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Match Report vs Pentyrch 05 August 2018 @ Pentyrch (Skipper and report Dan)

It was another hot summers day and on paper we had a strong side…On arrival the wicket and outfield was looking better than any we have played on this year – green! Captain Dan negotiated the toss (a win) and decided to bat first. Kim with a hangover and Rob with slightly less of a hangover and with a sore shoulder opened the batting against a steady bowling attack. Kim had told Rob there were to be no singles and Rob said he was unable to hit boundaries due to his shoulder meant that not many runs were scored in the first 6 overs – just 10 off them. Kim had already survived a drop behind, but it was Rob who perished – being bowled down the hill. This brought Jesus to the crease. There was a lot of defending so the score wasn’t going up much, as long as they stayed there, the runs would come. Unfortunately, Will tried to defend another but missed and the ball struck straight in front of the stumps, the skipper had no option but to raise the finger. Alex next in – ‘fresh’ from having run the Barry 10k that morning. First ball clipped one straight to mid-on who put it down. Relief. Hopefully that would focus the mind. It didn’t – next over a similar shot this time down the hill was taken by mid-on. The Cazh were in serious trouble. 16-3 off 10. Kim was given the instruction to stick around.

Steveo next in. The next change bowlers, saw someone very similar to Doc who used to play for the Cazh – in fact he had the same name and he was the same person! Doc took quite a few wicket for the Cazh between 2006 and 2010, so we were hoping this wouldn’t happen here. It didn’t, but there were a lot of dots, where as the other end saw a young lad (Rutherford) come on to bowl down the hill. From the sidelines he looked rapid. From the middle – Kim confirmed he was rapid!! Kim was well caught by the keeper in the lads second over (and thankfully final over). The Cazh were now in dire straights, the top 4 (and dare I say it) recognised batsmen were out with the score on 24 after 15 overs. It looked very likely that tea and drinks would be looming very shortly. However, the change of bowling was more to the liking of Steveo and Pablo and the pair began to repair the innings. On the sidelines there was talk of Steveo’s defensive shot selection and it was suggested that one had been seen last season, but today it was not on show. Steveo clubbed 7 boundaries and played and missed many more, but at drinks the score was a lofty 43.

3 overs later the score had rattled along to 77, but Steveo missed one to many and was bowled – but not before he reached his Casuals milestone of 3000 runs for the club. Shakey having not batted hardly at all this season was promoted up the order and partnered his brother. This was obviously going to spell disaster…on hitting a straight drive down the hill the pair set off on their run, the call came from Shakey (according to Paul) to go for the second, and to all on the boundary edge this seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, what no one had seen to this point was the fielders throwing ability and as it turned out it was straight, accurate and quick. Paul, at full tilt down the hill was unable to make the ground and was out by a margin. 78-6. Dan next in, feeling confident after his mini cameo with Goff during the week, plus having been advised by the non-striker that I could gorge on the buffet. First ball missed and hit the pad, it felt like the finger would be up and pointing, but no – reprieve. His 2nd reprieve was granted 2 balls later after edging one to the keeper. He gained a modicum of respectability with a sweeping boundary, but it was over and out next ball trying to heave another and top edged it – utter rubbish. 90-7. Foxy then came out to bat and stuck around for 4 overs, but eventually played on and Pete had a good go plus run a few with Shakes – which was fun until he was also bowled, at least they’d got us over the 100 mark. Last man Richie went out swinging and Shakey was gaining in confidence. The pair went for broke in the final over and we almost made it to 40 overs, but Shakey was eventually bowled with the penultimate delivery 137ao was a far better total than everyone thought possible at the drinks break and the middle order did an excellent job of giving the team something to try and defend.

Kim ct 12
Rob O b 1
Will MW lbw 2
Alex ct 2
Steveo b 34
Paul ro 15
Mark b 37
Dan ct 4
Foxy b 1
Pete O b 1
Rich no 11

Tea was taken – very nice (see Tea report) – and everyone felt full when going out to field.

Dan and Paul opened up, Dan for some reason again choosing to bowl up the hill and into the wind… though there was method in the madness – if the slower bowlers could get the length right, the balls would appear to be fuller than they actually were and induce a false shot…Paul did get the first wicket in his first over (though I’m not suggesting the ploy worked) – Doc (opening) got a leading edge and it spooned back to Paul. Dan got the next wicket, getting the young fast bowler to play on. Paul continued to vary his line, length and method of attack, and Dan beat the bat a number of times to the left hander. After 10 overs the oppo were on 26. Shakey replaced Dan and Pete replaced Paul. Mrs Shakey put in an appearance, not sure if she saw him taken his wicket – bowling the number 4. Pete also got in on the act, enticing the batsman to launch one toward Rob in the deep. It did look to start with the Rob would not get there, but then it looked like he’d run in too far – but in the end he got it just right. The match was then tipped heavily in favour of the Cazh, with Pete getting 2 more in his 4th over – first bowled the dangerous looking left hander and then one that was looped up towards Steveo at cover – who having made the short distance to the ball, fumbled but ultimately took the catch with a loud expletive – as this was his 100th catch for the Cazh and also beating Dan to the milestone.

Kim replaced Shakey and Pete was allowed to bowl on, Kim didn’t take a wicket but did keep the score down. Pete took his 4th with a fine catch by Will behind the stumps. Richie was next to bowl in tandem with Foxy. Pentyrch required about 50 off 10 overs with 3 wickets remaining. Richie started well but then lost his rhythm a tad in the second over and was replaced by Steveo. Foxy meanwhile bowled very well and finished with figures of 4 overs, 2 maidens, just 9 runs and 1 wicket – the wicket a catch taken by Alex ‘diving’ at cover. Things were getting a little more streaky as the next batsman in looked like he could hit the ball and by now only 20 runs were required off 5 overs. Steveo came to the rescue and bowled the last but one man. The last batsman was the skipper who also could obviously hit the required runs. With the pressure on and only 10 to win, Paul and Dan came back on and Paul got the required wicket caught again by Alex at cow. The Cazh managing to win by 9 runs in the 37th over.

Dan 6-2-12-1
Paul 6.3-0-23-2
Mark 4-0-18-1
Pete 8-0-32-4
Kim 4-0-8-0
Rich 2-0-11-0
Foxy 4-2-9-1
Steveo 3-0-9-1

A very enjoyable game, and everyone from both sides got involved. We all stayed for a beer/cider in the superb Pentyrch pavilion before heading back to the city.



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