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Match Report vs Boyz of Summer 02 August 2018 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

The last league match of the 2018 season was upon us all too soon. The day had been overcast even with a spot of drizzle, but on arrival to Wenvoe the sun was out and temperature was climbing. Captain Dan lost the toss (again) , but the Cazh were asked to bat – so felt like a win! Kim and Rob opened up. The first over looked to spell disaster, second ball, Kim chipped one towards the mid off fielder, fortunately this chance wasn’t taken. From then on Kim went on the rampage – including 20 runs off the 3rd over. The new Foxy ball scoop #6 was brought into action very early on and was used multiple time during the innings. Unfortunately the new ball was lost somewhere in the wilderness of the Wenvoe brook triangle in only the 5th over. Kim retired in the 8th over. Alex joined Rob with the score on 78. Rob was then run out the next over both batsman agreeing that a 2 was on- as it turned out it wasn’t. Big Willy made his first batting appearance for 12 months and looked solid from the off. He kept Alex on his toes calling through and unexpected single, which a direct hit was have seen Alex a goner.

Fortunately this wasn’t the case and Alex was back in his swing – carting 2 massive 6’s before skying one too many and was caught at long off. The score had continued to climb to 120 off 13. During the following 4 overs the scoreboard took a break and only 10 runs were scored – mainly due to a better bowling display. In the 16th over both Will and Steveo fell – Will top edged one back to the slow bowler and Steveo was bowled by him. 129-4 off 16. Goffy and Dan put on a little cameo with some mighty swishes – some of which connected, putting on a partnership of 38 before Goff was bowled (twice – once called a no ball) in the last over. Tim came in to face the last 2 balls, but was unable to add to the score and was deemed run out last ball (though it looked more like a stumping). The Cazh finished on 166-6.

Kim 51 ret
Rob O 18 ro
Alex 25 ct
Big Willy 13 c&b
Steveo 7 b
Goffy 13 b
Dan 21 no
Tim 0 ro
Paul, Mark, Rich DNB
Extras 18

The Cazh took to the field, confident of a victory. Captain Dan had done his stat homework and if a max points win and other results going the Casuals way – there was a chance of (somehow) coming 2nd in the league! Dan opened the bowling with Shakey, Shakey got the first break through in his first over – bowled. Dan got in on the act first ball of his second, getting a successful lbw decision. Dan got another next over hitting the top of off and Shakey picked up another couple – both catches – one by Alex at cow and the other by Dan at backward squareleg. The Cazh very much on top 48-5 off 8. The 8 overs had taken quite a long time to get through, the No2 batsman pulled up with cramp second ball and requested a runner, which induced more hilarity with running and non-running, plus the ball scoop came into play a few times. So by the time Goffy and Paul came on to bowl, the sun was already dipping below the tree line. Both Goffy and Paul bowled through, though with contrasting success.

Neither took a wicket, but the Boyz middle order played very well and looked a constant threat. Goff’s delivers were given a lot of respect and he only went for 2 boundaries in his 3rd over. Paul’s mix off seam and spin was more to the liking of the batsmen who went to town a bit with the short brook boundary. The was a run out though – calmly through back to keeper Kim by Steveo in the 14th over. Unfortunately it’s not possible to track the score, overs and fall of wickets as those parts of the book aren’t filled in, but the score was probably about 100. After the completion of their spell it was really quite dark. Steveo and Rich were asked to bowl. During Steveo’s first over the wicket of the hard hitting No6 was gained with another run out – which was excellent from the Cazh point of view – the winning target would have been in sight had he stayed there. Richie’s over went slightly awry, it started fine, but picked up a case of the Britpop’s and couldn’t bowl a ball on the strip. In fact, Captain Dan was now thinking the worse – that there might be a repeat of the Medics game (surely not)…at the end of the over Boyz needed 35 off 2 and the sights of a max points win were dashed.

Steveo’s 2nd over was excellent – only going for 7. Rob was asked to bowl the last over and not only stopped any boundaries, also got a wicket caught by Richie on the brook edge – which was very good considering it was now 9 o’clock and the ball was hardly visible against the dark skies. Shakey not known for his vision, hearing or speed, was hauled into action on numerous occasions at long off – often standing there ‘looking alert’ but not seeing the ball until it was metres away from him, he also chased down a boundary which did visible show a turn of pace. The Casuals achieved victory by 21 runs, Boyz batting really well in the middle/latter stages finishing on 145-8.

Dan 4-0-20-2
Mark 4-0-28-3
Goffy 4-0-16-0
Paul 4-0-42-0
Steveo 2-0-14-0
Richie 1-0-13-0
Rob O 1-0-6-1
Extras 22

The Cazh finally made it to the pub at about 9.45 and were treated to some slightly dubious stat porn – but it was a good reminder that our win ratio for the season had made it over the 50% mark.

Joke of the day – what’s the difference between jam and marmalade?
You can’t marmalade your c*** up a girls a***… (though someone did say that they’d give it a go…)



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