first opener with a ripper of an off cutter – through the gate and taking middle stump. Next over he was unlucky not to get the other opener in exactly the same manner but bounced over middle stump. His spell was terminated after 6 overs (was meant to be 4, then 5, then finished on 6). DT toiled away at the other end and bowled through – he did not get a wicket (increasing on the 300th wicket he took last week) but kept the runs down and only the last over went for a few runs to make it look more than it was. After 16 overs – 41-1.

Steve B took over from Dan, it was going to be Keith, but by now he was struggling to close his hand, and Shakey replaced DT down the hill into the wind. Steve started with a maiden, then got progressively attacked by the batsmen. Shakey got thumped by a maximum in over 4 but come back with a wicket caught by Jim behind the sticks. Steveo had replaced Steve B and second ball enticed the batsman into a mistake and was driven to Jesus at close mid-wicket. The other opener had by now reached his 50 and retired. This was quite worrying given they didn’t have much on the score board but were obviously confident of the rest of the line up….or bowling attack…

Shakey in his 500th match (!!), continued to take wickets the next caught in the deep by Richie and another bowled going for the heave-ho. Steveo took another – also caught by Will. After 30 overs Dinas were on 98 for 6. Richie (in his 400th game!) by replaced Steveo and Jesus replaced shakey, Richie kept everyone guessing what was going to come down (often from a great height, but one also that bowled the batsmen on the 3rd bounce and eventually called no ball). Jesus didn’t go for many and replaced himself with Luvvers then Rob to finish off the overs from the other end. Dinas managed to up the pace over that last 10 and finished on 151-6 off 40.

Dan L – 6 overs -3 maidens -4 runs -1 wicket
DT – 8-1-26-0
Steve B 4-1-32-0
Shakey 8-1-25-3
Steveo 4-1-17-2
Richie 3-0-12-0
Will MW 2-0-8-0
Rob O 3-0-9-0
Luvvers 2-0-15-0

Tea was taken – exceptionally varied – no one person had the same thing, though individually most had the same as last week… and again no hot tea.

The Cazh innings started well against a seam attack. Luvvers and Rob looked quite comfortable, Rob managed to hook one straight to square leg and Shakey finally conceded that the ball had reached Rob just under his boob level and called no ball. After 10 overs all looked good 25-0.

Unfortunately the change of bowling saw the end of Luivvers, an odd and unfortunate choice of shot first ball – taking on a shortish delivery looped it straight to mid off for a simple catch. Jesus next in was mindful for the first few overs however, he failed to hit a straight full one off the same bowler and was given lbw by Shakey (surely it would have been going down the hill missing the stumps – similar to the Wands philosophy? – no, everyone though it was out..had they realised what was to happen maybe it would have been a different decision). 36 for 2 off 15.

For those of us who have played for the Cazh for a number of years, we have all seen some pretty fantastic and stupendous batting collapses. This one was right up there. If Jesus wasn’t the start of it, Rob was – caught behind with the score on 40. Steve B fell also on 40, as did Richie next ball, Keith defended the hattrick ball but was bowled the ball after also on 40. Steveo and Jim put on a partnership of 3 before Steveo was caught, and Jim fell 2 runs later caught at point, and Shakey 2 runs after that caught behind to one that popped. With Dinas sticking to a seam attack (partially due to the only spinner they had got the 3 wickets in 4 balls), Dan and Dave put on a sterling partnership of 8 taking the Cazh over the 50 with a Dan clubbing a face high full toss to the boundary. Unfortunately Dan holed out at cover to close the game out after 26 overs, leaving Dave stranded on the cusp of getting his highest score this century (3).

Luvvers – ct12
Rob O – ct17
Will MW – lbw3
Steve B – b2
Richie – b0
Keith – b0
Jim – ct2
Steveo- ct2
Dan L- ct6
Shakey- ct0
DT – no2

At least the game was put to bed early – we had just enough time to get though one low calorie, out of date tinnie each that Dan brought along before the rain appeared. New Skipper Will on a 100% record of losing the toss and match – fingers cross he wins the next toss!!

Congratulations on Shakey for reaching his 500th game milestone!

And it was nice to see Kiwi Pete and family, and his wife Tina was potentially in such shock from the batting collapse that she gave birth the following day...



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