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Match Report vs BOTS 31 July 2019 @ Blackweir (Skipper and report Dan)

With the streak over, the Cazh were looking to start over. A late replacement saw Foxy already sitting on the boundary in wait at the revised venue at Blackweir. A few late arrivals didn’t impact as Captain Dan lost the toss and the Cazh were in the field (not the preferred option). The BOTS looked a different make up from the previous season. The wicket was off centre, with a short boundary on the one side and not that long the other. The outfield was long and tufty. Dan opened the bowling with the wind from the river end. Looking around he was searching for the other opener as many of the regulars were not playing. Martin was selected and opened from the pavilion end and started with a maiden. Dan got an early wicket, bowling the opener 3rd ball. As things were going well, Dan decided to bowl through and apart from going for a 6 in the 4th over didn’t go for many and was unlucky to miss the stumps on more than one occasion. Martin’s 2nd over wasn’t quite on the money as the first, but came back well with the 3rd and 4th. Dan also picked up a run out from a miss field.

Young Dan took over from Old Dan, the first few deliveries were a bit rusty, but 3rd ball was straight and after a loud appeal he got the next wicket lbw. There was some very good looking deliveries sent down, but the batsman looked to punish anything wide or short. Dan was very unlucky not to pick up another few wickets. Old Dan on the long on/cow boundary was pleased when an aerial ball was sent out towards him. He had been in fine form with catching recently, however, after a bit of juggle he put it down. Two others, progressively more difficult went the same way and weren’t taken. Old Dan did make some amends getting another run out off Foxy’s first over. Foxy also got a wicket caught by Darren at mid-on. Richie replaced Foxy for a 2 over spell and came back well in the 2nd over. The BOTS increased their run rate. Kim bowled very well and picked up a wicket in the 19th over and Rob got a wicket in each of his two overs, both bowled, though was unlucky to put one in the slot for the new batsman (with the no3 retiring). The innings finished with a run out. The BOTS made it to 149-9 off the 20. The fielding was a bit of a mixed bag – some excellent, some not (the dropped catches (obviously)), but also a few times the ball was kicked or fumbled over the boundary – the outfield did make it difficult.

Dan L – 4-0-12-1
Martin – 4-1-28-0
Dan K – 4-0-24-1
Foxy – 2-0-24-1
Rich – 2-0-18-0
Kim -2-0-8-1
Rob O – 2-0-23-2
Extra 13
Catches – Darren
Runouts – Dan L x2; Rob x 1

The total was gettable, but the aerial route would be preferable (especially with the short boundaries) as the ball wasn’t rolling well across the outfield.
Kim and Will G opened up the batting a double left partnership. Both opening bowlers bowled very well, neither getting a wicket, but kept the scoring to a minimum. Will struggled to get the river end bowler away who was swinging it in well to the left hander (maybe a double lefthand pairing wasn’t the best in this situation). After 6 overs the score was 31. A change of bowler from the pavilion end provided a number of extras, he was quick but less accurate, but it took until his last over for Kim to really open up and retired with 2 maximums. 81 off 12. The Cazh really needed to pick up the pace. The entrance of Jesus would hopefully do just that. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be. Jesus missed the first delivery against the previously wayward quickie and was given out lbw off a full toss. Rob replaced him. Will G was given out stumped in the 14th over and Rob looking to take a second run was run out in the 15th – would have been close(r) had there not been some hesitation or communication confusion between the 2 batsmen.

The Cazh were now up against it, needing at least one really big over from the last 5 – requiring 12 an over. Darren and Young Dan at the crease. Nothing really coming from the 16th and 17th overs. 45 required from 3. A boundary and singles from the 18th, a couple of reverse sweeps from Young Dan off the 19th. 23 required off the last over, then 18 off 3 balls, Young Dan crashed a 6, penultimate ball looked like a full toss no ball, but it died suddenly and would have been a wide had Dan not got in the way of it trying and heave to the boundary. The game was lost and Dan unlucky to be caught on the boundary trying to reduce the deficit and gain the extra bonus point. 138-4.

Will G – st 22
Kim – ret 54
Will MW – lbw 0
Rob – ro 5
Darren – no16
Dan K ct 30
Rich, Dan L, Martin,Rob G, Foxy DNB
Extras 11

A disappointing result, but the BOTS played very well and deserved to win – their batting was aggressive and bowling on the whole was accurate.
Arguably, the most challenging part of the evening was how to get out of Blackweir. The Parkie had already been round 20 mins before the end of the game locking all the gates – leaving elder statesman Foxy needing to take his life in his own hands and climb over the spike topped wrought iron railings (as well as the rest of the team with kit etc). Everyone enjoyed having a right moan about the council – which took some of the thoughts of the game off the mind. We eventually got to the pub for a pint and buffet – whereby Rob spilt Britpop’s pint all over him (some might say revenge for the run out…)
The unwanted streak continues.



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