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Match Report vs Glam Centurions 14 June 2018 @ Llantwit Fardre (Skipper and report Dan)

The Cazh arrived in drips and drabs, with yet again – a strong team on paper. Nuff said – the end.

Ok, so, Jesus was going to be late, Dan lost the toss and the Cazh were once again inserted into bat. Kim and Luvvers opened the innings. The batting line up was neatly been filled by Richie – the batsmans full initials captured. Rich and the spectators then looked at the match’s opening delivery. Kim facing, looked to have got to the pitch of the ball far too early…no, he had got to the pitch of the ball far too early, his supersonic bat deflected the ball in a slow loopy motion back towards the bowler, who had not broken stride and was slowly moving his hands towards the ball…and took a good catch. What a start. Kim out first ball and first delivery to be scored in the new book (only another 50 matches to go before this can be forgotten). With no Jesus, Winkie was next to the middle. He and Luvvers made a very wary start against the quickish opener and the slow 2nd bowler. After 4 overs the score had moved on to 12. The next 4 catapulted the Cazh back on track 52 without further loss. Luvvers clubbing 2 big 6’s and another boundary into the holly bush hedge – and retired on 26 (as per the cup rules). Jesus had by now turned up and padded up and was next in (probably in the 6th over), as he was to be the victim of a very unfortunate run out. Winkie had in the 2nd over smashed a ball very straight, so straight that it crashed into the wicket the other end, this time he did again, but the bowler got a toe on to it, deflected on to the stumps and left Will stranded short of his ground. Bugger.

The scoring now returned to a bit of a trickle against a good change of bowling partnership. Maxy in with Winkie struggled on to 56 in the 10th over and Andy was bowled. Richie resumed the partnership with Maxy, but another twist of fate – Richie ‘did his groin’ and really struggled to run. In many vain attempts to run himself out, he nearly succeeded to run Matt out instead. Easy 2’s where replaced with slow singles. Matt fell caught in the 13th after hitting a maximum with the score on 79 with Richie soon to follow after he and Goffy played out a maiden. It was then Goff ‘I’m going to find the middle of this bat if it kills me’ Day and Dan ‘keep swinging until you hit something’ Lewis who finished off the final 3 overs. To be fair they did hit a few, and run a few 3’s, but the bowling was pretty good, and both looked a little lost at sea against some of the deliveries. The score finished on 98-5.

Kim 0-c&b (1st ball – not sure I mentioned that)
Luvvers 26 retired (6x2)
Wiinke 16 b
Jesus 7 run out
Matt C 16 ct
Rich 11 ct
Goff 9 no
Dan 5 no
Paul; Mark; PeteT DNB
Extras 8

Not really enough, but after last weeks league match, the Cazh knew they could take wickets and make it interesting….

After his disastrous start, Kim was given the opportunity to be the first name on the return innings in the book and opened the bowling. He carried on from where he left off with 2 wides, then got pinged to the boundary 3 times in the opening over. There were 3 dots though (looking for positives). Shakey bowled the next and was pretty miserly only going for 9 off 2 – mostly singles. Pete T down the hill appeared to bowl some good’uns and Paul also not going for many. The batsmen rode their luck and to be honest didn’t put much in the air. Maxy and Dan went for just 4 and 3 respectively, the match reporter was unable to see how close many of the bowlers got to taking a wicket – but the author claims he was unluck not to take the wicket of one of them on 4 occasions…narrow missed of the bat, and 2 bouncing over the stumps. The one opener retired in about the 9th over, the other in the 13th. Goffy’s over were fine, though lost length a bit in the 2nd, Luvvers one and only took a bit of stick and Richie’s one kept us guessing until the last ball – but the match finished with a cover drive boundary off luvvers first ball of his second. Not exactly a lot tighter that the result suggests, though it did take until the start of the 16th over for Centurions to knock the runs off (without loss of a wicket) 101. If it makes us feel any better, the oppo skipper informed Dan that it was the strongest line up they’d had all season and batting at 7 was a Wales under 16 who was on fire.

Kim 1-15-0
Mark 2-9-0
Pete T 2-10-0
Paul 2-10-0
Matt C 2-4-0
Dan 2-3-0
Goffy 2-16-0
luvvers 1.1-18-0
Richie 1-11-0
Extras - 11

The Cazh settled for defeat and made their way to the pub – good news – pork scratchings were on the menu – so everyone was happy.


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