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Match Report vs Cavaliers 01 July 2018 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

For the first time in years we had a match at Pontcanna fields. The weather was slightly cloudy, but hot and the forecast was for heavy though disparate showers. The match was to start at 12.45 due to the changing rooms only being available from 12.30 to 5 (which was extended to 6). The hosts (Cavaliers) were already in attendance and had erected a gazebo. Capt’n Dan lost the toss (again) and the Cazh were fielding.

Dan opened from the changing room end and Dave from the Taff end. The pitch looked good, but looks can be deceiving and it was apparent very early that the batsmen would need to watch their shots. First over Dan had one seaming and taking off over middle. Dave also enticed some extreme bounce, and in his first over was to be fortunate enough to get one to pop against Steaders off the glove, up his arm and into the hands of Jesus. Steaders walked, which was nice and Jesus reached his first milestone of the day (50 career catches for the Cazh). Dave had a wicket maiden (which I imagine may also be a first!). Dan continued without luck, another going through at the time a non-existent slip cordon, but in contrast, Dave kept taking wickets. Another was picked up in his second and 3rd – one excellently caught by Luvvers in slip – the ball staying in the air for quite a while in a slow loopy arch, but Luvvers had to dive forward to collect it. The next stumped with Jesus (bringing up his 2nd Cazh milestone – 40 career stumpings). In Dan’s fourth and last over one rose sharply off a length at Jimmy, passing his face on the rise. A few faces were etched with concern. After 8 overs the score on 19-3.

Goffy replaced Dan and Dave kept going. Until his 4th over Goffy bowled well only going for a boundary on over, to be fair a glance at his glazed eyes suggested he probably shouldn’t have been bowling at all. His fourth and last was pummelled for 3 boundaries by new batsman Payne. In the previous over, Dave’s last – last ball he picked up his 4th wicket – one square cut to an un-moving Paul at point. Dave was replaced by Foxy – first a ball one was carted back to him and to everyone’s shock Foxy was able to move his hand into the path of the ball. Probably wishes he hadn’t as it was going far to fast to curl the wizened fingers around and instead made a load slapping sound. However, 2 balls later he picked up the wicket of Jimmy by bleary eyed Goff at backward square 36-5 off 14.

Little Cheesy Baby Bell replaced Goffy and bowled a mixed bag of spin, seam, beamers, double bouncers and a couple of straight ones. He was unable to get a break through as the batsmen tried their luck. Obee1 replaced Foxy, and similar to Dave – the slow flighty deliveries were more effective than speed. Pete got the wicket of Adi who top scored with 37, stumped once more by Will. The Cavs had now reached 100 – which was starting to look like a good total. Paul replaced Ed and got a wicket both his first and second overs – the first to remove Payne via a good running catch by Ed at backward square, then a bowled. 113-8 off 29. It looked as though the fightback was over, but the Cavs last few batsman put on another 29 runs (mainly via skipper on the day JT) before Paul got another – bowled and Richie picked up an lbw in the 37th over. The Cavs finishing 143ao. This was a good total.

Dan 4-0-11-0
Dave 6-1-14-4
Goff 4-0-24-0
Foxy 3-0-9-1
Cheese 5-0-32-0
Obee 7-2-20-1
Paul 6-1-22-3
Richie 2.2 -0-7-1

It had been arranged prior to the game that tea would be taken after the match in the Halfway with a pint rather than tea. So, it was a quick turn around, with Luvvers and Rob opening up. The bowling attack at first returned similar results with bounce variation, both batsmen being vary of getting too far forward in case wearing one in the face. After 6 overs the Cazh had moved onto 8 runs and Cavs bagging 4 maidens. No real chances were given, the only talking point was one raising sharply against Rob and a convincing appeal from the Cavs. Rob looked unmoved and umpire Foxy turned his hearing aid up a notch. Rob was first to fall in the 16th over – with 2 balls remaining of the opener Shah’s spell, Rob decided to let loose and played on (15). The score on 48. Jesus came in and the bowling changed, and the score accelerated. Another potentially contributing factor – for the first time in weeks little droplets of water started to fall from the sky. Not much, but stayed with us for 30 mins or so, and the pitch appeared not to spit as much as it once had. The next 50 came up in the next 10overs without loss of wicket . Luvvers stayed on 49 for what seemed far too long before reaching the target in the 24th over (very fitting as this was Luvvers 50th Cazh appearance (milestone)). He then let loose and scored more freely.

On the sidelines the spectators and scorers devised a new game called Foxy Buckaroo – the point to balance as many things as possible on the head of a sleeping Foxy without him waking up – the empty coke can on top of the plastic cup proved too much. Back on the pitch it looked like the Cazh were going to stroll home. Until Jesus decided to take on Grog – the Foxy of the Cavs, and instead of launching down legside, missed it and was bowled through his legs with 14 required for the win. Ed, who had been padded up for a long time hopped his way out the middle and 2 balls later was hopping his way back. He’d leathered one to mid off – and an excellent catch was taken. Suddenly thoughts of the recent game between High Wycombe and Peterborough Town came sharply into focus – they has lost 7 wickets in 2overs only requiring 3 to win. We had 7 wickets remaining and we needed 14 to win (admittedly off 10 overs)…but all the Cazh are aware of the infamous Cazh Collapse…fortunately with Luvvers still at the crease he score most of the remaining runs required and Goffy clubbed a 4 to win the game and quadruple his season’s batting average. Luvvers finished on an excellent 83no.

Luvvers 83 no (12x4)
Rob 15b (1x4)
Will MW 25b (5x4)
Ed 0ct (0x4)
Goffy 4no (1x4)
Dan, Paul, Foxy, Pete O, Dave, Rich DNB

We all then got changed and headed over the Halfway for pints, sausages and chips and to watch Spain getting knocked out of the world cup by Russia.
Another very enjoyable game against our old friendly foe.



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