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Match Report vs Pentyrch 30 June 2019 @ Pentyrch (Skipper and report Dan)

A glorious day, though no where near as warm as it was in Cardiff, the chill wind on the hill top lowered the temperature somewhat. The toss was negotiated, and Dan decided to bat first.

Rob O and Luvvers opened the batting, Luvvers with family in tow to see his prowess (or to sun bathe – which lasted about the same amount of time as his innings). What hadn’t been envisaged was the umpiring pairing of Foxy and Obee1 – a potential 12th & 13th man for Pentyrch. The batting pair did well against the quick accurate bowler from the rugby ground end, then looked to take on the younger bowler from the hill end. Luvvers hit some lovely cover drive boundaries before disaster struck – in the form of the finger of Pete, instantly giving Luvvers out lbw in favour of the left arm round bowler. Steve B replaced Luvvers and batted frugally with Rob. The quick bowler was replaced after a 5 over spell by a slower loopy bowler whose deliveries seemed to drift in the wind. After 12 overs the Cazh were still on 24 – 1. After 13 overs we were 24-2 – Steve B somehow playing onto his arm, off his pad and trickled on the stumps.

Jesus was next in and pretty early on looked to up the rate, Rob followed suit. At drinks we had reached 60 and the 100 mark was reached in the 26th over. Things then did start to accelerate. Will reached his 50 in the 28th over with a 6, but then was caught at point next over to a loopy one. Steveo who had been going through his usual ‘get on with it routine’ on the sidelines joined Rob and continued where Jesus departed, just without the same grace, panache and control. 150 was reached in the 32nd over with Rob reaching only his 2nd Cazh 50, and 200 reached in the 37th. Both batsman were moving smartly towards their respective batting milestones before Steveo was bowled. With 2 overs remaining Dave W was in a tricky position – to try and give Rob the strike, but found it difficult against the varying pace and line of the bowlers. The crowds were encouraging Rob towards his century, but before the end it was apparent the number of balls remaining would not be enough and Rob carried his bat finished on 87 no, including 2 6s. The Cazh finished on 218-4.

Rob - no 87
Luvvers - lbw 9
Will MW - ct 52
Steveo – b 36
Dave W – no 4
Tea was great – excellent lemon drizzle – we’ll wait the tea report

With Jesus saying he only wanted to keep for half the match, Luvvers opened the bowling with Goffy coming down the hill. At the end of Luvvers spell no wickets had been taken and the score was on 42. Goffy continued his spell and Dan took over from Luvvers. Goffy finally got a deserved wicket, caught by Jesus and Dan picked up a prize wicket of the other opener just shy of his 50 lbw. The score at this point had been creeping up. At drinks the score was finely posed at 112-3.

A significant change of pace was required and the ‘spin twins’ Obee1 and DB came on – and this seems to be the undoing of the remaining top order. Pete removed the dangerous number 3, caught in Jesus’s armpit. Pete got another stumped by Jesus next over. The runs had also dried up. 32 runs scored between the 20th and 30th over. The Cazh looked like they were cruising to victory, especially as Dave took his 2nd wicket in the 30th. 70 required off the last 9 overs. Pete was replaced by Foxy (now supporting a cricket ball sized lump on his left shin after stopping a boundary but couldn’t get his hands down quick enough). Foxy bowled well not giving too much away. It was around this time that there was some confusion with the scoreboard as the required amount reduced significantly for no apparent reason (I think something had gone awry at some point earlier but wasn’t noticed by the scorers until now). With 2 overs to go 26 required off the last 2 overs, confidence was still high (just not as confident as when it was 40 odd). The new batsman was also growing in confidence. Foxy’s last over went for 8 leaving what would hopefully be a comfortable 18 to defend off the last…

Second ball of Dave’s final over (and last of the game), a juicy full toss was served and dispatched for 6. 12 required off 4, 3rd ball - punched through the covers with Dave White giving chase – the rest of the Cazh were willing him to ‘dive or belly flop’ on the ball, and although doing neither he did manage to get his foot on it (without turning his ankle – which seems to be a favourite of the Cazh) and definitely saved a few runs. Last ball, Pentyrch required 9 to win, the Cazh were safe… nope, Dave threw in a quicker very wide wide which Jesus could not get a mitt to. Steveo who had been hidden in the slips as had pulled his ‘hammy’ and Foxy with his ‘lumpy leg’ (and being in his 81st year) both ran in slow motion up the hill after the ball. Retrieval complete but not before the batsmen had completed 3 runs and the extra. Now 5 required off the last ball. Fortunately, this time Dave’s radar was back on and just went for a single and the claim of victory. 215-6.

Goffy -8-0-51-1
Luvvers – 5-1-21-0
Dan L – 7-1-34-1
Obee1 – 8-0-30-2
DB – 8-1-49-2
Foxy -4-0-27-0
2xcatches WMW; 2 x stumpings WMW

Other point of note – Steve B was unable to cling onto an early chance at close cover and Rob, late on was unable to hold on to one on the long uphill boundary, and last but not least Jesus. His keeping improved throughout the innings, but the early signs were not in character for him - a number of drops, pops and fumbles; culminating in a classic run out chance missed with him knocking the bails off with his arse!
A fine, albeit, long match – entertaining and nail biting down to the end! We then stopped for a pint and to finish off the tea before making our way home.



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