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Match Report vs Cross Keys 06 August 2017 @ Cross Keys (Skipper Dan, report Rich)

Pontymister & Cross Keys (Pontkeys) BBQ afternoon

On arriving at the ground I was slightly dubious as to whether my sat nav had directed me to the correct destination for my 350th Casz outing. 13:45 and not a sniff of our players .... only a pungent burning smell in the air ....

The sight of Mark and Paul, whilst not welcoming, was at least re-assuring that either I was at the right place or indeed we were all lost.

A spongy, soft and rather muddy looking outfield awaited us as and after winning the toss Dan decided to put the opposition in and then have a chase.

Rob, looking decidedly at odds with himself was muttering that he wouldn’t be able to drive home if he still felt as rough as he did .... obviously the drive there hadn't registered as being a problem .... !

Dan opened up from the (non) pavilion end with Pete having the honour from the pavilion end. Dan removed their #2 (bowled) third ball without troubling the score and finished his opening four over salvo with figures of 5-1 which included 2 maidens. Pete taking a wicket in his second over (#3 bowled for 3) to leave Pontkeys on 29 for 2 after 8.

Choccy Cheese popped up from down the south west to take over from Dan and produced an excellent four over burst taking a wicket in his third over (#4 bowled for 21) ending his spell with figures of 10 for 1 (including a wicket maiden). Pete had finished his six over stint and been replaced by Pabs and by the end of Paul’s 2nd over the oppo were 71 for 3 off 16.

Tim replaced Ed and by drinks PontKeys had lost their 4th wicket (#5 for 17) caught by Rob off Paul ‘s 4th over – 89 for 4 off 20

Tim continued for a couple more overs after drinks with Shakes taking over whilst Pabs bowled through his 7 – not before removing their #6 batsman – caught by Alex in Paul’s 5th over.

• Paul should’ve had another wicket in his spell but the #1 batsman was put down at mid off whilst on about 50 something .... some say that the fielder at mid off whould’ve been put down as well but the author feels that a little to harsh ....

Richy took over from Pabs and Pontkeys #1 batsman decided that he’d help himself to some pies .... by over 28 they’d amassed on to 123 for 5 .... by the end of over 34 that had risen to 163 for 6 with Shakes removing their #7 (bowled) for 22

Thankfully that was it for Richy with Dan returning from the pavilion end to finish the innings off with Shakey.

Their #1 batsman got to his 100 and retired around the 36th over.

Both bowlers taking wickets in their final overs with Shakes bowling the #9 batsman for 1 and Dan bowling their #8 for 10.

The Pontkeys innings closing on 183 for 9 (including the retirement) off 40

Casuals bowling

D Lewis - 7 (overs) 2 (maidens) 15 (runs) 2 (wickets)
P Obee - 6 - 0 – 39 - 1
E Stewart - 4 - 1 – 10 - 1
P Stephens - 7 - 1 – 40 - 2
T Bluff - 4 - 1 – 17 - 0
M Stephens - 8 - 0 – 21 - 2
R Holliday - 4 - 0 – 36 – 0

Tea was a variety of individually purchased BBQ food – hotdogs with onions, burgers, cheese burgers, bacon rolls (but they’d run out of bacon) and something else which I can’t remember – squash and tea/coffee – see the tea topic

and so to bat ....

Rob and Alex were the opening pairing for the Casuals.

The first over was seen out with just a leg by coming from it ... in fact the open bowlers first 23 deliveries were dots and balls 25 to 31 were dots as well with just a single coming from the 32nd delivery. He’d let himself down with a 6 off his 24th delivery.

Anyhow back to the order of the game ... the second ball of the bowlers #2 was dispatched by Alex for six .... a large six .... well over the safety fence protecting the road.

At the end of the sixth over the score had reached 27 – 26 coming from the 2nd bowler and just the leg bye from the opening bowler.

The 3rd bowler was an interesting choice – the opening batsmen who scored 100 and then retired about 4 overs from the end of their innings .... he came on and bowled straight through 8 overs.

Anyhow back to the order of the game ... Rob was the first batsman to fall with the score on 86 in the 18th over – an excellent opening partnership with Rob bowled for 20.

Alex was joined by Will at his usual #3 spot. One run later, but still in the same over Alex fell (caught) for a swashbuckling 59 which included 4 sixes and 6 fours.

Jas was next in and fell caught without troubling the scorers. – the casuals 93 for 3 off almost 22 overs.

Ed joined Will at the crease and the pair set about building a partnership.

Jas’ dismissal came in Armstrong’s last over ... quite a day for the first teamer ... 100 runs, retired, 8 overs, 2 maidens, 3 for 15 ...

The pair steadily built the partnership over the next 5 overs adding a further 16 runs to leave the Casz on 109 for 3 off 27 overs.

They then upped the pace taking 50 off the next 5 overs before Ed was run out for a very well crafted and eventually quite rapid 41.

Richy in next at number 6 joining Will who was very well settled.

Will allowing Richy to ‘see how it was done’ took 13 off the next over meaning that the Casz only needed 11 to win.

With 8 coming from the 34th over it was left to Richy to pick his favoured cow corner to seal the win with a boundary and leave Will with a superb 48 not out.

The Casz winning by six wickets (185/4 off 34.2 overs)

Casz batting

R Owens - 21 (bowled) - (3 x 4s)
A Bywater - 59 (caught) – (6 x 4s & 4 x 6s)
W Mason-Wilkes - 48 not out – (2 x 4s & 4 x 6s)
J Singh - 0 (caught)
E Stewart – 41 (run out) – (2 4s & 3 x 6s)
R Holliday - 6 not out (1 x 4s)
D Lewis – DNB
P Obee – DNB
P Stephens – DNB
M Stephens – DNB
T Bluff – DNB

A very rare occurrence for the Casz ... an excellent win !!! (and a new ground for me to play at in my #350)




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