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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 04 August 2019 @ Dinas Powys (Skipper and report Dan)

There was concern…Jeff was selected to play and the forecast was a bit Jeffy (potential rain). The Cazh turned arrived on the common and the skies were overcast, to save the majority of the team if it were to rain when Captain Dan won the toss he decided to bat. Luvvers and Rob opened up. The Dinas bowling was accurate on the whole, anything loose was put away by Luvvers including a few hooked 6s up the hill to the short road boundary – expertly he managed to miss any passing cars. Rob was a little less lucky, exactly as per the previous weekend, he defended one with a bat that was a little too horizontal, the ball hit the ground and rolled back down the slope and on to the wickets. Jesus next in, he started solidly. Luvvers went for one too many hook shots and was caught out on the backward square boundary for 47 (from a total of 57). Rich joined Will. Will looked a little less at home against the first change bowler – a spinner who varied his line and length, he was looking to come down the track and was almost caught out, however it was a full toss that was almost his undoing, thinking it might be a no ball mistimed a heave towards mid-on, no ball was not called, but the catch was put down… At drinks the total was 88-2.

Richie fell shortly after drinks, he had played a technically more correct innings than normal, straight bat etc, which was difficult with varying bounce and line, and it ended up being his undoing as he chipped one up to cover. Upside-Dan next in and started very positively playing mostly cover drives down the hill. He and Will out on a partnership of 47 before Upside was caught in the covers. Jim came and went with a few swishes and Tim went the other way playing a couple of defensive shots before getting an edge and being caught at close midwicket. 141-6 off 28. Captain Dan next up, there was a bowling change to another spinner and he started with back to back boundaries. Will was still there and had passed his 50, he looked to push along against the spinner and after thumping a massive 6 into the stingers, was lucky to not be stumped coming down the track, missing it, but the keeper also failed to take it. The bye was not attempted as Will was ‘flat’ on his front after the despairing dive to get back into his ground. He had another change the following over, hitting one hard to mid-off which was shelled. He was finally caught out in the 33rd over. Jeff made his way to the middle and the light drizzle started…(fortunately it only lasted a couple of minutes). Dan continued to swing, connected very well with one which was sent hard and flat towards the pavilion at the bottom of the slope. The fielder didn’t get his hand on it and Pete almost wore it on his head as he ducked out of the way. Dan went for one too many against the new young quickie and was caught in the deep at midwicket. Obee one batted with Jeff then Shakey, as Jeff was very unluckily caught at square leg by a fielder who threw his hand above his head and clung on. Shakey dabbed a boundary against the quickie before being bowled in the 39th over. The Cazh finished on 196ao.

Luvvers – ct 47
Rob o – b 3
Will MW – ct 70
Rich – ct 2
Dan OB – ct 15
Jamie – b 4
Tim – ct 2
Capt Dan – ct 27
Jeff – ct 6
Pete O - no 0
Shakey – b 4
Extras - 17

I’ll leave tea to the tea report – but as per normal – it didn’t disappoint!!

There was murmurings that the total wasn’t going to be enough – the outfield grass was well cropped, the top boundary was short (though up hill) and down the hill it was quick, plus the sun had now come out. Shakey was asked which end he’d prefer to bowl from, answered incorrectly, so Old Dan opened up the hill and Obee1 down the hill. The first spell was pretty uneventful, Dan’s opening spell went for almost nothing, the opener looking to drive and was stopped each time by Upside at mid-off. He did pick up the first wicket in the 7th over – getting one to spit off a length and was edged to Jesus at slip. Pete continued to bowl very well, anything lose was put away, but there were a lot of dot balls. Dan was replaced after 5 overs and Pete bowled through. Jeff replaced Dan. His first ball (of the year) was lose and was swatted for 4 down the hill, but normal service was resumed, and the dots kept coming and in his 2nd over enticed the batsman to hit one to Richie at mid-on. 36-2 off 13. The next batsman was a more accomplished player and started to find the gaps. Seeing the acceleration, Dan brought on Luvvers down the hill. 3rd ball was short and pinged off the batsman’s ribs, next ball caught by Super Hands behind the stumps for a wicket maiden. He got another in his 3rd over an excellent diving catch by Jesus in the slips (a champagne moment contender) . At drinks Dinas were 75 for 4. But their new batsman really wanted to hit out. With Jeff finishing his spell in the 25th, Shakey had spent enough time in the wilderness and he was given his chosen end – up the hill. Calamity Tim took over from Luvvers. At this point the score was 122-5 off 27 overs, the 5th wicket being a run out by dan from down the hill.

The good batsman took a bit of liking to Tim, though the passing cars appeared less happy. After getting carted onto the road more times than Shakey has had a salad (that said – he has been seen in a vegan restaurant this year…), Tim eventually got his man by inviting him to hit out once too often and was caught by Jesus at long long off. The fall of this wicket was a welcome relief, but the Cazh were not out the woods yet, as Dinas had reached 155 off 30 overs, so just 42 required off the last 10. Captain Dan brought himself back on from down the hill, however, Shakey found his line in his 3rd over and Luvvers took an easy catch at cover. He followed this up with another in the next caught by Upside Dan at long off and 2 more in what turned out to be the last over, one caught by Jim and the last wicket was bowled, leaving Shakey on a hattrick next match…Dinas finished on 165ao in the 35th over.

Dan L – 7-3-5-1
Obee1 – 8-0-38-0
Jeff – 8-1-47-1
Luvvers – 4-2-11-2
Tim – 3-0-35-1
Shakey – 4.5-0-17-4
Extras 16

A really enjoyable and competitive yet friendly game, either another big over or a knuckle down and nurdles that result could have been different. We got changed and had a few pints on the veranda before heading off home in the evening sunshine.



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