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Match Report vs Cavaliers Cup Final 21 August 2019 @ St Fagans (Skipper Dan and report)

The day had finally arrived – the pitch was deemed playable by the ground staff at St Fagans - GAME ON. The Cazh under instruction to get to the ground by 5.30 were all on time, Richie was there very early and informed the Cazh that the wicket looked a bit muddy and the boundary was short pavilion side and massive on the other. Captain Dan had discussions with the Cavs skipper and agreed that we would reduce the game to 16 overs each, keep bowling restrictions as is (max 2 overs per bowler) and play with a red ball, plus if possible get started early. Dan had been deliberating all day “what he should do if he won the toss” – Jesus always says we do better batting first (and results this year certainly back this up), but Dan has been with the Cazh for many years and been witness to the numerous horrendous batting collapses, and trying to defend undefendable totals. However, as Andrew the Cavs skipper enquired before the toss if we would prefer to bowl first, his mind was made up. Upon winning the toss Captain Dan gambled and chose to bat…

Intent on starting before 6 the Cavs were out ready and the Cazh opening pair got themselves prepared, however, due to a missing fielder one of the many Cavs spectators was enlisted as a sub fielder for the first few overs. Luvvers and Rob opened for the Cazh. Luvvers opened with intent against the left arm quickie and timed a beautiful legside swat to the longest boundary on the park. Two balls later Rob was on strike. Rob’s recent form hasn’t been up to what it was earlier in the season, but against the quicker bowlers the skipper had thought he would thrive. Wasn’t to be – first ball – bowled through the gate. Was this to be the start of the dreaded Cazh collapse? Jesus strode to the middle. What helped enormously, and continued throughout the innings, was that 3 of the next 4 deliveries were wides that evaded the keeper and runs were taken. After 1 over – the score 12-1. The following over was tighter, but the 3rd saw the re-emergence of the wides. Off Fazer’s 2nd over scorers Jim and Dan commented “hope Luvvers had seen the sub fielder on the upper pavilion boundary” – nope, he hadn’t and pinged it straight to him next ball, however, as the ball reached the top of the hill it slowed in velocity and was put down. More wides, a few boundaries and a few more singles saw Luvvers retiring very early in the 6th over – excellent start. Beef joined Jesus and until now Jesus had been rotating the strike, but with a couple of more expansive boundary shots he was too back in the hutch retired at the end of the 7th over. 78-1 off 8overs.

This gave the Cazh the abandonment to go after everything. Of course with this what usually happens is that risks are taken and wickets begin to fall. Richie fell in the next over top edging one to the keeper, and Martin really got hold of one (for the first time this season he suggests), unfortunately the catch was well taken by the long off fielder. There was a potential Champagne moment soon after – Steve sweeping excellently a middle and leg delivery – carting it up the pavilion hill, through the gates and straight onto Kiwi Pete’s foot – Pete looked unmoved and unshaken, but that was partially due to the lack of feeling in that leg…(hopefully there isn’t too much of a bruise). Captain Dan’s innings was brief, as was Goffy’s – stumped again. Jim joined Steve and continued to push, sometimes comically as Steve did not have spikes on. The overs were running out and Beef nearing his own retirement was adjusted lbw in the penultimate over. Shakey and Dave (should he get in) were instructed to literally run everything – even if the ball didn’t go anywhere or straight to a fielder. An easy instruction in theory but in practise the mind and body take over and stops you from doing this – with the exception of Goffy who’s mind is wired differently from everyone else and all he wants to do is run himself out. The Cazh total finished on 120-6 off 16overs. It didn’t feel a lot but it was a 16 over match (though with the wides the Cazh gained an extra 2 overs). By the break, there were a number of spectators – many from the Cavaliers. Durnell and Britpop joined Kiwi Pete from the Cazh and a few neutrals (who the Cazh claimed as their own to boost numbers)

Luvvers retired (no) 25 – 5.4 overs
Rob O bowled 0 - 1st over
Jesus retired (no) 26 – 6.6 overs
Steve B lbw 22 – 15th over
Richie ct 2 – 9th over
Martin ct 1 – 11th over
Dan L b 3 – 12th over
Goffy – st 1 – 13th over
James - not out 9
Mark – not out 3
Dave - DNB
Extras 26 (20 wides)

A quick turn around and the Cazh were in the field. Luvvers was tossed the ball and DT was to open at the other (bowling green end). Luvvers first over was pretty rapid and looked (rather sounded) like there was a wicket 2nd ball – but the umpire heard nothing and it was given a wide! It was Dave who got the early breakthrough – airing on the legside line, the batsman clipped it high behind square leg, however Captain Dan almost sensing that Dave was going to drift leg side (probably after the first ball) had moved himself further up the hill and was able to take the catch without needing to move any further. 12-1 off 2. Luvvers and Dave’s 2nd overs were mainly dots – which was just as useful. Goffy and Shakey were the next pairing and although very different in style (bowling obviously) and pace both returned the same figures – both only going for 3 in their first overs and both going for 5 in their second – both with wickets. Goff’s was bowled whilst Shakey encouraged the batsman to hit out to Jesus at very long off. 43-3 off 8. The run rate required for the Cavs was starting to increase - now at 10 an over, so Captain Dan decided to try and strangle further, he bowled a 1over spell with Jesus at the other. Jesus’ 2nd similar to Shakey enticed the batsman to put one down Rob’s throat at deep cow corner. Cavaliers opener Steaders retired in the 13th over. Things were not looking favourable for the Cavs – requiring 59 off 4 overs. Steve B’s 2nd over finished the game off really, with back to back wickets. The first was an lbw and the second bowled, hattrick ball a long hop. Rob was last to bowl from the bowling green end and Martin managed to get a run out – which looked very close, and Dan returned for the penultimate over and fittingly picked up his 500th Casuals club wicket – bowled (well,… played on). The Cazh victorious by 33 runs!

Luvvers – 2-0-7-0
DT – 2-0-12-1
Goffy – 2-0-8-1
Mark – 2-0-8-1
Capt Dan – 2-0-10-1
Will MW – 2-0-5-1
Steve B – 2-0-9-2
Rob O – 2-0-16-0
Extras 12 (8 wides)
Run out – Martin; Catches - Dan L; Will MW; Rob O

Having not been in this position previously, Captain Dan was unaware of the provision of a speech requirement and so garbled his way through one, thanking everyone other than the umpires (he was informed later) – so big thanks to Adrian Sen and Glyn Poulsen for umpiring on the night. After victory pics were taken (eventually by spectator Britpop) the Cazh joined the Cavs, umpires and spectators with food and drinks in the bar.

An excellent match – probably helped no end as we won, but it was competitive though friendly throughout, both sides wanted to win but no discontent from either side (with the small exception of Captain Dan thinking the Cavs batsmen were stealing a run when the Jim the keeper was passing the ball back to the bowler – after his little moan, he was informed by fellow Causals that Jim was attempting a run out – in which case fair game for taking the run). Everyone played their part in the victory and almost all picked up a wicket with the exception of Luvvers who appeared to have a gloved behind but wasn’t given and Rob, and he had one dropped by Goffy at cow corner. Also a big shout out to the whole squad who helped in getting the team to the final via the difficult qualifiers.



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