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Match Report vs Westbury-on-Severn 22 July 2018 @ Westbury (Skipper and report Dan)

The Casuals arrived at the new fixture venue of Westbury on the scorching hot Sunday afternoon with music pumping out of the PA system, quite a crowd of people – including some females (one in particular did catch the eye) and a group of young athletic chaps in cricket whites practising catching… The ground looked idyllic with a slight sideways slant and the wicket although as dry and dry can be – wasn’t a maze of cracks like most of the strips we’d been playing on for previous 2 months. With a strong line up ‘on paper’, Captain dan won the toss and selected to bat first. The match was reduced overs due to the late start time, max 6 overs per bowler.

Luvvers opened with Rob and the first over against a young sharp quick bowler looked very promising – Luvvers enjoying the challenge dispatched 3 of the deliveries to the boundary include a hook to a short one. To make up for this fast start the next over was a maiden and the second over from the quickie, unfortunately, as the next short pitched delivery, Luvvers eyes lit up once more but this time looping a top edge to the keeper. Wicket maiden. Jesus joined Rob and both waited for the bad ball. Westbury changed their bowler quite regularly and their players, the girls team were subbed in and out to have a bowl and to add to the trepidation of the batsmen, not wanting to experience what Richie did in 2010 against Sudbrook – being bowled by a girl. The partnership came to an end in the 13th over (by one of the male contingent), Rob was bowled by a quick one. Alex in next off the back of his 50 for Radyr the day previous. First ball wide, but a big swish, second ball straighter and a big swish – connected and sailed high towards the boundary…right towards a very causal looking fielder who made the catch look very simple. Bugger. 73-3 off 13. The ship now needed steadying. Next to hold the rudder was Steveo.

First ball of the following over was smashed straight passed the bowler for 4, he was off to a flyer. Two balls later he was heading back to the pavilion after being bowled rather unluckily the ball just clipping the leg stump bail. Goffy having not long being relieved from umpiring duty wasn’t ready in time and Paul strolled slowly out. He partnered Jesus excellently, farming most of the strike to the bearded wonder. Apart from one lovely cover drive boundary, the rest of Paul’s 20 runs came in singles. Jesus, mixed it around in either singles or boundaries. The partnership of 81 was ended with the simple run out of Paul – who had finally succumbed to exhaustion. The total now up to a respectable 158 off 27. Jesus was to finally hole out (off one of the girls) to a good catch in the deep for 88. Goffy and Obee1 saw us through to the innings close and a total of 175-6 off the 30overs. It looked unlikely to be a winning total, but at least it made a game of it.

Luvvers 12ct
Rob 18b
WillMW 88ct
Alex 0ct
Steveo 4b
Paul 24ro
Goffy 4no
Pete o 10no
Mark, Dan, Rich DNB
Extras 15.

It had been pre-arranged that there would be no interval tea, but a BBQ post match.

Dan and Paul opened the bowling to the left/right batting combination. The wind had picked up a tad – which made the hot weather slightly more bearable., though Dan instantly realising yet again that he had chosen to bowl into the wind…The left hander in particular wasn’t taking any prisoners – anything wide or short went to the boundary quickly. The bowling was changed after 6 overs and the score on 33. Shakey and Goffy took over the reigns but not much else changed. The only point of note was the right hander was given a life, spooning the ball to cover into the waiting hands of Richie, unfortunately it didn’t reach Richie at the same speed with which the boundaries had been reached and probably far too much thought went into it and after a juggle or 2 the ball hit the deck. 85 off 12.

Obee1 and Luvvers were the next change – a very contrasting speed of attack. However, it was Pete who got us going with the first wicket – an lbw! The right hander was given in Pete’s 2nd over. As little Goughy used to say – one brings two, and in Pete’s 4th and final over he got the left hander, this time stumped by Goffy who had replaced Steveo behind the stumps. He should have got another caught behind, but it wasn’t given. Dan returned from the other end and had much more success, this time the caught behind was given and he got the next batsman bowled (moving up the hill!) which put him on a hat-trick (blocked). Steveo came on with 7 over to go and 24 runs needed. His first wicket was stumped by Goffy and 2nd caught by Pete at point. Alex made his bowling debut and was unfortunate not to get their keeper who switch hit went just over Paul’s head for the winning boundary. Westbury reaching the total with 4.2 overs remaining.

Dan 6-0-17-2
Paul 3-0-25-0
Mark 4-0-37-0
Goffy 3-0-23-0
Pete O 4-1-24-2
Luvvers 3-0-15-0
Steveo 2-0-16-2
Alex 0.4-0-8-0

The Casuals then set about demolishing the BBQ and a couple of ciders, all very nice and friendly, and actually didn’t finish too late so no one was in a rush to start the 50 mile journey home.



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