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Match Report vs Wick 13 August 2017 @ Wick (Skipper Dan, report Wick Captain)

Given our report failed to make pen to paper (mentioning no names hseT), the game as very enjoyable and desrvers to have a mention so I've posted the report that the Wick skipper wrote and posted on Facebook

Captains report; Wick v Cardiff Casuals 13th August- so casual the start was delayed until the much anticipated casuals keeper, the Big Yin, rocked up. Groundsmen Kev felt it was a bat second wicket so the toss was key, casuals skipper Dan called correctly and put Wick in. First time in Wick CC history a Dixon one,two,three in the batting order-good chance it's going to be a one off although gutsy got to 32 before a cavalier second run off a risky single saw the casuals skipper with a direct hit to run out the last brother standing.

Mog, who thankfully stepped up to play despite an Achilles problem preventing him from quick runs, got off the mark with a quick single. He didn't last long, but longer than Karl with one of those lesser spotted birds; the diamond duck- Alby glanced the ball down to fine leg and set off, Karl seemingly with a baton relay approach to running between the wickets, waited until Alby was safely home and then set off like Bolt but some fine acrobatics from the, up till now not worth the wait, Big Yin ended it before it began. Some cameo sixes from Alby and Wingers dragged Wick to an indefensible 118.

After tea and knowing Wick CC don't fall into the lazy trap of sporting cliches, the classic "catches win matches" one was successfully avoided by giving their opener more lives than Lucky the cat. Andy Ellis snared one in the covers but the casuals number three hit more more gardens than ground force, even picking one of Wingers' usually unplayable flippers. Wick bowling attack did well even without Gutsy who was wicket keeping due to what he described as "a shoulder injury probably needing surgery" or what Tubsy described as "an awful hangover". The Casuals number three then made the mistake of coming straight down the wicket to Tim "merv" Hughes and if whipping off the bails is swan diving into the stumps then Gutsy whipped off the bails and the batsman was a walking.

Tim then had 9 runs and 8 wickets to win the game, two balls later the game was over and Cardiff casuals had the victory. Good game, so much so the Cardiff casuals were keen to return next season, think they may bat first next time?!?

Casuals Bowling:

Dan 5-1-10-0
Paul 8-2-26-0
Mark 8-1-37-4
Tim 4-0-24-0
Rich 4-0-6-2
Pete O 3.3-0-10-2

Direct hit from Dan adn one from Tesh; Catches from Dan, Tesh, Tim and 2 from Steveo behind the stumps

Wick all out in the 33rd over for 118

Casuals Batting

Tesh no30
Rob O ct16
Alex B st43 (3x6)
Jas no 23 (2x6)

Target reached in the 24th over.



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