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Match Report vs Wick 27 August 2018 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Rob)

The heavens had opened the day before, and the days before that, yet an early morning pitch inspection confirmed the game was ON. After inspecting the freshly cut wicket, it was agreed, by Shakes, that “150 could be a good score”, “what could possibly go wrong” and that it looked like a bowling track. Agreed, we’ve seen more collapses than a Weatherspoons on Giro day this season, but the skipper fancied the batting line-ups chances. As the Brigadier and Steve were late, the toss was uncontested - the Cazh are batting!


Will G and Alex opened, with both scoring at a rapid rate, matching each other, both hitting big 6’s. Will G was dropped in the 40’s and then made up for it by hitting a 6 and 4 to go past 50. There were three or four drops, plus several that landed between fielders who could have got there, but both ploughed on. 105/0 15 overs.

The usual opener Collis, who arrived late, came on first change, but the runs kept coming. Alex cleared mid-on to get to 50, but was then dropped by the bowler. Alex thanked him by hitting him into the graveyard and clearing a house towards the pavilion. Wick had taken the pace off the ball and this created chances. Both openers fell to catches by Collis off Thomas’s bowling. 182 / 2 25 overs.

Will MW and Luvvers were now batting together with the runs continuing. After peppering the houses with 6’s, Luvvers was skittled for 31. Will MW had unusally been watching Luvvers from the other end, but he now took over. Wick had figured out the multi bouncing filth was working best, and Steve (1) got one early (bowled) to bring Rob (11 no) to the crease. 236/4 34 overs. Some good ball counting and better striking allowed Will to hit 60+ in 6 overs with a wide range of power hitting, until he too was caught for 80, leaving Rich to not face two balls.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing as it turned out. 314 / 5.

Alex 85
Will G 86
Will MW 80
Luvvers 31
Steve 1
Rob 11 no
Rich 0 no
Pabs -
Shakes -
Pete -
Tim -


Luvvers, as the designated paceman, opened up with 4 overs of swinging skimmers, with few runs scored. In the 4th over he got the opener with one that swung and seamed and kept a bit low. Pabs replaced him and got a wicket with his 4th ball as the opener hit one hard at extra cover, that was somehow caught by skipper Rob one handed to his right, much to everyone's surprise. 27/1.

Shakes was plugging away at the other end, and finally got his man in his last over, bowling Collis who had scored a quick 28 off the spinners. Pete on next, with the batsmen looking comfortable, with their captain playing nicely. The slow pitch helping him tick along, but the rate was creeping towards 10 an over. Dixon was batting in binary, scoring only 0’s and 1s until Pete got him LBW playing across it. 72/3 - 16 overs.

Tim and Rich came on to bowl 5 a piece. Aberdeen was run out by a fielding mix-up, then Rich immediately bowled their captain for 83 in the 28th with the ball dying on him. He then bowled the number 10 and had 9 caught, popping a catch to Will MW, who had been furiously warming up his bowling arm for weeks. Rob and Will MW to bowl at the end, but sadly the last man was out caught by Alex off Rob, leaving the number 11 stranded and Will unbowled. 173 all out - 37 overs.

Luvvers 4 3 1 8
Shakes 8 0 1 45
Pabs 8 0 1 35
Pete 5 0 1 27
Tim 5 0 1 18
Rich 5 0 3 36
Rob 2 2 1 0


Luckily for some bowlers, the scorers chose not to mark down many of the wides and no balls, but the extras column was kept busy with 6 overs bowled in extras between the sides. All 7 bowlers took at least a wicket, with 5 of the bowlers getting a wicket in their last over, which just shows it’s worth lulling a batsmen in with some filth.

A good game of cricket, which could have been very different if they’d taken a few of their chances. The battle for a winning season continues. So, off to the pub where everyone can stare at the phones, have a pint and eat their bodyweight in crisps.



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