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Match Report vs Glenwood 16 May 2019 @ St Fagans (Skipper and report Dan)

Due to traffic, both teams had players who were late, but the toss was made on time, Glenwood won and choose to field first. The game started at 6.20 due to some confusion about the ball or something. Kim and Steve B opening the batting. The first over got off to a flying start, mostly due to the 5 wides, though there was a fair amount of lift off the surface, especially when dug in. Beef was undone in the 2nd over playing back to one that he shouldn’t. This brought Jesus to the middle. He and Kim played the good bowling attack on merit and took the chances where possible, but also kept the strike on rotation. After 10 overs the score had reached 75 without further loss, Kim had retired in the 8th over. Winkie had replaced Kim and did very well to keep the current bowler out who bowled a good line, got a bit of movement, but most difficult was the pace – as soon as it hit the deck it died. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep the penultimate delivery from the spell out and was bowled.

Jesus retired next over, so 2 new batsmen were in – Goffy and Gurps (a mate of Jesus’s on a mini tour of Cardiff). With 6 overs to go, plenty of wickets and 2 retirees – both played with an attitude of hit out or get out. Some big hits and quick running kept the board going and until they fell – Gurps caught out in the deep, and Goffy for a change being stumped! James and Steveo toom over with more swashbuckling. James played a lovely square cut but was unable to reach the unfeasibly long boundary on the pavilion side. James was bowled in the last over as was Steveo last ball going for a hoof. The Cazh finished on 125-6 off the 18overs. It was difficult to say if it was going to be enough. Glenwood had bowled very well all the way through, even the slower bowlers had been difficult to get away. The one thing against them was the wides and extras – 25 wides and 12 other extras.

Kim 25 retired
Steve B 2 bowled
Will MW 25 retired
Andy H 3 bowled
Goffy 8 stumped
Gurps 7 caught
James 12 bowled
Steveo 7 bowled
Rich 1 no
Maxy, Dan DNB

Maxy opened the bowling with Richie. First ball, Maxy bowled it full and straight, the batsman when for the heave and was bowled. Richie’s first didn’t go for many apart from a four that was so wide down the leg side it would have been off the strip at Rogerstone, but the batsman somehow managed to get a toes end on it. Mazy’s 2nd was frugal, Richie’s wasn’t. Too be fair only 4 were scored off the bat, but Rich developed a bit of a case of the “Britpops” and couldn’t land it on the strip (either side), but eventually he turned it around and finished the over and spell. Goffy and Jesus took over, both bowled very well, though it was Will who got the wicket – bowled with the score on 36.

Until this point there had been some very good attempts at catches in the field – both Maxy and Steve B running hard to get to and attempting to take difficult chances, the same can’t really be said in relation to one of our number – our Australian cousin off Steveo’s bowling, sort of wafted his hands in the general direction of the flying ball – I won’t even mention the ‘attempted’ run out! Dan and Steveo were the next pair up, Dan got a wicket bowled first over, then took himself off to allow for the ‘odd’ over to be bowled the other end – it wasn’t advanced mathematics, but for the rest of the innings he questioned/doubted that this was required…Steveo’s 2nd got the next wicket – the catcher Will making very sure that Gurps wasn’t going to get involved by shouting very loudly and planting himself underneath the skier. Gurps and Steve B bowled the next, the no3 batsman retired. This effectively put the brakes on the score, coupled with Beef taking a wicket in each of his overs – first bowled, the second caught by James – his first for the club. Gurps took his maiden club wicket – caught by Winkie (reaching a milestone that Winkie has been one away from achieving for 3 years (75 catches). Kim took over from Beef in the failing light and Dan completed the match the other end. Glenwood finished well short on 93-7.

An enjoyable match, friendly and relaxed – winning obviously helped and staying dry and light enough to see the ball (just). Stayed for a pint and an attempt to clear the clubhouse of buffet. The Cazh now meet Centurions in the next round.

Maxy 2-0-6-1
Rich 2-0-19-0
Goffy 2-0-14-0
Jesus 2-01-3-1
Dan 2-0-6-1
Steveo 2-0-16-1
Steve B 2-0-11-2
Gurps 2-0-8-1
Kim 2-0-8-0
Extras 13 (8 wides to Rich)



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