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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 20 May 2018 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

The summer season was very much upon us – the 3rd sunny Sunday of the year, and it was hot. The Cazh made their way to the Dinas Common, all appeared just about on time with the usual last minute text from Steveo to say he was running late and doing a MacDonalds run (in a vain attempt to keep the kids happy whilst he played cricket (it didn’t work).

To be fair the outfield was looking a little long, the Dinas Secretary came over to informed Captain Dan that their sit on mower had been nicked the night before – bastards. The Dinas skipper also informed Dan that they were short and had a preference to field first – win win – the Cazh were batting (technically a toss won) - though it wouldn’t be the skipper who would be batting in the mid-20s heat…Luvvers and Rob opened the batting. There was a short pavilion side downhill boundary, though Rob expertly judged how to put just enough bat on ball so it didn’t quite make it across the boundary – meaning they had to run…Luvvers enthusiasm early on was impressive – they ran 3 3’s, but it wasn’t long before they were looking for boundaries as the heat started taking effect. Luvvers hit a nice waist high 6 down the hill and followed with a couple of 4s. Rob, to fair struggled a little to get the nurdle going. There was quite a bit of constructive coaching (can also be read as ‘criticism’) from the side-lines as to why he was unable to connect the bat with the ball – consensus was down to wafting the bat away from the body rather then moving feet towards the ball. Anyway Rob was the first to fall, but for a good partnership of 64 in the 15th over.

Jesus joined Luvvers and the pair continued to look for their shots against a good bowling attack – one quickie and one spinnerie. Just before drinks disaster struck – Luvvers who had looked a dead cert for his first returning 50, managed to play on to a shorter delivery off the 1st change young lad bowler. 90-2 off 20. The return of past Casuals Dave White came in at no4. The bounce was variable off the pitch and it was difficult to guess which one would lift a little or stay a little lower. However, it was Will who succumbed to the young lad also playing on, unable to get out of the ‘dreaded 20’s’. Dave followed shortly after caught and bowled to one that stuck in the pitch. 114-4 off 25. Steveo who had replaced Will, completed his usual batting preparation routine, and then took a wild swipe at the first ball and missed. The next 4 balls of the over all connected and were dispatched to all parts of the ground – none of them intentionally hit in the direction of where they went – apart from the exquisite cover/cut drive which went for 4 and hinted that was the area in which it was hit.

Steveo stuck around for another over or 2 without scoring and during a brief cameo with Goff they both fell to the young lad Waites who picked up his 5for which included 2 wicket maidens. Somewhere in the middle of that Richie was bowled for duck, the Casuals now struggling a bit at 126-7 off 32overs. Capt’n Dan joined Pablo and the slow bowling came on, Dan bludgeoned 15 before going for one too many and was caught, Obee1 graced the middle briefly before been given out lbw, leaving last man Shakey to have a bat with his brother. The pair put on a valuable 19 runs for the last partnership and the Cazh finished on 162-9 off 40overs.

Luvvers bowled 42
Rob bowled 15
Jesus bowled 28
Dave W ct&b 6
Steveo bowled 11
Richie bowled 0
Goff bowled 3
Paul no14
Dan ct 15
Pete O lbw 1
Mark no9

Tea was a welcome sight both because it was a chance for a rest in the shade, and also it looked good and there was lots of it. Even thought they were due to have a run around in the heat, the Casuals went back for 2nds and sometimes 3rds.

The Cazh finally made their way out to the field. Dan opened from the Barry end and Goffy from the rugby pitch end. Dan’s first ball was a little full and the opener heaved it high to the short boundary marshalled by Luvvers, unfortunately it sailed over his head for 6. Fortunately the remainder of the over went for just 1. Goffy started with a wide and a boundary and then dots. Dan’s 3rd of his second over cut in between bat and pad of the attacking opener, next ball through the gate bowled. Nothing more of note for the remainder of their opening spell, oh, apart from the no3 being dropped behind by Steveo and went on for a 4. After 10 overs the score had moved to 42. The Stephens brothers returned in tandem for the 1st change, both also struggled to get the line and length right to start with on the strip that slants away, but they came back with respectable figures from their 5 over spells. 76-1 off 20.

Dave ‘Finn’ White took the next spell and was no-balled first ball for clipping the stumps with his knee, bit harsh, and Obee1 replaced Shakey at the rugby end. Dave’s second over produced a fortunate occurrence – a lbw decision with an appeal with gusto that would have been difficult to turn down, though from a distance the batsman was a fair way down the track at the time. Still, a welcome wicket as they had become quite comfortable. Pete bowled his 8 straight through and although was wicketless, enticed the batsmen to a number of cautious shots and would have probably had a wicket if the skipper hadn’t moved Shakey away from where the batsman subsequently top edged it (he would have dropped it…).

It was Dave who got the next wicket – caught and bowled with a distinct look of shock that it had come back to him. 109-3 off 27overs. The no3 was still there and looking set. Dan came back in the 31st over, replacing Dave, and was rewarded with a double wicket maiden both bowled (but not the no3), he got another in the next caught and bowled. 128-7 off 34. By this time the Dinas numbers had depleted (they only had 10 to start with, but one of their players had to leave early so 2 wickets to go). Dan made a potentially rash decision and took himself off with an over to go in his spell, instead inviting Jesus to have a bowl. The no3 was still there but his running partner didn’t have a lot a run in him, so the plan of attack was to only look for boundaries and turn down runs from elsewhere. Shakey came back after Pete. Will’s second effectively ended the contest getting the wicket of the no3 – who somehow managed to pull the ball into his pads and onto the stumps. Shakey’s last 2 overs went for maidens and the game ended with Dinas on 140-9. Another Casual win – it’s now not a run it’s a roll!

A very enjoyable game, friendly spirit and tight until the end, though it’ll be one we’ll be happy to be claiming as a win.

Dan 7-1-25-4
Goff 5-0-17-0
Paul 5-0-12-0
Mark 7-2-21-0
Dave W 5-0-18-2
Pete O 8-0-37-0
Jesus 3-1-7-1




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