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Match Report vs Celtic Hawks 24 May 2018 @ Blackweir (Skipper and report Dan)

The forecast was rain, there was a splattering of drizzle at 1.30 in the capital, but then nothing more...heavy rain was due at 5pm. Both teams expected the downpour, but at 4.30 there was nothing, too late to call it off – therefore game was on. Both teams found their way to the Blackweir pitch, hampered by the carpark being closed and needing to find somewhere not too far away – the pub pay and display seemed favourite. A few Casuals appeared to have thought the game would likely be off, Steveo for example had already had a pint or 2 and was yet again late as was Tesh stuck in traffic. The captains agreed to reduce to 18 overs as the rain was likely to turn up at any time, plus the parkie on site had said he was locking the games at 8.30 if we’d finished or not. Dan lost the toss and the Cazh were put into bat – which as it happens would have been the preferred choice of Capt’n Dan especially with 2 men down and no keeper.

Kim and Rob opened up against a speed, though varied attack from the Hawks. Kim nicked a single and Rob kept a good Yorker which went through the keeper for 4. The 2nd over was crashed for back to back boundaries from Kim. The 3rd was a maiden. The opening bowlers were replaced after 2 and the first change bowler was quick but erratic. First ball, bounced sharply but Rob played a sublime glance for 4. This was followed by a chest high fast beamer which Rob got out of the way of and so did the keeper- 5 no balls, then 4 wides, a single then another fast chest high beamer which Kim clipped for 4 and then another boundary. 23 off it and the Cazh raced to 51 off 5. The Cazh did not relent. Rob was playing aggressively and Kim dealt mainly in boundaries. To be fair the outfield was quick even though damp, and 2 of the boundaries were really quite short. The wicket if bowling back of a length was doing a lot – popping and turning (and one pitched and rolled). This was the undoing of Kim in the 8th over bowled to what umpire Paul said was a good un. However, the Cazh had raced to 95 off 8.

Luvvers in next and continued where Kim had left off and looked for boundaries. The quickies were replaced by a spinner who spun it. He was to take the wickets of Gazza and Richie next ball in the 11th. Rob continued his new aggressive style but was unfortunate to hit one down the throat of mid-on. To be fair the Hawks has put down a couple so they were due to catch one. 116-4 off 12. The collapse was slowed by the next few batsman - Steveo hitting a 6 and a few singles before being bowled, Dan hitting a 6 and 4 off consecutive deliveries before being bowled (the 6 was caught over the line, but thankfully the fielder admitted it was...there was talk in the field earlier in the innings not to signal boundaries... ). 138-6 off 15. Paul and Tesh then batted well against the returning openers and put on another 20 before the end of the innings. 159-7 off 18.

Kim b37
Rob O ct30
Luvvers ct14
Rich lbw0
Tesh no11
Steveo b10
Dan L b10
Paul b11
Mark no0
Pete T & Dave T DNB
Extras 36

Capt’n Dan was confident that was enough, though these days who can tell!

Looking at the bounce and movement off the pitch Dan was looking forward to bowling on this wicket, he opened from the ambulance end and Kiwi Pete from the other. The first overs were pretty tight, Dan unlucky with a couple of boundaries being swiped off middle to the short leg boundary, however Pete’s 2nd was a maiden with the addition of the run out of the dangerous looking opener. The ball went through keeper Steveo and was chased down by Dan who turned and threw in with the batsmen trying to take a second bye, Steveo expertly moved himself out of the way of the return throw (or can be read – didn’t get anywhere near the stumps), the throw was a direct hit with the returning batsman half way down the track. Pete and Dan continued with their spell and finished with good figures. 41-1 off 8overs (50 behind where the Cazh had been at the same point in the first innings).

Dan going for the kill asked Luvvers to bowl first change and Dave the other. The plan didn’t really go as expected. The no3 took a liking to Gazza’s half volley length and pinged 3 boundaries from it. Dave started with singles. Luvvers 2nd over was best described as ‘dismantled’. 2 big 6’s and another boundary. Dave started to bowl wides. 90 off 12 with 2 set in batsman. Two weeks previous the Cazh were in a similar position, the oppo needing 70 off that last 6 overs, and the Cazh seemingly in an unloseable position...we lost. So change of bowling was required. Pablo replaced Luvvers and Shakey replaced Dave. Pauls first 4 balls of his 1st over went for 13 including another huge 6. The no3 was told he wanted 1 for his 50 (and retirement), the 5th ball he hit towards the boundary but was stopped just short, but he hadn’t run...wanting to score a maximum to retire. 6th ball Paul lofted it up and the batsman took the offering, however, he didn’t quite get all of it in the direction of Dan. After what seemed like an age, Dan took the catch as it lost pace and dipped at cow corner. 103-2 off 13.

Shakey started with a wide, and was followed by a 6. 12 off it. 45 required off 4 and it was getting dark (though, like the rest of the match the dark clouds produced no rain bar a bit of drizzle). Paul’s 2nd conceded 7 runs, with a couple of dots which heaped on the pressure. Shakey’s 2nd only went for singles, but did bring an unfortunate drop by Luvvers at cow (it wasn’t his day). 33 required off 2. The Hawks needed to go big. The opener, still there, was now swinging at everything. Paul varied his line, length and delivery style, and 3rd ball bowled the opener. Relief! The new batsman did connect with one which went for a boundary. 29 needed from the last over. Surely we couldn’t lose this... Shakey’ s first went for a boundary. 2nd ball – wicket bowled – this was the end of the contest. The remaining deliveries went for a single and dots. The Hawks finished on 137-4. The memory of the Medics game was put to bed and the Cazh confidently defended the total, even against some aggressive oppo batting. An enjoyable and competitive match and we didn’t get too wet or locked in – the match finished at 8.25. Downside – 2 of the oppo got parking tickets for not paying and displaying in the pub car park (£50 a bit harsh).

Dan 4-1-18-0
Pete T 4-1-14-0
Luvvers 2-0-31-0
Dave T 2-0-16-0
Paul 3-0-25-2
Mark 3-0-21-1
Extras 21

Much buffet was consumed by the happy Cazh and the roll continues...



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