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Match Report vs Willow XI - 25th Anniversary Match 02 July 2018 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

The weather was back to its glorious self and for the first time in memory all the Cazh were in attendance 15mins before the start time. This wasn’t to say the match started on time, but everything was very relaxed and friendly. Capt’n Dan won the toss (can’t say that too many times this season) and with a strong batting line up (…on paper…) he chose to bat first. The Willow XI were waiting for 2 players so Dan and Steveo were volunteered to field in the interim.

Luvvers and Kim opened for the Cazh and the Cavaliers representative open for the Willow XI. Umpire Shakey let the first wide go, but not the subsequent 5. The middle deliveries were dots, a few more wides not given and finally Kim put bat on ball for a 2 which was draw towards stand in fielder Steveo who expertly completed a DB stepover. Skipper Dale (Trust) opened from the other end and disaster struck early for the Cazh as in form batsman Luvvers clipped the first ball to Stork (Eclipse) in slips for a golden duck. I suppose it would be un-casual like if we didn’t have a duck somewhere in the innings. Jesus in at 3, and he and Kim started to build the innings. The ball appeared to follow the Cazh fielders, Dan ran more in the 3 overs than he does when he fields for his own side. Thankfully the 2 late fielder turned up and Dan and Steveo resumed their heckling positions on the sidelines.

After 8 overs the Cazh had gotten themselves into a healthy position at 57-1. Unfortunately, the next couple of overs saw the run rate slow up. Kim ended up playing on against Shearer the slow Centurions bowler who always seems to get wickets against us (although we do have our fair share of slow bowlers who inexplicably get wickets). Jesus was then out the following over to a good delivery from Sutton (Glenwood) also bowled. 66-3 of 10. Winkie and Rob were the next partnership, but Rob didn’t last long to fall also bowled in the following over. 74-4 off 12. Steveo entered the fray and the Cazh on the sidelines placed their bets on how many balls Steveo would last, all deliveries in the first over were quickly snapped up and 3rd ball nearly paid off as the ball was chipped just over the head of the cover fielder. However, Steveo briefly became top scorer with the dizzy heights of 22 before being caught in the 17th over, but getting the team over the century mark. Goffy was predictability out stumped dancing down the track for 1, bringing Dan in to join Winkie – who was now hobbling a bit after injuring his ankle earlier in the inngings, a few singles and a boundary off the last ball allowed the Cazh to reach 119-6 at close.

Luvvers 0ct (0x4)
Kim 21b (2x4)
Jesus 20b (3x4)
Andy 25no (3x4)
Rob O 1b (0x4)
Steveo 22ct (4x4)
Goffy 1st (0x4)
Dan 7no (1x4)
Paul DNB
Pete T DNB
Rich DNB
Extras 22

Shah (Cavaliers) 2-0-15-0
Dale (Trust) 2-0-4-1
Payne (Cavaliers) 2-0-22-0
Morgan (Medics) 2-0-14-0
Shearer (Centurions) 2-0-12-1
M Sutton (Glenwood) 2-1-2-2
Joyce (Centurions) 2-0-10-0
Stork (Eclipse) 2-0-18-0
Niluka (Eclipse) 2-0-7-2
L Sutton (Glenwood) 2-0-10-0

The Cazh opened the bowling with Dan and Goffy, we also had to hide a few more than normal in the field due to injuries – Andy was now hardly able to walk and Richie had pulled in thigh once again, and Rob still had an impressive bruised arm that he got playing for the kids 11 (Cardiff 4ths) on the weekend - one of the bigger kids hit him (with a bouncer) – anyway he was posted on the longest boundary! The bowling was pretty tight to start with, though Goffy was hit for a boundary each over. Dan had a few played and missed, and in the 3rd over – the worst delivery of the spell – picked up a wicket – thin edge off a wide one to Will. 21-1 off 6.

Luvvers and Kiwi Pete took over, Luvvers was rapid, but just meant it went to the boundary quicker, and Pete bowled a few goodun’s but the batsmen were looking for boundaries rather than singles. After 10 overs the total was back to ‘in range’ 63-1. Paul and Steveo were next into the firing line and bowled fine, ok – often trying to entice the batsmen into some big hits by floating them up – which often they truly obliged. On one occasion Shah leathered it straight back towards the non-striking batsman Morgan – who didn’t have time to get out of the way – it struck with a hell of a smack! With the finishing line fast in sight, both batsmen finally retired on the designated 50 – both in steveo’s last over, Richie bowled what became the last, but did get a wicket, caught by Dan at mid-on. The target reached with 3 overs to go. 123-2.

Dan 3-1-6-1
Goffy 3-0-14-0
Luvvers 2-0-17-0
Pete T 3-0-31-0
Paul 3-0-26-0
Steveo 2-0-21-0
Richie 1-0-6-1

T. Morgan 53no (7x4)
L. Sutton 7ct (1x4)
Shah 50no (9x4)
Nils 5no (1x4)
Jasper 2ct (0x4)
Shearer 5no (1x4)
Extras 3

An enjoyable match, even if a little one sided, and everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. Then it was off to the Wenvoe arms for a pint and chip butties in the garden. A good few players and spectators came along and to enjoy the occasion.




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