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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 2 September 2018 @ Hayes Point (Skipper and report Rob)

With weather threatening, the Cazh arrived at the familiar surroundings of Hayes Point to face Barry Wanderers. After the win against Wick, talk was of the ‘possible’, ‘likely’ or ‘we’ve already bloody done it’ winning season. So would the result even matter? The sun came out and the pitch was the standard uneven, flat(ish) wicket we’re all familiar with.

Skipper Rob, who had been trying his best to dig the opposition captain and groundsmen for some insight, won the toss. Steve and Goff, the opening bowler and keeper, were late, so with memories of the early season spectacular collapse in mind, and quickly forgotten - the Cazh are batting.

Luvvers and Rob opened the innings, with some tight bowling at one end, especially when Rob was facing. The increase in noise from the side-lines signalled that the stragglers had arrived. Luvvers picked up the pace and went aerial towards the pavilion, where The Big Smoke was holding court with his witty repartee. Goff had time to lean out the way, catch it or let it hit him. Somehow, he did the full range and got whacked on the shoulder, much to everybody’s concern for his wellbeing. He nearly got hit twice more, but Goff was just quick enough to dodge them – shame.

Luvvers picked up the pace (with extras chipping in) until the 16th over, when Rob was bowled by Parry, bringing Will, and last acknowledged batsmen, in. 87/1. The rate actually slowed a bit and it was after the drinks break earlier in the season that we collapsed, so what would our newly discovered form bring us? Both batters opened up, with Luvvers going past 50. Both batsmen were going along nicely, assisted by ‘One-to-Come-Will’ and some clean hitting by both. Will was out LBW playing across one from Sachin in the 30th (164/2) with Steve the next man in.

Every ball was now a scoring shot as Luvvers had picked things up, getting his century in 30 overs, before falling C & B to Omar in the 33rd for 114. The bowler didn’t have time to get out the way and stuck out a hand, with it somehow sticking, bringing Rich to bat. 187/3.

Here’s a copy and paste paragraph for future match reports. Edit as appropriate:
“Steve had been looking [good / bad / ugly] swishing away with some 1s and 4s, but was bowled, with the ball keeping relatively low to Steve’s bat.” Goff the next man up. How many balls would he survive? After [insert 1-5 here] swishes. He blocked [1-5], tapped [1-3] singles before having a mad rush down the track to be stumped (again) off his [1-5] delivery.

This left Shakes and Rich to score a few at the death to get us from 202/4 to 214/4 off 40 overs.

1. Luvvers C&B 114
2. Rob Bowled 13
3. Will MW LBW 29
4. Steve Bowled 14
5. Rich NO 6
6. Goff Stumped 2
7. Shakes NO 7
8. Pabs
9. Pete O
10. Tim
11. Dave

After the usual tea demolition job, the Cazh set out to defend their 200+ total. Goff and DT to open, with the danger man Blundell opening. The pair started well until Dave struck in the 6th over, the ball turning off the slope bowling Tillbrook for 11. 30/1.

This set the pattern for the game, with Blundell batting nicely, with varying partners helping him out. Goff had been bowling well, with edges and misses not carrying until his last over. Will, with mobility issues (for 5 balls an over, at least) had wandered from 1st to 2nd slip. Perhaps this was a show of confidence in Steve’s ability get across, but it was Will who dived to his left and clung on to a flier, catching it between his fingers to dismiss Parry. Normally this would be worth a champagne moment nomination, but Goffy getting wacked stands out! Next ball, Goffy bowls Bevan for a crispy golden duck to set up a terrible hat-trick ball that deserved a wide. 47/3.

Bowling change, and it’s Shakes and Pabs time. The book is wrong, so piecing it back together; Shakes struck in his second over, with Omar hitting it back at him C&B. 77/4. The opener carried on, scoring well, with the game still in the balance. In his last over Pabs bowled two men to put Barry on the back foot, with the opener running out of partners. 104/6.

Pete on next with Rich and Tim at the other end, with Blundell picking up the rate. Nawale hung around for a 54 run partnership, until Pete had him caught by Dave for 14. The result hung in the balance, until Blundell skied one to Rob on the boundary, caught just short of his century for 94. 162/8 with Barry needing 53 runs off 7 overs.

Three overs later Pete had Williams caught by Will for 0 leaving Rob or Will to get the last man. Would Will finally get a bowl? The last batsmen tested Will’s character by chipping a dolly to him off Rob’s bowling. Will took his third catch to win the game. 165 all out.

With only warm beer on offer, the Cazh buggered off to The Merry Harrier to drink beer and eat crisps and chips.

1. Goff 6 1 25 2
2. Dave 6 0 25 1
3. Pabs 6 0 36 2
4. Shakes 6 0 19 1
5. Rich 3 0 20 0
6. Pete O 6 1 25 2
7. Tim 3 0 12 1
8. Rob 1 1 0 1




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