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Match Report vs Cavaliers 08 August 2019 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

With the cancellation of the previous day’s cup final match also vs the Cavaliers, there was some trepidation about this game being on – especially given that St Fagan’s (just down the road) had appeared to have experienced far more rain than in the rest of Cardiff over the past few days, plus the forecast was for rain sometime between 5 and 8pm…

Both teams arrived, the weather was dry and cloudy. Captain dan lost the toss and the Cazh were in the field. In hindsight the captains should have explored a reduced over game, but we didn’t, the offer to use a pink ball was declined so off we set a little past the 6pm start time. Captain Dan opened the bowling from the pavilion end. Second ball he got one to lift and catch the edge of the bat and Super Hands caught behind. The batsman wasn’t going to walk, but the umpire did concede that it did get a nick and was given out. Early breakthrough. Fifth ball the new bat mistimed a drive and chipped it high over dan’s head but unfortunately fell between the converging Winkie and Maxy , 6th ball a wayward legside delivery was clipped by the opener at Calamity Tim at square leg, who put it down. A good first over but it could have been fantastic. Shakey opened from the other end and produced a few dot balls, though the batsmen were playing full T20 mode swinging at everything. Dan picked up the second wicket in his 3rd over bowled. Shakey’s final 2 overs were much more economical with the change of bat. After 8 the Cavs were on 47.

Maxy and Upside Dan were the first change bowlers. Both bowled very well and kept the runs down, bowling 50% dot balls. Neither picked up a wicket, Maxy was closest with an lbw shout which was turned down, but the batsman either thought he’d been given or tried to go for a run as he was half way down the track when Jesus realised that the ball in his hands was still active and lobbed the ball at the stumps (fortunately hitting them) for a run out. Tim made an excellent effort off Upside Dan – in reality stopping a boundary rather than ‘dropping’ a catch at short mid-wicket. Rob and Jesus were given the ball to complete the final 4 overs. Rob picked up one – caught by Richie in the deep, and Jesus picked up 3 – first bowling the tired opener, then next ball a disgustingly legside wide delivery that hit the pads and rolled onto the stumps and a final one caught by Super hands. The Cavs finished on 128-7 off 20overs.

Dan L – 4-0-13-2
Shakey – 4-0-34-0
Maxy – 4-0-29-0
Upside Dan – 4-0-21-0
Rob O – 2-0-15-1
Jesus – 2-0-17-3
Extras 8
Catches – 2 x James; 1 x Richie
Run Out – 1 x Jesus

A quick turn around, there still wasn’t any rain, but the clouds were grey and ominous. Rob and Alex opened up again a pair of lefties – both were accurate and swinging the ball lovely. Alex climbed into one and hit into the trees by Penelopes. A few balls later Rob unfortunately struck one too well and chipped back to the bowler. Jesus and Alex continued to keep the good ball out and put the (not so) bad ball away. Scoring was difficult, Alex looking to be attacking chipped one to mid-wicket and 2 balls later Winkie ‘did a Rob’ and via a defensive shot let one dribble onto his stumps, with just enough speed to dislodge one bail. 24-3-off 5. Upside Dan next in and the Cazh in a spot of bother. He stuck around a little and gave the strike to Jesus, until he was bowled by another good delivery last over of the opening bowlers spell. Richie looked to take on the change bowler and was caught out. 46-5-off 9. Maxy joined Jesus. It was at this point Jesus decided to go after the new bowlers and very quickly reached his 50 in the 12th over and retired.

This put a different complexion on things, not only within the context of the game but also in visibility – it had now gone pretty dark which was not only difficult for the batsman facing a speedy attack, but also for the fielders. The neighbouring football ground already had its floodlights on. Captain Dan joined Maxy. Maxy soon chipped one up to mid-off which was put down and then repeated the offer a couple of deliveries later. Shakey promoted up the order (in front of the younger and slighter fitter James – who could assist should Jesus be resurrected). The appearance of Shakey to the middle also brought with him the first spots of rain. In the next over 3 boundaries were scored, and the game came closer to the reach of the cazh. However, the rain got heavier, and the Cavs captain was keen to abandon. Captain Dan was keen to continue, but in the time it took to debate stick or twist – the rain increased and the obvious, however frustrating, option was to abandon. The Cazh at that point 100-6 off 15. 29 short, though ahead of the Cavs at the same over point. By the time we had got out of the changing room – it was pissing down. Both teams had to be satisfied with an abandoned game, no result and no league points – however, it had been a cracking game – really competitive, yet friendly. Both teams headed back to the Wenvoe arms for a pint and chat about ‘what could have been’ and to look forward to the re-arranged cup final in 2 weeks time (now that will be dark)

Rob O – c+b 0
Alex – ct 13
Will MW – retired 51
Andy – b 0
Dab OB – b 1
Richie – ct 2
Maxy – ct 6
Capt Dan – no 5
Shakey – no 10
Tim; James – DNB
Extras 12



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